Moki the Wobbly Cat

petfinder.comIn honor of Pefinder’s Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet Week I’d like to share the story of  Moki the Wobbly Cat as told by his Mommy Crystal.  I “met” Moki and his Momvirtually this past year and hope you find their story as touching and inspiring as I did.

Please note: Though called a “wobbly cat,” Moki is not kitty suffering from CH (Cerebellum Hyperplasia), and his lifestyle/treatment should not be confused as such.


I first met Moki at a no-kill, feline only, shelter where I volunteered. While my normal duties included medicating the cats and cleaning various aspects of the free roaming shelter, I decided to make an exception and foster Moki because he was just too cute not to.

He was about 3 months old when he became extremely sick; the veterinarians gave him a poor prognoses. Since the shelter was low on funds they could not afford to try and save his life, particularly when faced with the choice of investing money in a cat they knew they could save, or one who might not make it through the night.

cat using water hydrotherapy

Moki and his duckie doing hydrotherapy

Then and there I decided to adopt Moki, whose illness left him with a both a severe neurological and orthopedic disorder.

One of the most vivid moments I can recall occurred when I transported Moki from the shelter’s regular vet who could not offer around-the-clock care, to their emergency vet By the time I got him there his body was lifeless and they told me I should say my goodbyes. Moki was my first foster and I felt that somehow I had failed the poor little guy.

I cried as I handed him over and started saying my goodbyes. At that moment Moki used all his strength to lift his paw and reach out across the table for me, as if to say don’t give up on me just yet. That’s when I insisted the vets do a blood transfusion in hopes it would keep him alive long enough for us to find some sort of treatment.

Four year old Moki relaxing at home


The first night Moki was in the ER he made such a complete turn-around that the doctor who came on shift the following morning asked me to come down and verify Moki was the same cat whose medical chart she was reading. She thought maybe somehow his medical chart had gotten mixed up in the middle of the night because his turn-around was so drastic.

Moki is four years old now and although he is still disabled he has never let his disability stop him from enjoying his life.

Moki Fogg

Relaxed Moki during an acupuncture session


The bond I share with Moki is definitely different from those with my other cats. He has always required a greater deal of care and it’s funny but the other cats seem to know this and do not mind for they to pay special attention to him. Fortunately there are three people who live in my house and I have three cats so each cat get equal amounts of attention.

Moki has served as the greatest role model I could ever ask for. For he has thought me that anything is possible, no matter how difficult you might perceive it to be, if you just believe in yourself.

Moki and Orange Boy snuggling


Be sure to check out The Wobbly Cat website (dedicated to specially-abled animals and their humans) as well as Moki’s facebook page and YouTube channel!

Here’s a sweet video that explains his condition a little and shows him in action!


Crystal Fogg, is a full-time student, part-time blogger and special needs animal advocate. For the past four years she has been helping to educate the general public about special needs pets through the sharing of Moki’s story.

She has first hand experience working with disabled animals and has studied veterinary assisting, animal biology, microbiology, virology, massage therapy, accounting and cultural and medical anthropology amongst other things.

Currently you can find her doing some consulting work for both Scout’s House Small Animal Physical Rehabilitation and Scout’s Fund, a non-profit fund dedicated to under writing the cost of physical rehabilitation for disabled shelter & service animals.


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40 Responses to Moki the Wobbly Cat

  1. Tasha says:

    Gold is made of Moki’s mama’s heart. Such sweetness. Moki’s an inspiration.

  2. Rebeltiffanni says:

    I love Moki!!! Crystal, you are my hero!

  3. Anonymous says:

    This is absolutely wonderful! Thanks for sharing this.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Thank you so very much Miss Tamar and I Have Cat for helping to share my story! It was so very kind of you!!! Luv Moki and Mom Crystal

  5. Kizzie says:

    A big well done for taking on a cat with such difficult health problems, I was so pleased to hear the happy ending to his story.

  6. Sparkle says:

    I have been following Moki’s story for a couple of years now, and I so admire him and his human, not only for the inspiration in their relationship, but also for Moki’s human’s efforts to better understand his issues – maybe some of this will help other kitties sometime in the future.

  7. Ananelia Alves says:

    Beautiful work! Good luck.

  8. Sweet Purrfections says:

    Mom Paula:  I’ve always been amazed by Moki’s story.  Thanks for sharing.

    I think Moki is my hero!


  9. Marilia Bavaresco says:

    Great Moki! I love him!

  10. Debbie Glovatsky says:

    Moki and Crystal, you’ve touched our hearts.  What a special and courageous love you have.  We’re going to sleep tonight all warm and fuzzy just thinking about you.  
    xo Katie & Glogirly

  11. Jamie Garza says:

    What a beautiful story and an absolute angel of a kitty….and his mommy, too!  I adopted a “less than perfect” kitty years ago and she ended up being the most devoted, loving angel kitty.  I almost didn’t take her……but I couldn’t get her out of my thoughts and realized “that kitty deserves a home just as much as the “perfect” ones.  So back I went the next day to get her!  I never once had a single regret for making that decision.  My Abigail passed away in 2006 and I miss her every day.

    • Awwww that’s so lovely – thank goodness Abigail’s path crossed yours! Can you post a picture of her to I HAVE CAT’s FB page? I’d love to see her! 

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you Jamie! I too am so glad to hear that you went back to rescue Abigail. Special needs kitties are the absolute greatest. With that said,  I can see were you would miss her very, very, much!!!

  12. awwww, God bless little Moki!

  13. Tiny Timmy says:

    MOOOOOOOKIIIIIII!!!! *headbonks* Miss Tamar, thank you so very muchly for extending your heart to helps bring awareness to differently-abled kittehs like Moki & mes! Moki is one of mai heroes!

  14. Cats of Wildcat Woods says:

    We know Moki well and he was why Mom got into blogging years ago.  His story is wonderful and so is his Mom.  They are both so inspirational!

  15. Klein Max says:

    Moki is adorable and certainly has a great purrsonality.  He’s obviously a fighter with a strong will to live.  Bless you for taking him in and taking care of him.  I’m sure he returns your love ten-fold.

  16. Sharon says:

    Thank you for never giving up on him.  I love his look when he is wearing the vest in the water lol
    And he seems to like water?

  17. Lucy Kiphart says:

    Moki, you are an inspiration to us all. We love you!

  18. carol w says:

    Hi Tamar, great article about Moki. I follow him & his mom crystal on fb. Moki’s like the little engine that could. He puts his all into everything & is such an inspiration. Crystal is great about explaining his treatments that he gets at scouts therapy & has even posted pix of other dogs & cats who are differently abled & being helped at scouts. Moki & his mom really make a “pawsome” team & his “sisfurs” do look out for him too.

  19. Gertrude says:

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  20. Carol Halbert says:

    Moki haz been mai brofur for several years, but I haben’t seen much of him on FaceBook, now that I know where to find himz, I will beez able to contact himz more!!! Bro Moki and my Nephew Timmy Lipenda are both inspirations to the art of survival…they haz bof proved demselves to be outstanding as well as determined to succeed in life! I have great respect for demz and dere hard working mommehs who haz carried da ball from one end of the court to the other!!! God Bless all four of demz!!! I love you all…forebers and ebers!!!! May God Bless!!! <3

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