Cat Man Monday: Dan from Down Under

Today’s Cat Man submission is from Sarah Menzies who lives in Australia with her now cat man Dan.  Don’t hate them because they are young, kind, beautiful animal lovers  – is it an Aussie thing?  Be sure to check out Sarah’s new blog The Purr Diaries (they have a FB page too!).

Introducing Cat Man Dan, all the way from Australia! Before I met Dan he was not a cat person, in fact he was one of those weirdos who “hates cats.” I really will never understand how people who’ve never lived with a cat can “hate” them! 

Dan and Sarah – or so they claim (I think I saw this photo in a frame at Target!)

I will never understand how people can claim to like lions and tigers but hate cats! But that’s another story…Dan claimed to “hate cats” until he met my fluffy Bosco.

Bosco is not a cuddly cat, however he does love to be acknowledged and to be in the same room as you, so I’m pretty sure the first time Dan came to my house and Bosco came running in it was love at first sight.

Dan and Bosco


Bosco just did his thing – ran through his tunnel, bounced into his bed and started kneading the side of it. Dan had never seen such a sight and was intrigued with this strange purring creature. Over the years they built a bond.

When Dan and I initially decided to move in together poor Bosco stressed and wouldn’t come out of the laundry for 2 weeks, but after that the bond became bigger and bigger – even to the point where I could leave Dan and Bosco together for 3 week while I traveled to the UK last year. Apparently Bosco didn’t even notice I was gone! But I find that hard to believe…



Dan has transformed into a true kitty lover, so much so that in June, he announced that I could get my long yearned for second kitty! We searched every rescue centre and finally found our little Oliver at the RSPCA, who immediately came over to us and chose us as his new owners.

Dan loves Bosco, but he was my cat for 3 years before I met him, so being part of the adoption process of a newbie, and owning a kitten for the first time in his life is proving his love for cats is even deeper than I thought.

Dan the man and his kitten Oliver


There has even been talk that maybe, just maybe, somewhere in the future, when we live in a bigger house, there could be a third addition to our little cat family. Just the thought of that makes me want to squeal with excitement!

Of course we will have to get a dog too, Dan has never stopped being a dog person, but I am so thankful for my Bosco, who not only introduced my man to the world of cats, but turned him into a lover of cats!

If you can’t see the video below click here to see Oliver discovering dust particles!




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  • Tasha

    What a beautiful couple and such beautiful cats too. Lovely family of four. Cat men are awesome pawsome.

    • yes a lovely fam of 4 – don’t you think Oliver looks like his older brother a little? so cute! 

      • Tasha

        Yes! Olivier looks like a mini-me of his brother. 

  • This couple’s good looks are simply a reflection of their hearts of gold, I think! A beautiful story!

    • I agree, and Sarah has been nothing but lovely in my interactions with her.  She’s super grounded at such a young age. 

      • Sarah Menzies

        You are so sweet Tam! Thank you again for posting our story and thank you for calling me ‘young’ haha! 29 this year arrgggh!

  • Keith Phillips

    Wish I could have become a cat-man at that younger age!  But at least it finally happened.  Great story and a fun video!

  • Samsar83

    My husband became a cat lover about 10 years ago when we adopted our tortie from the local spca. Now we have 7.

    • Perhaps you should submit his story (or have him write his own) to be a CAT MAN monday feature! 

  • Anonymous

    Maybe those cat haters are just extremists, from one end to the other, but I’ve known a few who went from hating to loving cats, but the ones who were just kind of apathetic were never moved. I’m glad Dan was one of the extreme ones, but I think it’s all due to Bosco.

  • Liz Wawrzonek

    Hello Tamar! Love your blog – especially this feature that shows that men are also cat lovers, as well as women. Would like to link to this post on a new Facebook page dedicated to dispelling myths about cats. Would that be ok with you? 

    Here is the page:


    • i am flattered! of COURSE! Thanks so much – knock yourself out – link away! There are a few CAT MAN MONDAY posts. I accept all entries for consideration if someone wants to write about a cat man in their life, or if they themselves are cat men.
      I also have a Cat Women Wednesday feature featuring hip cat chicks!

      • Liz

        Fantastic! Thanks. Maybe some members of our community will end up submitting stories…

        Thanks again and have a great day!