All Dressed Up and No Place to Go

I’m generally not a fan cats sporting clothing. There are a few exceptions: Sphynx who live in cold climates, cats who groom themselves incessantly and the occasional cat who truly seems to enjoy it, or at least nonplussed.

Well I just added a new exception the list.  It turns out I have an affinity for quirky artwork featuring kitties in human garb.


“Cats in Clothes” was born from artist Heather Mattoon‘s desire to capture her own sassy-cat Megan sporting a stylish trench coat Heather believes, “We should all be more like cats: soulful, stylish and entirely unconcerned with others’ opinions.”  I couldn’t agree more.

I’m already making up stories behind each print e.g., Cooper (above left) is clearly a tortured East Village poet and Morris (above right) an accountant…or bassoonist.

Upon seeing Heather’s prints I couldn’t stop envisioning them in my newly re-designed living room. To get your hands (or paws) on her prints, mugs, greeting cards and and totes, go to “Cats in Clothing” on Etsy.

Your kitty here!

And if you like Heather’s style but can’t find a print that’s just right for you, for $500 she’ll happily create a custom 9″x12″ acrylic portrait of your four-legged child. If you have more than one cat you’re in luck, Heather will paint your second kitty for only $250 and the third for $125! Sorry, no nudes.

Do your kitties like to dress up? If so, feel free to post photos on the I HAVE CAT Facebook page. I put a Martha Stewart puppy t-shirt emblazoned with a skull on Kip.  He refused to move until I took it off. Maybe he didn’t like that it was bedazzled?

Heather’s muse Megan

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  • Fun post, and we kinda thought you liked seeing us dressed up at BlogPaws! Oh, and it’s spelled Sphynx when you are talkin’ about the cat, not the statue, hahameow.

    • Oh dear, I replied to this last night and it seems to have vanished! I DID love seeing your kitties dressed up. I think they fall in the “Luna the Fashion Cat” category – they like it or at the very least, don’t mind it! Hope i didn’t offend. and thanks for the grammar/type error catch – i am the WORST proof-reader ever! 

  • Jingway

    my fabulous likes that

  • Anonymous

    That is exactly what I did too Tamar.  I refused to move and I refused to look at the camera too. Please give Kip a nosetap from me.  I know that look.

    • OMG hysterical! LOLOLOL! Paralyzing t-shirts! LOL! 

  • MyKinKStar

    They are cute and creepy (in a good way) at the same time!

  • These are really neat paintings! There is such a variety of cat artwork out there. If I become wealthy one day, I’m sure I’ll end up filling my house with cat related art (to the dismay of my fiancee’). 

    • Okay, Disqus is annoying me! I know I replied last night. GRRRR! I was going to say that there’s def a style of cat art out there for everyone. And if you hit the lottery, marry the guy first then he can’t do anything about it. Ha! 

  • I’m totally with you about normally not liking cats dressed up and I rarely do it to Cody. Cody will tolerate it but I can tell he isn’t thrilled about it so I rarely do it.  These are sooooo cute!

    • I guess never say never right Caren?! Who knew i’d like cat art! ha! 

  • Mr Puddy

    I’m already in a Tuxie Suit : )

    • I agree Mr Puddy – you are always dressed and ready to go! 

  • I put clothes on my cat all the time. he doesn’t seem to mind.

  • hilarious. “Maybe he didn’t like that it was bedazzled” – i also like the accurate description of – he refused to move until I removed it – reminds me of putting birthday hats on Charlie and Trigg.  Meant to tell you too, that I quite enjoyed your 9/11 post – well done.

    • Thanks for picking up on that – i can always count on you 🙂
      Glad you enjoyed the 9/11 post. Thanks Jenny. T 

  • GlamKitty

    OMGosh,  these couldn’t be more FUN!!! I’m definitely going to end up with at least one of these on my walls… 😀 
    Boomer tolerates pretty much anything and everything I do or put on him with good cheer, with the exception of footwear.  (Strangely, he doesn’t share my taste in fab footwear, teehee!)

    • Boomer is very tolerant – yes, kitties no like things on their paw paws! 
      If you get one let us know which one! 

  • Since I am very treat-motivated, I actually enjoy wearing clothes, too.  When I see the camera and my new outfit and bag of treats, I run toward the camera because I can’t wait to get started (eating!).  I’ll keep the outfits on after the photo session if my Mommeh lets me (only if it’s something simple like a tee-shirt).

    • Your  mommy is a great trainer. I definitely need to take lessons from her! 

  • Melanie

    amazing clothing for your hairless cat!

  • Marilia Bavaresco

    HEheheh! Love this post!

    • yay! so glad you enjoyed it – thanks for posting! 🙂

  • Those paintings are awesome…we will post some pics of our kitty on your FB page in a little! =^_^=

    • Great pic! Thanks for posting! Your kitties are so great! 

  • Sarah Menzies

    I just bought 2 mugs!!! The ginger in the trench coat and Henry in the skull shirt. Sooooo cute!!! =^..^=

  • Heather

    Hi Tamar!
    Thank you so very much for writing this and taking such thoughtful time to compose it so beautifully!
    My cat Megan is truly sassy pants, even more so since the new addition of lil baby kitty Edgur!
    My husband and I have had so much fun working on the Cats In Clothes project, he built my gorgeous website.  I have plenty more paintings in the works, and also having fun working with others on their custom kitty portraits.  
    Please “like” my facebbook fan page if you have a moment.
    Thanks so much (with an exuberant high five!!!
    -Heather Mattoon 

    • I adore your work! So happy I found your website and Etsy store! I am already a fan of your FB page! If only I could afford to have you do all 3 of my kitties! 

      • Heather

        Just to let everyone know, I happily offer discounts.  500 for the first cat 250 for the second and 125 for the third : )

        • Thanks fab! I will update the post with that info! Feel free to repost! 

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