Decorating, with cat (s)

As I’ve stated previously, I do not believe people need abandon their personal sense of style just because they are cat-lovers. I want my apartment to announce itself to friends, family and suitors with a resounding,  “Hello, an independent sophisticated woman lives here” not “Meeeoooooow, welcome to Casa Cat.

Handsome Grey Cat

My current rather broad color palette – brown, blueish-grey, rust, spring green, beige…

Now that I’ve hit the “big 4-0,” I’ve decided it’s time for a proper adult apartment and plan on chronicling my journey as I redecorate in a manner that is both stylish and cat friendly.

Along the way I’ll share the fun and functional cat products I find – along with discount codes and giveaways – as well as tips I’ve picked up from others or discovered on my my own. I decided to start with the living room. First up, modern cat shelves from Urban Pethaus.

Urbanpethaus Wave Shelves

Mounting shelves instead of taking up precious NYC floor space with cat towers appealed to me, but I hadn’t seen any I liked enough feature prominently in my home.

Read on to find out how to get your very own Urban Pethaus “wave perch” shelves for 25% off  +  FREE SHIPPING only through IHC.

These shelves fit the bill, and the large 20’x 14′ cafe-ole colored wall in my living room seemed like the perfect place for them. Yes, the chaise is covered with a throw because it became one huge scratching post (we’ll get to that in another post).

Stylish cat shelves

Kippie wonders where this thing leads to!

The Wave Wall Mounted Cat Perch comes in brown with brownish-maroon felt padding in large: 44”W x 10”D x 8H” and small: 22″W x 10″D x 7″ H). I was impressed by how solid they were and knew I needed a handyman given their weight and my inability to find studs (insert joke here).

One thing was for sure, Jackson Galaxy would be proud of me since he believes  cats need high perching spaces from which to survey their land.  Just remember if you install shelves be sure the kitties can get to them (my guys jump from the arm of my kitty-tattered chaise lounge).

Urban Pet Haus Wave Shelf

Little foster Finch wants to get in on the fun

Kippie (my curious kitty) was not surprisingly the first to check them out, but I was curious to see if it was just a novelty or if he’d use them for the long-haul. I’ll let these photos – taken over a 4 week period – do the talking.

Decorating With Cats, Catification

Finch models how perfectly the small shelf cradles a kitty


In terms of how they look, friends who’ve seen the shelves sans cats, love them thinking they are there purely for decoration. Kind of funny that while I don’t like cat-themed decor, I don’t mind using my cats as decor! 

Should there a question of how much weight these shelves can handle, we can say for certain the small shelf can accommodate 20lbs and the larger one 30lb.


Petie wants to know what all the fuss is about


The cats and I are both  thrilled with these shelves. There’s nothing flimsy about them and they seem well worth the price. And, from now until SEPTEMBER 23, IHC readers can get 25% off both Urban Pethaus “wave perches” PLUS FREE SHIPPING  (USA only).

That means you can get the large shelf (normally $149.99) for only $112.00 by using the code havecat2 and the small wave  (normally $99.99) for $75.00 using code havecat1. 

Urban Pet Haus Wave Shelf

Kip is happy Petie found his own shelf


The only issue I’ve had thus far is with my cats scratching the felt padding. Now the Folks at Urban Pethaus selected felt as the padding/liner specifically because it’s not an attractive scratching surface for cats. Apparently my cats never got that memo, so I’m a bit worried at what the shelves will look like over time.

Urban Pet Haus Wave Shelf

Haddie has her turn


They don’t sell replacements but Marvin from Urban Pethaus suggested I look into FLOR carpeting and was kind enough to offer to send me a sample to test out. For the time being I’m going to leave them be but I’ll let you know what happens down the road.

As always, I want to hear from IHC readers.  Share stylish pet products you want me to check out and tips on how to keep our sweet four-legged babies from destroying our furniture so we’re not relegated to cat fur laden throw-covered furniture!

Urban Pet Haus Wave Shelf

Nanner nanner you can’t catch me!

PS – Not only are wave perches made of eco-friendly materials, the boxes they ship in can be recycled into a cardboard kitty wonderland!

As a friendly reminder, if you don’t already “like” I HAVE CAT on Facebook be sure to come check us out! We are over 28k cat lovers strong and we’d love to have you join us and share pics of your furbabies!

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  • Lindsay Keegan

    We made a similar set up with Ikea shelves for our boys, and found cork contact paper at Target. We just cut it to size, and we haven’t had any problems with it. I think if they were to lose their balance, they’d still be able to use the cork to try and catch themselves.

  • I love this!!! I can’t wait to see what other decorations you find.  I”m going to take a picture of my girls’ (or I should say Lola’s) newest creation with my blinds.  Let me know if you find a solution for that! LOL

    • Oh yes, please do share with us on the IHC FB page. I’m lucky they
      don’t find those interesting! Maybe Roman blinds instead? Glad you like
      this concept! Have lots of neat stuff in store!

  • I also loved this! I love your color scheme, I LOVED how the babies immediately took to the perches. They really should sell “refills” for those shelves (which look fantastic by the way)…if I were handier at home I could suggest what you may use but sadly I am DYI challenged! I am sure there has to be many people out there who can help.

    I have never had a problem with either of my cats scratching furniture. I would imagine that maybe you could do what is often advised for all negative scratching behavior, when you catch the cat scratching, gently redirect. Pick them up and gently put them somewhere where they ARE permitted to scratch.

    Can’t wait to watch the progression of your pad!

    • Hey darling! Love to see that you’ve commented on my Bloggie! Hoping people find the series of interest! You are lucky – – my KIP is the naughty one. He only scratches on his scratching post if he wants Temptations (so much for positive reinforcement!). Who knows what kind of 2 legged disciplinarian I’d be! LOL

  • Ingrid King

    These are fabulous. Even though floor space is not an issue in my house, I think Allegra and Ruby would love these!

    • Get them while the discount code and free shipping is in effect! You could even get two small ones that could be cute! 

  • Catzowey! That FurKneeChure is  made exacticatically fur me, a City Kitty  and I’ma EyeTailYun so I gotza do meowvalous eye fur deezine!

    • LOL! I love “EyTailYun” !!! Glad you like it Guido! Maybe your PEEP/human will take advantage of the discount and get you one or two! 

  • Looks like the kitties love the shelves! And they’re super cute, too!

    • My kitties, yes they are super cute 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I love them, and the photos are lovely! I think they should link to you. Your cats are really wonderful that they take to new things right away, even the big boy, Pete, and I would definitely use them as decor with those shelves. Love your flowered sheers…*sigh*, which my house was like that again, nice and spare with empty walls.

    • Thanks sweetie! The flowered sheers were vetoed by my “interior decorator” (My best friend) so you will have to see what we come up with.  I’m really excited the cats have continued to use the shelves b/c as you know, they tend to have “Shiny object” syndrome! 

  • Catmother5803

    These shelves are so solid and classy!!  Actually, long ago I gave up trying to have the house look like an actual “sophisticated” non-cat owned woman lived there.  However, I made sure that all my big “cat stuff” was NOT something you’d pick up at PetSmart.  One year an entire tax return went to getting a custom-made cat tree where the base was an entire cedar tree & I had all kinds of extra cuddly designed platforms put all over it in hunter green to facilitate the “forest effect.”  When people would come & see it that didn’t even like cats (GASP! Can you even imagine??) they all said that they’d kill to have it in their house just as a work of art.  Unfortunately, when I moved across the country, it literally would have taken an entire 2nd moving van to bring it with me, so I was able to donate it to the humane society, and now 10-15 cats at a time get to enjoy it.

    Also, many many years ago I made a remark to my dad saying something like “If a man won’t sleep with my cats, he won’t sleep with me!” to which he instantly replied “Well, that’s obviously the entire reason your not married!”  I’m still not, but I’ll keep my fur kids any day – at least I ALWAYS know that they’re not out “Tom-cat-ing” around!!

    •  I LOVE that you donated your amazing cat true to the humane society – what a lovely thing for those babies to have –  imagine the hundreds of cats over time who will enjoy it!

      So true about the TOM-CAT-ING around! Love it! Thanks so much for reading and posting. If you are new to our blog I hope you check out the “BEST OF” tab!

  • Marilia Bavaresco

    What a lovely ideas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Thanks Marilia! And thanks for reading and posting!!! Happy to have you here~! 

  • Mar Arslanian

    Tam the kitties look soooo cute!!! They  LOVE their new playground!

  • Luanne

    While they are cool, fun n chic……kinda pricey for my budget but probably no by nyc standards.

  • Deb Barnes – Zee and Zoey

    Tamar! All grown up now at 40! Congratulations and I can’t wait to read all the updates on your decorating! How fun that will be! Those cat shelves are beyond cool and I know seven kitties in my house that would LOVE them! Thanks for sharing all the information – I may need to place a purchase! Do you think it would classify as a business expense? Hmmm…. glad you are safe and sound after Irene and it was so pawsome meeting you at BlogPaws!

    • oh dear, I think Disqus is playing tricks on me. I know for SURE I just replied to you! Grrr! It was so lovely meeting you Deb, if even for a short while. Will you be going to the CAT WRITERS CONFERENCE? 

      • Deb Barnes – Zee and Zoey

        Now that I have actually written a book, I was thinking about going, but if you are going to be there, then it’s a signed and sealed deal!!!

  • i would put those shelves up in my home! my cats keep knocking my books down.

    oh, and you look super fab at 40, hun.

  • Sarah Menzies

    How cool are these shelves!!! Can’t wait til we buy a house and I can start decorating with stylish cat accessories such as these… Just have to find somewhere I can get them in Australia! :o)

    • Bummer, they don’t ship international at all? I didn’t check. 

  • I just love the shelving … how I could laze about and look gorgeous.  Ah, I can only dream … Lily from Australia 

    • You would look STUNNING lily! They would compliment your furs nicely me thinks! 

  • Susan

    Can’t wait to try these!

    • Def take advantage of the discount codes! They will work til supplies run out! 

  • Sachie+Goma

    Hi Tamar! Oh this is great shelf!! I think the wavy lines wakes it even modern and fun for kitties!! I gotta have one! or two or three!! I do agree we don’t have to give up anything because we love cats!! 

    • I’m glad yo like them! yes we can stay stylish but it does take a bit more work! 

  • We have those perches, too, and Harley and I both love them!

    • oh! do you have pictures on them? if so you should post to I HAVE CAT’s FB PAGE! 

  • Kevin Hattori

    Those shelves are fantastic, T!  It looks to us like the cats approve of them, too, 🙂

  • meowmeowmans

    Oops, sorry about that … that comment from “Kevin Hattori” is from me, who you know better as “meowmeowmans” from the Animal Shelter Volunteer Life blog. 🙂

    • It gave me pause but I eventually figured it out! Thanks for confirming 🙂

  • Karen Nichols

    I LOVE these shelves! Unfortunately, most of our walls are either glass or angled, so we’ll have to move before I install some of these. Wall shelves for cats are great for multi-cat households, because they help resolve the alpha-cat hierarchy. Cats who are low in the pecking order climb to the highest shelves; alpha cats stick closer to the floor — everycat’s happy. 

    As a side note, I think my favorite piece of furniture EVER is the chaise. I think I would learn to faint if I had a fainting couch. 

    • Anonymous

      I am jealous I wanna see what ur place looks like! Love the idea of lots of glass/windows!

      • i love my chaise so much i think i’m going to get it reupholstered cuz can’t find another i like as much! 

  • Ccarolyn05

    I love it!! Awesome!!!

  • Lia

    Totally stumbled upon this site and really likes the perches. Just ordered two today! Thanks

    • Hi Lia! How exciting!  I hope you love them as much as I do! Hope you were able to use the discount code! And hope you spend some more time on I HAVE CAT! We have a fab FACEBOOK community too! we love to see everyone’s pet pics!