Cat Man Monday: Like Chips and Beer

Today’s Cat Man Monday was submitted by Tasha, a kick-ass cat-tattooed cat woman who’s a pescatarian just like me. Expect a post about Tasha in the very near future, but in the meantime check out her food KatFoodAndLove.

My fiance, Thurst, was never a cat man until our little sweet fur baby girl, Kalimah, came to live with us. Previous experiences with cats, didn’t go well with Thurst; therefore he thought all cats hissed and scratched.

Before we adopted her, we spent a year planning and preparing; emotionally, mentally, physically and financially. It was like planning for a baby. Well, she is our baby.

He had many reservations, but after a year of exposing him to cat shows, reading Cat Fancy, watching cats specials on Animal Planet, and enjoying time with cats online… he slowly became a cat man. Kalimah just sealed the deal – despite trying to suffocate him every morning for a whole month.

Now, Thurst can’t bear to be apart from Kalimah. Whenever we go out for a few hours, he always wants to be the first one at the door so he’d be the first to see her. Thurst calls Kalimah “fur face.” He refers her as his daughter and he spoils her with both love, affection and presents.  Her birthday’s coming up Sept. 1st, which she will turn 6 yrs. old and he’s in turmoil trying to find her the perfect present.

Thurst plays poker for a living, so he makes his own hours. He spends a lot of time with Kalimah. He’s given up numerous trips over the last 3 yrs. just so he can babysit her. He trusts no one around her and we both don’t believe in boarding our baby in an unfamiliar place. It’s too stressful for her.

They’re like peas and carrots; chips and beer. She prefers to sleep next to him when we’re having family movie night and if we’re in separate rooms, she’d usually pick him to hang out with. I always joke that Kalimah might think Thurst is a just a big cat because he spends a lot time at home with her while I’m gone and they cuddle often. When I get home, I’d feed both of them.

Thurst is completely in love with our wonderful little furry princess. I’m so glad that a man who once thought cats were freaky and strange has grown to love and adore a kitty so much.

He’s even told me that if God and the poker gods would bless him with a big win at the World Series of Poker, he wants to open a cat sanctuary. As for now, we donates to many companion animal shelters and charity drive and also sponsor a kitty, Sir Lancelot, who lives at the Cat House on the Kings.

I’m glad to have a met a man who has become a cat man. That’s the best kind of man.

PS – Look at the cupcakes Tasha, Kalimah’s Mom, made for her. Wonder what Thurst is going to get her!


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  • Keith Phillips

    What a great story! I can identify with having a little calico girl who is my special cat.

  • Love it!!!! When people (es[ecially men) tell me they “don’t like cats” I tell them they simply haven’t met the right cat yet.  Thurst certainly has met his purr-fect cat in Kalimah!

    • I agree – they just don’t know cats! 

  • Catzowey! How could we notta meet and greet at Blogpaws? Email me puhleeze 

  • Now, Thurst is a true Cat Man! Fur on ya, man!

    • Hi Kent! Thanks for commenting! we love Thurst and Tasha! 

  • Caren Gittleman

    Tamar thanks so much for introducing us to Tasha. I love reading about how a formerly “anti-cat” person is now a cat fanatic!

    I am also now following her blog, all thanks to YOU!

    • HI SWEETIE! I’m so glad you love her as much as I do! I wanna be bff’s with her! LOL 🙂

      • omg you sound like me! My husband always makes fun of me and my “girl crushes” lol!!

  • Anonymous

    Cat guys must come out of the closet! There are more than we know! And
    I’ll bet there are a lot who don’t even realize it, like this guy. Yay
    to Tasha and Kalimah for bringing out the cat guy in this guy!

    • Love it! Thanks Bernadette for posting a comment! 

  • Mr Puddy

    His Story is quite similar as my mom, Now look at my mom. Totally crazy about Cats
    Thanks for sharing, I always love to hear when human covert to be cat pawson : )

    • awwwwww!!!! your mommy had bad experiences with kitties before? was it your daddy who got your mommy into cats?! 

  • Marilia Bavaresco

    Lovely post an d story!

    • Thanks Marilia for reading I HAVE CAT and taking time to post a comment! 

  • Wow! Kalimah totally loves ‘her man’!  🙂

    • I know! And what a sweet Mama she has too right? Those cupcakes look yummy! 

  • Rena

    Such a sweet story!

  • There are so many stories of ordinary men becoming cat men after their wives bring a furry friend into the home. Often, these men become more dedicated to the cat than anyone else in the family! This story is just another puzzle piece of proof that men can be converted into cat lovers!

    • So true. I LOVE these stories dont’ you?! 

  • Aw, yay! It’s Cute’s kitty friend, Kalimah, and her daddy! Love it!

    • I can’t believe I didn’t know Thurst, Tasha or Kalimah before! 

      • I am here to introduce you to everybody! 😉

        • I’m glad you clearly understand your responsibilities 🙂
          PS – how is it I didnt’ get a pick with Joe and Ant?!…oh right, i was on the floor. doh.

          • Heh. I took my pic the next morning after their keynote!

  • Cheri Linehan

    What a great guy you have! When are men going to realize that loving cats makes you sexier? What a lucky Kalimah and you too! Love the cup cakes!

    • She does doesn’t she? They are a pretty kick-ass couple! Wish they lived next door! 

  • Glogirl & Katie

    Gloman would NEVER admit it, but I do believe I’ve converted him.  Gloman – The Reluctant CatMan.

  • Sarah Menzies

    Read ‘Under the Paw’ and it’s sequel ‘Talk to the Tail’ by Tom Cox for the ultimate CAT MAN!

    By the way how do I enter my man in Cat Man Monday?? :o)

    • Would you know i have BOTH his books – i need to READ THEM! 
      Just email your post along with photos to ihavecat(at)gmail(dot)com
      400-800 words! 

      • Sarah Menzies

        You HAVE to read them, they’re hillarious!!!

        Another awesome cat book is Cleo if you haven’t read that already. I could not put it down!!!

        Will email my cat man through soon, thanks xo

  • If all men were cat men, we’d probably have no war.

  • Anonymous

    Those pics are just the sweetest!!  

  • What a great guy you have!!!  He is not afraid to acknowledge his cat love. LOL… Kalimah is beautiful.  BTW I LOVE this picture of the kitty nose!!!

    • Thanks for posting Angela! I’m a huge fan! What a lucky lady Tasha is! YOu like my PETIE nose?! 🙂 

  • Lysse Nelson

    Awww, that’s the sweetest, and the neatest thing I’ve read in a long long time!!!!

  • Tdelecia

    LOVE THIS fantastic, BEAUTIFUL family, wishing ya’ll ALL the best HAPPY long lives!! IF you are interested, and CAN, please check out “PAQARI’S Safe Place Sanctuary” on MS & FB, I THINK you’ll come to love them as MUCH as I do!!  THANK YOU ALL!!!/notes/paqari-de-cat/october-bulletin-from-paqaris-please-share/10150339588903724
    Sincerely, Toni D

    • THank you for taking the time to post a comment…the link doesn’t seem to work for me but I will look for the sanctuary on FB now! 

  • RJ

    Cute boy + cute cat= awesomeness