Zen and the Art of Motor Maintenance

Not so long ago I posted a review about my snazzy new easy-to-clean Raindrop drinking fountain from Pet Pionoeer. Fast forward three months later and the motor had stopped working. I tried cleaning it the best I knew how but to no avail.

While I didn’t receive prompt response from the company on Facebook or email (boo), I was able to find this super helpful video posted by them (yay!).

Just a few moments later and my pump was working again just new! Phew! $12 saved and faith in drinking fountain renewed!

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  • Yaaaaa! for the Internet! You are a clever-handed cat momma!

    • I was going to be super bummed if it had truly broken in just 3 months! 

  • Pumpkin

    MOL! I did the same thing with my fountain. Never thought to clean the motor until it stopped working. I used vinegar to get off all the build up.

    • I didnt’ realize it came apart to the degree that it does! It wasn’t obvious so glad I found the video! I should try the vinegar! 

  • Nothing like a little bit of DIY! And the feeling of satisfaction you get knowing that you didn’t have to call in the handyman! 

    • Or spend money on a new one unnecessarily! 

  • Marilia Bavaresco

    MOL!! Thanks to share!!

  • Ltopham

    So glad I found your post and the video, the pump is now working again.

    • ihavecatnyc

      yay! it’s so nice to know it helped someone! thanks for letting me know that it served its purpose!