Cat Chic Canadian Style

The first time I saw The Faux Bearskin by Loyal Luxe I had a vision. Petie sprawled out in all his glory wearing a smoking jacket open in the front revealing tufts of his ample white belly.  In the background a miniature roaring fireplace, and off to one side a small snifter of cognac.

Cat poses on mini bear rug

Alas my fantasy would not become reality, and not just because Petie would never tolerate a smoking jacket.  It was actually Haddie not Petie most attracted to the diminutive bearskin rug, claiming it as her own by striking a pose not unlike that of Burt Reynolds in his famous centerfold.

Loyal Luxe is the brainchild of two cat loving female Canadian industrial designers –  Maud Beauchamp and Marie-Pier Guilmain  – who, frustrated by the lack of cat products that met their discriminating tastes at an accessible price point decided to design their own.

These ladies want you to “Say goodbye to accessories and products for pet that lack good taste, are overly cute, too elaborate, or out dated” and hello to their kitsch cat products.

Loyal Luxe founders


Modern Cat Home

Their cat creations are influenced by traditional Canadian iconography and range in price from $24 for either the Canadian Cabin or the Native American Teepee to $30 for the Faux Bearskin (which comes in three color combinations).

NOTE: Now through the end of September you can save $25% off the Cabin and Teepee when purchasing online at Cascade’s Boutique, just enter CATSPARELL at check out.

Maud and Marie were kind enough to also send a Cabin for the cats to test-drive. While I love the eco-friendly packaging (almost all of it turns into some part of the cabin itself) I could have used an extra hand or two for assembly.

According to Maud, the Teepee is “ridiculously” easy to assemble so take heed those who live alone (the cats while curious were not all that helpful).

My cats are not big cardboard shredders so I wasn’t worried about their mistaking the cabin for a scratcher.  The website states the Cabin can withstand up to 30lbs of weight, reassuring given Pete recently weighed in at 20lbs.

In a recent interview Maud mentioned that litter-box disguising Cat Cabin is in the works.  Brilliant given the other options currently in the marketplace.

So if you’re looking for the perfect gift for that special cat or cat lover in your life, look no further, Loyal Luxe products make just the right statement at the right price.

NOTE: While I receive the products I review free of charge, I am not compensated in any other way.

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  • Ingrid King

    I applaud you for managing to assemble the cat cabin. I still haven’t been able to do it with ours. However, the teepee was ridiculously easy to assemble, and has been a bit hit with Allegra and Ruby.

    And boy, does that photo of Burt Reynolds make me feel old, sigh – I remember when that first came out and it was sooo controversial!

    • Yeh, it wasn’t the easiest thing in the world! Ohhh you got the TEEPEE too?! Would love to check that out! As with most things, I think it’s more for us than our cats. For our aesthetic….cats would be happy with a box!

  • Anonymous

    I went to the Loyal Luxe website and almost forgot to look at the products – I was having too much fun looking at the kitties and dogs playing! 🙂

    • I know right? Those kittens are just too cute!

  • The cabin certainly is a nice addition to any cat’s home! The holes in the walls are a perfect touch. xx

    • Thanks for visiting and posting! Glad you found them to be cute too!

  • Anonymous

    Ha! Gratuitous use of Burt Reynolds! Fun though, really takes me back.

    The products are interesting too.

    Haddie is beautiful.

    • I know right?! But it’s TOTALLY the photo that came to mind. She is so confident and relaxed chilling on that rug! LOL

      • Anonymous

        Guiseppe’s Canadian girlfriend Miss Daisy Marguerite happened to see the photo…and she’s picturing Giuseppe stretched on that rug in just the same way! She said she might get herself one to keep her warm in those Canadian winters when G is in PA with mom…more later!

        • awww! cute! the rug now resides in the cabin ! 

  • GlamKitty

    Cudos to the Loyal Luxe ladies for their fabulously-fun & über-chic “bearskin rug”! It’s just the thing for cool hepcats everywhere… 🙂

    • I know right?! Wish I were that creative! Go Cat Ladies!

  • Alex

    Last year when my husband and I got married our landlords gave us (well, our cats) the Loyal Luxe cabin.    I think we love it just a little bit more than the cats, who were obsessed with it at first, but have cooled toward it.   I’m thinking a faux bearskin rug once the weather gets chilly might pique their interest again!

    • Wow what a great landlord! in NYC we have to hide the fact we have cats. Then after a certain number of months they get grandfathered in if no one notices or complains! LOL!

      • Alex

        I’m in Brooklyn, actually — the landlords were friends of ours before they were our landlords!  (Actually, I’m the one with the tabby and the black foster kittens on facebook — you commented on my little movie of them today!)  Anyway, just in case yours isn’t holding together :  I used some heavy-duty velcro to hold the tabs in — our cats kept on pushing them out.

        • oh yes! It’s so hard to keep track of people what with their real names and their handles and their cats names! Next time we have Cat-Tails in the city you must come!

          • Alex

            Sounds good!  I’ll keep my eyes open for your announcements.

  • Cody LOVES his teepee! Just reviewed it about a week ago and in fact I am picking my give-away winners tomorrow!!! The Teepee was super easy to assemble (as promised), the Chalet, not so much! I did have more success than Ingrid with mine but it was quite difficult. I didn’t know about the bearskin rug at all! I am dying to get one!

    • Awwwww super cool! I need to see if we can get a Teepee too! Glad to hear it was easier to assemble! The bear rug is cute right? More for the humans than the kitties I think but isn’t it always that way?! 🙂

      • OMG I LOVE that rug! You are right more for the humans! lol. Looking forward to finally meeting you at BlogPaws!

  • That first pic made me roar with laughter!  I saw it, thought fur rug, and then moved on, and it was only when I got 3-4 pics on, i sudddenly thought…  hang on… WHAT WAS THAT??? 🙂 and skimmed back to look again at the shape of it! 🙂

    • the first photo and not the second made you roar with laughter? LOL! 

  • That first pic made me roar with laughter!  I saw it, thought fur rug, and then moved on, and it was only when I got 3-4 pics on, i sudddenly thought…  hang on… WHAT WAS THAT??? 🙂 and skimmed back to look again at the shape of it! 🙂

  • WOW! The information is very interesting. I might buy it.

  • Sarah Menzies

    Your blog is FAB!!! Thanks so much for featuring me in your Blogroll too :o)

    • aww thank you! I love your bloggie too! =^^=

  • Ohh, I want the rug!! It’s so funny how Haddie claimed it..  Love her little face and belly!!

    • Thanks she’s a funny one that girl! LOL

  • Angela

    Love the rug, and the photo of Burt Reynolds on a bear rug cracked me up!  The other items are great, too.  Guess I need to do some shopping for my kitties!

    • That photo either seems to make people feel ill or make them laugh! LOL Glad it made you laugh! -^^-

  • Thank you for visiting us. Since all of us are handicapped in one way or another, our human strictly do not allow us to leave home. The MeowHole is the short cut between our MeowRoom and the MeowYard. There’s a difficult way and we would use it if we need exercise that is through the MeowRoom window that opens to the MeowYard. We’re glad you love it. We love it, too! Purrs.

    • Bless you for what you do…chair 🙂
      Love the Meow Yard and the Meow Hole! 

    • Bless you for what you do…chair 🙂
      Love the Meow Yard and the Meow Hole! 

  • OMC… I am still trying to rub the image of Burt Reynolds out of my eyes!! Was he really that furry? He looks like a rug himself!! Great cat product site – I will have to check it out! Have a great Sunday and see you in a few days!

    • Tamar

      oh dear – sorry about that..i realize now that post should have come with a warning!

    • Oh dear I am so sorry Deb – that should have come with a black box warning! Look forward to meeting you! I think I caught a glimpse of you at the Cat Writers convention…were you the one wearing cat print?! 🙂

  • Yay, another reason for me to be a proud Canadian. Only quirky Canucks could dream up this stuff.  Haddie and Burt are a match made in faux fur heaven!

    • i swear i respond to this and it keeps disappearing! i think i traumatized lots of folks thanks to the BURT photo! LOL