Top 10 Reasons More Cats Are Better Than One

There’s a saying “Cats are like potato chips – you can’t have just one.” I didn’t set out to become the head of a single-parent-multiple-pet family. It just kind of happened.

Kip was planned, but I was guilted into adopting Petie, and Haddie was a permanent foster who became official this past January after a year and a half of illegitimacy.

Necklace By Flora Davis


I’m not quite the Angelina Jolie of single pet motherhood, but still. While unscientific studies suggest three is the animal tipping point (cats or dogs) there are advantages to living in multiple pet household.

10 – More color options for crafting with cat hair (yes that’s a $220 necklace made of cat hair above).

9 – There’s always one within arms reach (theoretically).

8 – Cleaner cats.

7 – It’s like watching Animal Kingdom court side (who needs TV?!)

6 – They learn the importance of team work (to make you believe you’re losing your mind aka. hiding an avocado under your bed, one flight up from the kitchen).

5 – Endless Kodak moments.

4 – Early warning detection system (for when the carrier’s out and it’s time for the vet!)

3 – They force you to use your imagination and become flexible in order to sleep in your own bed.

2 – They each give you a special gift (Kip lets me play with the webs between his toes, Haddie with her belly and Petie gives me special loving time).


1 – Having a complete set of weights for working out (Click here to view my instructional catflexing video)

Leave a comment and tell us why you think it’s better to have more than one pet (cat or dog!).

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  • Rena

    Wonderful, Tamar! I’ve always thought that the only thing better than a cat is lots of cats! Who knew they have so many uses???

    • Seriously right! LOL! Thanks for posting and for letting us you the photo of your babies! 

  • This was a great post!!! and you’re pretty much right on target….however it is a little distressing to me to hear that “three is the animal tipping point.” i believe  i’m too far gone to be redeemed.  i see the flashing neon “CRAZY” sign above my head.  heavy sigh…

    • Thanks Bonnie! Don’t be distressed! It’s UNSCIENTIFIC remember! It’s what we make of it (but if I don’t start cleaning up better i’m going to get that flashing sign over MY head!)

  • First off, I too have a flamepoint siamese and he is my baby boy (even though he is almost 5….).Another benefit: you don’t have to buy as many toys. They play with eachother! =)

    • So true! I’d like to think it’s also good exercise but that doesn’t seem to be true when it comes to my Petie pants! Thanks so much for reading and taking the time to post a comment Adrian! 

  • maria grobbelaar

    Becoming innovative as regards feeding your cats.  I have 8, with two ferals I am trying to tame….. under the bed, high on top of cupboards.  Watching closely, dont want to offend anyone if they do try to scavenge….. I love them all….they are my friends, companions, the best….. Maria in South Africa.

    • Awww what a good mommy you are Maria! Thank you for opening your home and heart to the kitties who need love and shelter! Thanks so much for your readership (hope you are a fan on FB too!

  • Christine

    They keep each other company! For a year I only had one, and when I’d leave for work I’d hear her crying at the door. When I came home she’d be there waiting for me, lonely and sad. Now that she has a friend, when I come home she *might* wake up from her nap to greet me. It make me feel less guilty to leave them alone.

    • Awwwww poor baby! I’m so glad she has a friend and it’s true, it makes it MUCH easier to leave them at home during the day, or when you go out! Thanks for reading and posting Christine! 

  • So true!  We had four kitties at one point, I didn’t know that made me a crazy cat lady!  I  knew I was getting dangerously close 🙂  I don’t care, I would have a house full if I could!

    • I would love to have a huge house with lots of land where i could have a safe haven for kitties! In my one bedroom apartment in NYC it’s hard – – 3 is pushing max density! I’m always cleaning! 

    • i wish that worked for me! 

  • Anonymous

    So much fun, just like lots of cats!

    • Agree! Thanks for reading and posting Bernadette! 

  • Elizabeth Flynn

    Well, if three is the tipping point, I am seriously upside down 🙂  I love all my furrbabies (and my horses and burros too)!  We are just one big happy family.

    • heehee! don’t worry, it’s unscientific remember! and it’s all mental anyway right?!

  • Cathy Keisha

    TW has been thinking about giving me a sibling. I hope this helps her make up her mind. MOL

    • YES YES i hope so!!!!! Keep us updated! 2 cats are always better than one! 

  • Ha!  Funny and accurate!
    Question: is this Tipping Point species specific?  Because we’re at 2 cats, 1 dog.  
    Or does being married automatically negate ‘crazy cat lady’ status? If so – score!

    • Good question. I am unclear about the unscientific studies specifics. I feel for some reason that three of the same species seems to be more “serious’ than a mixed bunch. But yes, i think actually being married gives you a reprieve. because you have to divide by two then right?! 🙂

  • Juli Nash

    With more than one, there is always somebody to listen when you’ve had a rough day..

    • So true! But only after you feed them! 🙂

  • Lynda

    I volunteer at my local county animal shelter.  I have 2 cats at home (brother & sister) who have bonded with each other, but also insist on their one-on-one time with me.  However, right now I also have 1 adult foster (from a local animal rescue group) and a mother foster with SEVEN kittens from the shelter.  That makes 11 cats in my house at the moment.  I guess I tripped over that threashold big time!  But when they are at risk of being put down – you can’t say no.  Hopefully they’ll all get new forever homes soon (except for my 2 of course – they’re here to stay!)

    • No Lynda, fostering is the loop hole. You are still within the limit. Also kittens don’t count for 1 entire cat. I think it’s a 2:1 ratio 🙂
      Thanks for loving the babies and fostering too! 

  • Angela Arias

    Omg… I love your blog. Today I laughed almost to tears with the instructional catflexing video. Your cats are very quiet and docile!!! If I tried to follow this workout using my cats, probably I would have my arms, face and neck completely scratched. Any way “catflexing” rocks!!! BE JEALOUS JILLIAN MICHAELS.

    • I’m so happy you enjoyed it Angela! Thanks so much for your ongoing readership and support of IHC both the blog and FB page. It means a lot! My cats are rather patient it’s true! 🙂

  • Laura Justis

    Great post!!  I particularly love the Catflexing demonstrations.  Although now I can no longer use the excuse that my cats get in the way for putting off strength training…not when I have two furry proportionately weighted barbells…a ten pounder (Sadie) and a 12 pounder (Katrina)!

  • Gris Oscuro

    Lol!!!!!  vídeo!!  I love it!!! I wish I could have more than one cat someday, my husband doesn’t : (

    • Ohhh but one cat is better than none right Gris?! 🙂

  • Grrreta

    Great post! We loved the video! Kip, Petie, and Haddie are being very good sports.

    • Thanks!!! Yes they may not be very cuddly but they are super patient. I’m lucky! 

  • Candace

    I have two littermate sisters. If my husband didn’t keep some control on me ;-), I’d probably have several more. When I retire, I plan to foster, but until then… To my hubby’s credit, he didn’t think he liked cats – now I think he’d rather have cats than dogs!

    • Do I hear the next potential CAT MAN MONDAY??!!! If so send post and photos my way! ihavecat (at) gmail (dot) com

  • I agree with your weight lifting comment! Perhaps in this case, the fatter the cat, the better? 😉

    • oh dear…don’t let my vet hear!

    • Looloobee

      i think i may be out of luck, then… i have a smallish bicolor Oriental, and she’s only about 7.5 pounds. what to do? what to do? oh, wait, i know! get ANOTHER bigger cat.  🙂

  • I love how you say it “just kind of happened.” My journey into cat-ladydom was the same way. The first was planned and then the rest… just kind of happened. People tend to give me this certain particular look when I say that, as if they can’t imagine so many cats just happening, like “oops! there’s another one!”

    But it’s kinda like that! 🙂

    • First off I must say your profile pic and the masthead to your website are to DIE for! I can’t wait to check your blog out some more! Yes…i guess people look at us the same way the look at people who say the got pregnant “accidentally!”
      Thanks for your readership and for taking the time to leave a comment! 

  • You nailed them all! The Kodak moments, the front row seat to cat planet….Thanks for visiting my blog as well ( We have much in common in changing the perceptions of “cat lady” and showing that we’re sane and sexy!  I’m voting for you in the Petties! Good luck!

    • Hi Christine! So lovely to “meet” you! Thank you so much for the support with the PETTIES. You do AMAZING work and hopefully we will meet in real life at some point! Are you by any chance going to Blogpaws this August?! Hear hear re: sane and sexy cat lovers!

  • Tina

    I have four cats and they bring me endless joy.

    • Hi Tina! Thanks for reading and taking the time to post a comment!~ 

  • PattiMomKat

    They try to keep me on a diet by eating my meals with me, even after they have had their own meals.

  • We shared.  Judging by your svelte figure, the exercises are working.

  • I’m a proud mom of 7 cats; I don’t know when I jumped of having three to seven, but they’re the best thing that could happened to me; they give me so much love and so much happiness, I just love them!

    • Awww thanks for posting Miss Dee! We love kitties too (obviously!)

  • Lgcobb

    Cats help me keep the things in my house more organized, since they will shred, eat or steal anything left lying around. I now always hang my clothes up or put them in the laundry bin, my shoes are kept behind closet doors, my jewelry goes back in the jewelry box as soon as I take it off, my mail is opened and sorted immediately, my groceries are put away as soon as I bring them into the house, etc.

  • Kate

    Funny I’ve always felt 3 cats was the tipping point too! Although I’d quite happily have many more I feel a sense of responsibility towards my other (human) family members and the neighbours (our cats all socialise in everyone else’s gardens). But I am a natural born crazy cat lady so maybe one day when my kids have all left home and I’ve outlived my husband, I’ll buy a run down little farm house and drown myself in cats!

    • I love the visual that came to mind with the words “drown myself in cats”! My parents keep threatening to put a clause in their will that their home cannot be turned into a cat house!
      thanks for reading and posting Kate!

  • Susan

    Cats are the BEST!

  • I’ve always had cats and dogs as a child but then just never had time for one. 4 years ago I rescued a homeless cat George. Last year my husband bought me a beautiful siamese Basil. George suddenly stopped being happy and became withdrawn. Basil loved him but George would not let him be close or play together. He wouldn’t let him follow him outside (mouse hunting in the fields) so Basil would walk opposite direction – straight to the road. We lost him on Sept 7th – After crying for a few days non stop we decided we will get more cats – this time 2 – so if George doesn’t like them they will always have each other. So we have Henry and Brian – my new siamese babies 🙂 George is so much better with them and they love being together. House is full of life again. They are strictly indoor cats but having each other as a company they’re not bothered about the outside – like Basil was..
    I would recommend to anyone getting more cats.
    My only regret is that when we bought Basil we should have bought his brother too- he’d probably be still alive.
    But there’s always the Rainbow Bridge – i know we’ll meet again

    • Ania, your post had me chocked up…I’m so broken hearted to hear about Basil’s passing. Glad ot hear the other 2 are indoor only. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. xo

  • I’m two beyond the tipping number. this isn’t good. HOWEVER, Nathan Fillion said in an interview recently that 6 was the tipping point. So no more for me 😉

    I was “adopted” by two kittens in May. Their “feral” mom died and before she died, she kept pushing them at me. I think it was a sign. I bottle-fed them and I am definitively their mom now.

    • Yeh I’m TOTALLY in love with Nathan! I Seriously think he needs to meet me!
      Awwww poor feral mommy….do you know why she died? 🙁 she knew you would take good care of her babies! 

  • Katherine Yates

    I’ve been told I’m “one cat short of crazy cat lady!”  I have three.  What I want to know is do I get negative cat points for having dogs?  Three cats and two dogs equals one point!  I can get more!

    • ihavecatnyc

      Interesting theory…I have to give that some thought! Thanks for reading and commenting on I HAVE CAT! =^^=

  • Susceptible Emilio

    I wish my finances were better to have more cats to take care of.

    • Tamar

      I hear you. They are expensive. But I think it’s good you are realistic and thinking these sorts of things through. Sometimes people don’t and then find themselves in a jam……!

  • Katie O

    Mine make a point to let me know they are mad when I stay the night at my grandmas house…. they chew through chargers and the house looks like I got robbed! They definitely keep me busy cleaning up after them and theres only two of the rotten things! I grew up raising himalayans and Persians and never had I met cats like these two!

    • Tamar

      Wow you certainly have YOUR hands full! =^^=

  • Melissa

    My two hate each other’s guts like I’ve never seen before. I have to keep gates up to keep them from injuring each other, and so they won’t intimidate the other out of using the box or getting a drink.

  • geralyn mott

    i have four cats … four sets of thundering paws for the 3 a.m. ‘cat rodeo’ is a sign that all is safe and right with the world.

  • Jackie McAtee

    I have 6 cats, Spoiled Kitty (pretty silver and black tabby), Midnight (#1 black kitty), Runtley (brown tabby w/beautiful aqua eyes), Crazy Kitty (#2 black kitty), Aprhodite (long haired Tortie/my little Princess Diva) and Sherman (Flamepoint/orange tabby mix). Then, 3 dogs, Mary (Australian Cattle dog), Eddy (Australian Shepard), and Lucy (the pug). Luckily, we live in the country and lots of space for our furry bunch. I zoomed past Crazy Cat lady years ago 🙂 At least one of them makes me laugh every single day.

  • Jackie McAtee

    I love ‘cat rodeo’!!!! I always thought they sounded like little galloping horses racing around the house 🙂

  • My hubby and I have 6 lovies! Java (Queen Calico female Manx, 14), Capone (grey prince of the house) 13, Jengas (jet black Cassanova,10), Yang Yang (Tuxedo female, 8), Star of Orion (my little panther with the one white spot, 5), and Pasquale (My golden dandy boy, 5). Each one does give special love in his or her own way.

  • OMG. You crack me up. LOVED the kitty workout vid. You’re the best. Keep at it, my favorite non-crazy kitty lady :).