Furry Duty

Sorry to disappoint those of you who, upon reading the title of this post, hoped for a story of yet another a cat being called to jury duty (seems to occur way too frequently don’t you think?). Rather this is about my latest NYC jury duty experience.

Call me crazy but I was excited to receive my red and while juror ballot in the mail a few months back.  I viewed my opportunity to serve my civic duty as a sort of paid stay-cation.

You see, the courthouses in New York City are downtown in the financial district, a part of town often frequented by tourists and those who work there but not a major destination for the rest of the islands inhabitants.

Not only would it give me the opportunity to take in the historic architecture, try different restaurants, pop into Century 21, and check out the progress at Ground Zero, but it was also a new venue for scoping out potential dates. 

Rummaging around the depths of my purse for my Blackberry (so as to surreptitiously snap man photos for the blog) several cold metal cylindrical objects took me by surprise. I pulled one out.Went to jury duty with cat food in my purseSeems I had reported to jury duty with three of the six cans of Fancy Feast I’d thrown in my purse the night before when making a late-night food run at my local bodega.  In an effort to be green, I’d refused a plastic bag.

Sadly the idea of looking for love at jury duty hadn’t crossed my mind until I’d arrived at the courthouse sans make-up, hair pulled into a messy up-do with a modern version of the banana clip, sporting cat hair covered sweatpants (something I am usually fastidious about avoiding!) and a cat-food laden hand bag.

Tina Fey as Liz Lemon "and I don't really think it's fair for me to be on a jury because I'm a hologram.."I more closely resembled Liz Lemon in her princess Leia outfit attempting to get out of jury duty than a semi-fashionable professional eligible bachelorette on the prowl.

Thankfully the eligible men I’d scoped out turned out to be married (rings) or seemingly gay and/or European and uninterested. It wasn’t a major missed opportunity.

Cute but either gay and/or European – either way not interested

Seeing the man-quest wasn’t going to work out, I decided to take advantage of being downtown to check-in on Ground Zero. With the 10 year anniversary only months away I wanted to see what progress had been made.

Out of town friends have often asked me what the new tower(s) are going to look like and to be frank I have no clue. The plans seem to have changed so often I don’t recall where they net out.

Models of the world trade center 2011

On my way to the site I happened upon a small 9/11 Memorial Museum with a few objects from that fateful day along with renderings of what the new buildings were to look like.

Standing by a huge pit with one partially completed building it was clear there was much to accomplish in a few short months. I found myself saddened and embarrassed for my city and country.

The Twin Towers had been completed in six years yet after almost ten year neither the tenacious citizens of New York City or the powerful United States of American had succeeded in rebuilding the WTC.  Ten year olds who’d lost a parent and were now in college still had no proper memorial to visit in their honor.

reconstruction of the WTC New York City

My lunch hour was almost up so I head back to the court-house. My stay-cation turned out to be short lived.  Dr S., a physician in the case I was called for, was someone my Mom had met and I’d seen once in passing.

She’d found him to be cute and polite and potentially unmarried (no ring) and we’d joked about how we might orchestrate a chance encounter. I guess the lawyer wasn’t comfortable with my knowing of him (I didn’t mention the potential dating part) and I was promptly dismissed.

On an island of over one million people I’d been called to jury duty on the very day this case had gone to trial. Of all the cases being tried I’d been called as a potential juror on this particular one. I had to find a way to meet this Dr S. it must be fate. Perhaps I’d find love at jury duty after all.

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  • Anonymous

    I have to admire your honesty about shopping for a man. It’s so funny, yet everyone tries to make it a big secret! I fear though, Tamar, you are turning into the cat lady–bad-hair-day updo, no face, cat hair on slumming clothes and cat food in your purse…what have you come to?

    • Thanks for posting Bernadette…but now you have me worried..didn’t know i was THAT far gone! 🙂

  • That is really sad that they’re not even close to complete in time for the 10th anniversary of 9/11.  To be honest though, I hadn’t even heard that construction had begun, so there’s that. 
    I’m pretty sure I’ve inadvertently forgotten to take newly-bought cat toys or such out of a bag before I went out.  And I never wear make-up, so…. I guess I’m ALWAYS a cat lady! 😀

    • Well it seems I am in good company! LOL Yes it’s crazy how, in the year of the 10th anniversary, no one seems to be taken stock of what’s going on with the WTC! 

      • MyKinKStar

        I was channel surfing a few months ago, when I happened by Fox News as Shepard Smith was introducing a Rise of Freedom segment.  I stayed to watch and was crying before it was over.  Yeah, just another feel good story, BUT about OUR Nation!  Too many of US have no idea what’s going on up there and likely don’t much care.  It’s sad when you consider how bonded WE were after that horrific event . . . Well, silly me, now I try to remember to tune in on Thursdays to catch another few minutes of these stories, which highlight anything from the buildings to the families.  Sad too that it seems the building might not make if for the anniversary, no matter how much money is poured into making it happen in these final months.  

        All of the segments are available online, and I’ve noted a recent one below.  Please take a few minutes to watch, then maybe watch a few more.  It’s important for all of us to “Never Forget.”  http://www.foxnews.com/on-air/rise-of-freedom/index.html#/v/997682535001/rise-of-freedom-firehouse-across-the-street/?playlist_id=161320

        (By the way, I didn’t come here to get all political or to push Fox News either.  I’m just as craZy as any other ‘cat lady’ on here ‘shopping’ for a man and looking for tips on how to do it better from IHC!  I only thought this info was something others might like to see or know about, that’s all.)

        • LOL! Thanks, no worries. It is sad….I am wondering if including that part in my post was too much of a downer…it is a part of my life so I wanted to include it …

  • Vicki Stringfellow Cook

    No jury duty here, but I did go to the grocery store today with hair in ponytail, no make-up, and glasses – not to mention the ancient t-shirt, faded jeans, and flip-flops. However, I didn’t buy any catfood because I was there on an emergency run yesterday!

    • Not impressed vicki – you have to take cat food to some totally unrelated event to beat me on this one! LOL

  • Kent Butler

    One of the things I like about you, Tamar, is that you’re not wrapped too tight. Proud to call you my friend – well, cyber-friend. 8>)

  • Bengal Trio

    Thanks fur stopping buy our Keiko tribute. To answer your question – we had her from a tiny kitten and she lived her whole life with us. PURRS2u =^_^=

    • Awww bless her….she was lucky to have a loving home 🙂

  • Damun Vidoz

    That was an adorable story!  Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks Damun!  Glad you enjoyed 🙂

  • i once went to the federal building with cat food in my purse … one of those places where they root thru your purse before deciding to let you enter or not … and i knew the officer doing the rooting … he just looked at me and laughed.

    • Bahhh! BRILLIANT! I wonder if anyone knew what they were as my purse was going through the xray machine!

  • I pretty much just read the whole blog and, as a cat person, I am intrigued.  I must share my crazy story about my husband and my cat hate each other but tolerate each other to you one day.

    • Oh dear you def should! Thanks so much for visiting. If you haven’t already, the BEST OF section is a good place to start. You can also visit our FACEBOOK Fan page where we have over 13,000 fans!

  • My goal is to connect with someone one day just for the sole reason of being mutual cat lovers. I’m always checking to see if my clients, co-workers, or random people I meet are cat people, as evidenced by cat fur, or scratches on their arms.

    • Daniel – i LOVE that! let me know how it goes! I think you can probably achieve your goal on FB pretty easily!

  • mimi

    great story… did they confiscate the Fancy Feast ?????

    • Tamar

      Thankfully no! They were too busy doing other stuff..Thank goodness or my cats would NEVER forgive me!