10 Ways Cats Are Like (Furless) Kids

While I recently extolled the benefits of cats over their furless counterparts, I must admit the two do share a lot in common. Here’s a list of 10, I’m sure you can think of others to share with us.

Both cats and children…

1. Are impossible to stay mad at for long

Cat writes an apology note


2. Begrudge overzealous squeezes

Kip from I HAVE CAT doesn't like to be held

3. Wake us up at obscene hours of the night

4. Get into things and places they shouldn’t

Kip the tabby cat high up on a bookcase

5. Favor boxes over expensive toys

6. Are mesmerized by mirrors and computers
Cat loves Laptop
7. Are finicky eaters

 8. Fight with their siblings

Sibling rivalry between cats

9. Have vile smelling poo

And the tenth way four and two-legged kids are the same…


10 Have eye and nose boogers only a mom or dad would wipe with their bare hands!

Can you think of others? Share them with us!

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  • -Have some innane ability to screech/yowl at deafening decibel levels.
    -Tend to have staring problems
    -Are prone to fall asleep suddenly and in odd places
    (addendum to previous, able to fall asleep in your bed in seemingly uncomrfotable positions that also make the rest of the human bed occupants uncomfortable)
    -Absolutely must know what you’re eating that they are not
    -Are physically unable to leave you alone while you’re in the restroom
    -Hate taking a bath and a few oddballs absolutely adore it!

    I probably could go on and on… really!

    • Alta those are some GREAT ones! I will def have to do a part 2! Thanks for all the awesome additions!

      i just saw your profile  you are 24! wow! You go kitty! I am sorry a bad boy was fighting you with a pencil! boo!

  •  ugh, dumpling’s poops are the stinkiest :/ kitten poops are the worst. but gah! they are adorable.

    • A dumpling with stinky poo! LOL Love it!

  • Patrick Mack

     They can be so jealous

  • Yep, I’m crazy about those eye and nose boogers. Drive me INSANE! It drives me nuts seeing a picture of ANOTHER cat with eye boogers. Makes me want to clean them right away!

    • Ack yes, me too!! Pics of cats I’ve never met with eye boogers bothers me SO MUCH. I’m so glad I’m not alone in this neurosis!

      • ME TOO! I feel like the kitty is neglected or something!

        • Well, at least we know we’re good moms!

      • i am the same way … i have been known to remove the eye boogers from the cats belonging to people i am visiting!!!! 😀

  • ch

    pee on things they shouldn’t

  • Anonymous

    You can get them fixed so they don’t start unexpectedly reproducing.

    • That might be better in the WHY CATS ARE BETTER Than kids no?! LOL!

  • -You understand what they want when they “talk” to you
    -You and your significant other argue over which of you your (furry) child loves more
    -You cannot imagine your life without them

    • awwwwwwwwwwww good ones Lexie! Def doing a part 2!

  • Lola could be the picture girl for numbers 3 and 10.  Although I wouldn’t wipe it with my hands. 

    • well her boogies are kindda wet no? 🙂

  • Kaitlyn_ktty

    Complain when we make them dress up. LOL

    • I haven’t even tried but I imagine they would! LOL Thanks for commenting Kaitlyn!

  • Ruin your furniture

  • My human won’t touch my eye boogers with her bare hands, and she gets kind of grossed out if we touch her with wet noses. She is finicky. Good thing she does not have kids.

    • really? oh my! does she use a tissue? you can come touch me with your wet nose anytime Sparkle! I wish my kitties would!

  • We worry the same way when they’re sick.

    • so VERY VERY True! (PS _ i can’t wait to see you on the DAILY SHOW!)

  • Sadly, they both puke a lot!

  • Felicity

    Throw haiballs so long you wonder which end it came from!!

  • They always want to share the bed and get the best spots and talk non stop when needing attention 🙂

    • also insisting on talking when we are trying to sleep! 

  • Damun

    Wow… I think your other readers covered everything I was thinking of for additions… LOL!

  • They HAVE been known to “stay out until ungodly hours and THEN yowl to get back in – AFTER you’ve given up and gotten into the shower so you can look decent for the next morning’s work! And, of course your neighbors are wondering “what” you did to your kittehs and “how” you could have “ignored” them for so long – ahhh, I never will forget living in that house on that cul-de-sac.  (Now, de babi stayz indoorz all de times!)

    • baahaah totally! make us look neglectful right? thanks for the laff!

  • Milo and Alfie’s mom

    Are sick at the drop of a hat, are demanding of attention, BUT are adorable!

  • – they won’t let you sleep in on weekends!
    – they seem to need attention while you are trying to have an important conversation on the phone.

    Love the photos you used!  I love your blog 😉

    • Thanks so much for the compliment!!! Some super good additions I need to do a part 2! Also they want attention when we want to rest!~ 

  • -spits up or pees on mommy whenever I’m dressed up…or not. (ZOE!!!!)
    -bathroom time for mommy means bathroom time for everyone
    -incessantly interrupts phone calls
    -the only ones in the house who can get through the baby locks
    -leave their toys strewn about
    -puts things in their mouths that you don’t even want to know exist in the first place
    -need their food cut up 
    -can’t imagine life without them!

    • Zoe! I thought I posted a response to you and now i don’t see it. wah! You are so good and added so many good ideas!!! I need a part 2 for sure! 

  • Katrin

    – They make you laugh
    – Feel if you are sad or upset
    – Yell for food
    – Both ends need your permanet attention

  • I’d disagree with the first one… I can’t stay mad at a cute kitty for long, but a kid, well, I could be mad at them forever…I suppose that’s what makes me a crazy cat lady!

  • Also, as a parent (cats or kids) you think yours are cuter than anyone else’s!

  • meowmeowmans

    Can bring a smile to their mom or dad’s face, even after a horrible day! 🙂

  • Very funny list! 🙂

  • mimi

    puking during the night.. which will wake a person from a sound sleep!!!!

    Then, only to step in it on the way to the bathroom!!!

  • Rai

    my cats hate mirrors

  • rai

    can manipulate you with ease

    • hmmm you think they manipulate us? or are we just suckers?! 🙂

  • Shalvacare

    Will sleep anywhere except the expensive bed you bought for him.
    Will ignore a basket of craft materials, until you start working with them.

  • MaryKahle1968

    Smallest character in the house and takes up the most room on a bed or the sofa! 

    • absolutely! and make the biggest mess! 

  • suddenly need  your attention just at the moment you start a phone conversation …
    wake you up 10 minutes BEFORE the alarm goes off!!!
    greets you when you come home as if you’d been gone a week!!!
    has the sense to look guilty when they KNOW there’s a mess for you to discover!
    always prefers YOUR bed to their own …./

    • true true true! thanks for your readership and for posting!

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