Here Comes the Rain(drop)

Review: Pioneer Pet Stainless Steel Pet Fountain Raindrop Design receives 4 out of 4 paws!

As  I’ve said in the past, I want my apartment to announce itself with a resounding,  “Hello, an independent sophisticated single woman lives here “ not “Meeeooowwwww, welcome to Casa Cat.”

I’m always on the lookout for discrete, modern, affordable cat products to review. And have written about litter boxes, cat toys, cat beds and even cat portraits, but hadn’t found a water fountain that fit the bill.

Until I laid my eyes on the Pioneer Pet Stainless Steel Raindrop Fountain Raindrop I heard angels singing. But could it possibly be as good as it looked?

Most pet fountains are clunky looking and made of beige or speckled grey plastic with blue and purple accents. The Raindrop nails it when it came to being compact, and aesthetically pleasing. In terms of affordability it retails at $26-38, the higher end of the range but I’ve certainly seen more expensive.

Typical cat pet fountains. Cat like them but not so cute or fun to clean.


The big question is, how the Raindrop performs against the most critical success metrics: Ease of Cleaning, Noise Level and arguable the most important, Cat Acceptance.

Ease of Cleaning: Plastic seems to invite algae growth that clings stubbornly to each piece making it a challenge to clean properly (even with the use of special brushes).  In addition to being slimy and gross, algae and bacteria can casue cat acne (catne?).

The Raindrop, made up of two stainless steel pieces and a pump, couldn’t be easier to clean taking less than 2 minutes.  And it’s super easy to put back together. I also noticed after a week there was no algae to clean from the pump or bowl, just a little cat hair!

Noise Level & Cat Acceptance: I’ll let the video speak for itself. Click here if can’t see the embedded YouTube video.

I HAVE CAT Proudly bestows upon the Pioneer Pet Stainless Steel Raindrop Fountain 
4 out of 4 paws. An honor that no other product has received to date!  If you forced me to tell you something I don’t love about the Raindrop I admit it’s hard to avoid water stains on the stainless steel.

But lucky for us Pioneer also makethe Raindrop Design Fountain in Ceramic
(black and white). Maybe the stains show up less? Hopefully we’ll get a chance to review it next (hint hint!).

NOTE: While I receive the products I review free of charge, I am not compensated in any other way.


  • Still loving the Raindrop and recommended to my friends. It would be great if they found a replacement for the short 1/2″ piece of circular plastic where the water bubbles up from the basin. That does get a bit slimy and does require cleaning once a week.

NOTE: While I receive the products I review free of charge, I am not compensated in any other way.

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  •  Whoa, that looks pawsome! Now if only there was something to keep the dog away from it, it would be perfect in my house!

    • well check THIS out! Maybe you guys can all share!

  •  I’ve been thinking of getting a fountain for a while. Thanks for the review. I like the compact size of this one since I have an NYC size apartment.
    Deborah Julian

    • I want to try the ceramic one! If you purchase it please use this link

      It is the link to the products in Tiny Timmy’s Amazon store! 

  • Anonymous

    I’ve had several, from the drinkwell to some domed one and they are a pain to clean and keep them working properly.  I love that this is stainless steel.  Thanks for the review and the link.  I’ll be looking to get a couple of these.  With 5 cats and one Yorkie, a couple around the apartment would be great. 

    • Here is a bigger model! I haven’t tried it but maybe it’s worth checking out?

    • IF you purchase one of the ones I reviewed, please use the link in the post because I used the link to Tiny TImmy’s Amazon store so he can make a little commission off of it (not sure if you know TT?)

  • Tricia

    I too heard angels singing when I saw this fountain as my oldest kitty, the one who owns the biggest chunk of my heart gets acne from drinking from plastic.  And she had loved her drinkwell fountain.  For her this fountain is absolutely purrrrrfect.  All the other cats drink from it also however the only thing I miss (not sure if the kitties do) is that the fall of the water is not long enough to make very much sound.  Just think it would be more attractive in general to kitties if it were slightly deeper so there would be a bit more of a babbling sound.  Otherwise, quite happy with the functionality and ease of cleaning.

    •  hear you about the falling water…..did you see this one?

  •  I’m always looking for a water fountain that doesn’t make a noise and this seems to fit the bill! Last time I got one it hummed and Milly and Poppet were totally freaked out by it. Thanks – I’m going to try it 🙂

    •  Cate, if you do purchase one use this link so you can help Tiny Timmy! This link is in his Amazon Store!~

  • bonnie

    great fountain!!!!  it was bigger, the collies might like it too !!

  • bonnie

    great fountain!!!!  it was bigger, the collies might like it too !!

    •  Oh but wait, you are not off the hook – did you see this?

  • The Island Cats

    We have the Raindrop in the black ceramic!  And we really like it!  It’s easy to clean and put back together. If we have one complaint it’s that the thing that holds the filter and motor is plastic and it has a tendency to get a little yucky over time.  But we give it 4 paws too!

    • Yes I hear you on the bits of plastic that are still on the fountain. I feel like they could replace that small bit of tubing, but the motor casing I guess is hard to change from plastic. 

  •  Our Petmate fountain broke last week.  There was water all over the floor and the woofies didn’t do it!!
    Mom likes the Raindrop but we had a super large one and she didn’t think the Raindrop came that big.  She’s going to go check it out.

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

    • Check this one out! Looks much bigger! Same people make it!

  • Thanks for the review … the raindrop sounds great!  I’m afraid Moosey would just sit there and play in the water all day (yes, he’s one of those cats who is fascinated by moving water!).

    Have a great Wednesday, T.

  • I’m sold.

  • Karen at Life with Tigers

    We have the raindrop fountain here at Life with Tigers studio, but the older kitties are not fans. They still prefer to drink from the sink, or randomly placed cups or my glass before I’m finished with it. However, it’s not a bust, because little Moo enjoys the fountain very much. And it IS lovely to look at!

  • Karen

    We had a Drinkwell Platinum for about 4 months.  The vibration from the pump was so noisy, I had carpet under it as well as pieces of foam underneath all the edges and we could still hear the vibration from the pump.  One day it just stopped working..don’t really miss it. 

    We have two cats, Roxie liked it, Kasey did not.  I don’t think Kasey liked the sound of the water running.  I love the look of this fountain I would definetely like to try it out for them.

    Thanks for the review.

    • Let us know if you do try it out Karen! Thanks for visiting and for leaving your comment! 

    • LoveMyDrinkwell360

      I have a Drinkwell 360 Stainless fountain. I also have their brush kit. I clean it out weekly, meaning that I use hot water and soap (I don’t have a dishwasher or I could put the parts in there) on all parts except the pump. On the pump, I use the smallest brush. I remove the case of the pump just like you would on the Raindrop, and I remove the impeller, and I use the brush inside of the pump along with running water in the pump. I also make sure the Drinkwell is filled enough so that the pump does not burn up.

  • mimi

    wow… we want one!!!!!!!!

    although.. probably only mommy wants one.. us kitties were scared of the other waterfall kind!!!  but we will drink out of the sink and tub!! Wud up with that!!

    • You may like it because the water doesn’t fall down it just bubbles up and it is VERY quiet. If you use the link in this blog post then Tiny Timmy can get $ of each sale…a little bit but every penny helps!

  • Zoe Spumoni

    Miss Tamaw! Miss Tamar! Gwammikins an mommy was tawking abowt getting a fowntin fo…ummm…two wittle vibsitors hoo is coming soonifully.Heeheehee! I sed, ” MOMMY! GWAMMIKINS! Miss Tamaw roteded abowt one!!!!” An herew it is be!!! Pank woo sooo mush!!!! Mwah! mwah! Mwah! I can’t wate to twy it!!!

    • YAYAYA! Thanks Zoe!!!! Two wittle vibistors?! I can’t wait to hear about it !You guys could have your very own ZOO over there 🙂 How lovely!Also they make a larger version too that has more levels…..lemme see if i can find that…..if you like it, we can ask TINY TIMMY to put it in his AMAZON store so he can get some $$ on each sale!
      If you use the link in this blog you can purchase the one i reviewed from Tiny Timmy’s store.

      • Zoe Spumoni

        Pank woo, Miss Tamaw!!! We gotted da wittler verbshon froo da link on herew and bowt it on Timmiful’s paje! YAYAYAYY!!! I cant wate to twy!!!! Mwah!

        Oh! Da wittle vibisitors endered up not coming—-darew wescue mommy felled sooo mush in wuv wiv dem! But we stillw gots da fowntin!!! Yay!!!

        • Zoe are you liking your raindrop? If you have trouble with the motor let me know, it’s REALLY easy to clean but they don’t really tell you about how to do it, there’s a good video online that shows you step=by-step! 

  • Tdelecia

    Just wanted peeps to KNOW the link you have takes you to Amazon, where right now the black ceramic one is only around $31.00. For ME, being on a fixed income that makes a huge difference!! Thanks SO much I had NEVER seen this one ANYWHERE, and I’m in LOVE!!!

    • Thanks for the update on the prices – I updated my post! Let me know if you get one and if you like it! Don’t forget to get refill filters while you’re at it! 

  • Emma

    Well I have had mine about 5 months and now the pump has conked out, can I find a replacement pump? No! Pioneer seriously need to sort this out as my only option is to buy a whole new fountain!

  • Emma

    BTW – getting the filters is a right pain in the ***! Amazon is my main supplier – when they have them..otherwise it is either not have any, or be robbed of £20 for a pack of three + £15 – £20 shipping – which quite frankly I am not ever going to do!

    • Tamar

      oh no! i guess it’s much harder in the UK 🙁

      • Emma

        Yes it definitely is :/ It was the same story with the Drinkwell 360, a nice fountain (and a good size, having 5 kitty’s) but I could never get the filters for it, and like I say, when I did find them the prices were crazy! Anyway I tend to stock up now when I find the filters for the Raindrop, and have about 6, but………yes, now the pump problem :/ Some UK company’s sell the Raindrop fountain, but never the replacement parts. I love so much of the kitty market, and it is nearly always only in the US (like mega cool cat trees!). You Americans get all the cool stuff, I may emigrate to the states, lol!

        • Vera White

          FYI, I read the reviews on amazon and one of them gives instructions on how to recycle the filter.

  • Emma

    Although this is what I am about to spend half of my pay-check on: I love them so much, lol! I am having a 3000mm floor to ceiling pole made, 15″ wide 😛

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  • Nicki

    Emma and others in the Uk, filters (£6) and motor are available from

    Postage & Packing: £4.68
    I have no connection with the company, just found them when looking for the fountain – currently on offer at £25!

  • krazi4katz

    I found that to battle hard water stains, a little white vinegar will take care of it. I live in a state where the water is really hard so I soak my stainless steel items in white vinegar for about an hour then wash it out. Smell bad but is all natural. I do this with coffee pots too. If you remove the charcoal filter and run the pump with the fountain full of vinegar it will clean the pump too.

  • Emma

    I now have a the Deluxe Drinkwell fountain, it hold 5 litres and it is so much better than any other fountain I have had! 🙂 I have had it for about 6 months now and still love it and so do the cats! As for the Hicat post, wow, they are loving it months on! 😀

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  • Robin

    Hi there, I have been on the hunt for a quiet drinking fountain and I thought I had found one. My friend has this raindrop fountain and it was ultra quiet. I went out and bought one and it hums like crazy! Am I doing something wrong? I can’t handle the humming. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks Robin

    • I have the sane thing going on. I clean it regularly but I have really hard water so the inside of the motor gets calcium deposits very quickly. I usually take the motor parts apart, make sure I take out the part that spins and soak all of it in white vinegar which dissolves the deposits and rinse well. Also use filtered water when I can and change water often. I was a little disappointed too but my cat only likes running water.

  • Kay

    I bought this fountain 3 weeks ago and I notice after a couple of days the water turns cloudy. is there such a thing as stainless steel with UV sterilization cat water fountain?

  • Cat fountains are awesome! Check out our reviews of the best selling fountains:

  • Hello,

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    It requires no electricity, is never empty, and never needs cleaning.

    Thanks so much! Let me know what you think.


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