Fun With Fur

Cat fur that is – or is it cat hair?

In honor of Hairball Awareness Day, we decided to have a little fun with cat fur hair. Meet Herman and Harriet, two NYC subway mice!

making animals from cat fur

Herman (left) is crafted from Petie’s fur and Harriet (right) from Haddie’s.

My love affair with the FURminator is no secret (I don’t work for them or get paid to say that). I brush my kitties obsessively frequently because of my desire to be a cat-hair-free cat lady.

But who knew cats spends 30% of their life grooming and in the process ingests about 2/3 of the hair they shed? Ick! Seems I was doing my cats a service with my obsession love of brushing.

crafting mice out of cat hair

Cat-hair mice. The irony.


Cats shed their dead undercoat so a new coat can come in. Spring and Fall are heavy shedding seasons but indoor cats who don’t have the benefit of nature’s cues tend to shed more all year around.

While watching your cat cough-up a hairball can leave you feeling helpless, not coughing them up or pooping them out can lead to intestinal blockages that could require surgery!

The FURminator folks say that by using their brushes regularly, you can reduce shedding by up to 90%.

Don’t believe them? Here’s your chance to put it to the test by entering to win a FURminator of your (cat’s) own!

  • Leave a comment telling us if your cat is large or small, long or short haired.
  • You have until Tuesday May 3rd 5pm EST to enter.
  • One entry per household, winner will be chosen using
  • SO SORRY but U.S. residents only  (sorry!).

Wondering what to do with all that cat hair once you have it off of kitty?

Recycle cat hair – yet another way to go green!

Well recycle it of course! It’s yet another way to go GREEN with kitty!


  1. Donate cat fur to a cat-less friend who’s having mouse trouble. The scent of cat fur stuffed into the floor boards, cracks is supposed to keep them at bay.
  2. Leave hair out for birds to use as nest building material (so soft!).
  3. Send it in to the US editors of “Crafting With Cat Hair.” Seriously.

“Send in some cat hair and make sure you include your cat’s name and photo. When the book’s publication date gets closer, I’ll feature several of your proud, hair-donating kittens on the (soon to be) re-launched Margaret and Katie may even make a little framed portrait of their favorite kitty, to be published online for the world to see.”

Address your cat’s hair to  Quirk Books C/O Margaret & Katie, 215 Church Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106.”

– From Irreference:

And as far as cat hair vs fur debate, the best explanation I’ve heard so far is “If it’s on the cat it’s fur and if it’s on you it’s hair.”

To see more creative cat hair art check out

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105 Responses to Fun With Fur

  1. My Calico is a rather large pussy cat. She’s 21 pounds. She’s basically shorthaired but has a wicked undercoat. It’s so thick I have to bathe the poor girl at least twice at the start of summer to get some of that undercoat out. I know SHE would be deliriously happy for us to win a FURminator!

  2. Pawesome!
    Cokie the Cat

  3. I’m a medium-sized ManCat. My hair is also medium-length. What I lack in size, I make up with a special mix of sweet and cattitude. Did I mention Marmie never brushes me? It’s true. We need a furminator!

  4. Caroline says:

    LOVE it! I did not know about the stuffing fur in the floorboards or “Crafting with Cat Hair” LOL!
    Happy Hairball Awareness Day!

  5. Allispin says:

    I know I need to brush my kitties more regularly. My older cat Spaceman is about 3 years old and short-haired, but his baby brother Ziggy (about 9 months old) is a long-haired cat. He has floof for days. He’s the Floofinator, Major Floof, the Floof Monster. You get the picture. I need a Furminator for my Floofinator!

  6. Gretchen says:

    Holly is a medium-to-large kitty with medium-to-long hair. Surprisingly she doesn’t shed as much as you’d think, but she’d still love a Furminator! (Okay, she’s not the biggest fan of getting brushed, so she probably wouldn’t love it, but I would!)

  7. Gretchen says:

    PS… LOVE Herman and Harriet. 🙂

  8. haha! Those two meece look quite cute!

  9. haha! Those two meece look quite cute!

  10. haha! Those two meece look quite cute!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Tamar, I love Herman and Harriet. You created truly amazing hairball creatures. Super Hurrah!

  12. IHC we got a bunch shedding going on in this house — long haired and short haired cats but three collies as well. We would love a furminator to contribute to anyone that needs more fur in their lives cos we have plenty, thanks! LOL.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I have to get one of those – Pepper leaves me in a cloud of black fur every time she comes around and Peanut, well, he’s just fun to preen. Plus, I could make a scarf and then REALLY take them everywhere I go! ,o)

  14. denver says:

    I think my kitties would qualify as “large” (over 10 pounds) and they are all short-haired. But you wouldn’t know that for all the fur that gets everywhere! XD

  15. Juju0529 says:

    I’ve got one humongous short hair, one fat short hair, 4 slender short hair and one pudgy long hair. How’s THAT for needing a Furminator?

  16. Bebi Pelucha says:

    heheheh 🙂 I have 6 cats in the house, I have a lot of hair MOL!!!!

  17. I have two boys who are medium in size but need to lose a pound or two. They’re short hair because I don’t think I could deal with all the fur from a longhair! Not knowing how much my boys and myself give off. >.<

  18. S Henrichs2010 says:

    I’ve got two medium sized girls, both with short fur. Would love a furminator so much- when one of them starts coughing I freak out so bad.

      • Rebecca v says:

        Oops! My cat Heidi is a small cat with lots and lots of medium-long fur. I find it absolutely everywhere, just EVERYWHERE. I would really love a Furminator to try to keep some kind of reign on the Fur Factor. I have a hard time running the vacuum cleaner because my boyfriend has a sleep disorder and is often trying to sleep at times when I might be cleaning. And I can’t really afford to spend money on extras like fancy cat hair removal devices, since I’m supporting both of us.

  19. Rebecca v says:

    Hello, I have a small, medium-long haired cat. I am saving her fur to make a scarf and would love a furminator!

  20. Wendypol says:

    Hi there, I have 3 cats; 1 small short-haired tuxedo, 1 large short-haired grey and 1 extra large 🙂 (19 lbs) short-haired tabby

  21. Amy Sue says:

    My girls are shedding freaks, Nala a short haired tortie, Lucy a sweet tripod with fur like velvet, and Tess
    the rambunctious baby who leaves her hair everywhere cause she never stops investigating the nooks and crannies of the house. They loved to be brushed and hope Furminator enters their beauty routine.

  22. suzybean says:

    Hello. I have 2 cats (one of whom is happily rubbing kitty snot on me as I type this.) One is a traditionally built tortoise shell and one is a lithe and lean black cat.

  23. I have 4 very grown kitties that all have short hair & now I am fostering a momma & 5 lil babies with long hair. I have been putting my one Furminator to good use because that leaves a lot of hair floating around otherwise. Sometimes I feel like Pigpen from Peanuts with a cloud of fur floating around me.

  24. Zoe Spumoni says:

    Yay!!! My hoomans leave our fur out for the birdies!!!! We have a furminator in our tool kit and it does an especially great job with the cottony short coats like mine!!! With 13 cats (and two poodles!), we could probably make a fur dinosaur!!!

    • Kerry Labay says:

      Oh my goodness Fiske! You and your humans have a wonderful idea about leaving the gorgeous furries from your BIG kitty family outside for the birdies! I just love that idea!!! Please give them some hugs & licks from me for the awesome idea!!!

      And much love to you for your excellent typing abilities, Fiske! 🙂 My 2 kitty boys haven’t mastered it yet…and the one boy is blind so I have to type what he tells me to. LOL!


  25. Alissa says:

    I have two cats, Lennie and Ed, who are both short-haired Bengals. Lennie is smaller than Ed at about 11 pounds and Ed is about 13 pounds. But I guess they’re about average in comparison to other cats?

  26. Lilia Cortes says:


    i have 4 kitties, 2 long haired and 2 short haired and they range in small to average range. We also have baby fosters rotating through. So cat hair is something that we try to keep in check! Ironically enough one of the short hair kitties sheds the most and I have a cat hair covered laptop to prove it.

  27. Barbr7 says:

    My Siamese, Chase is a medium size kitty. She is a chocolate point with short hair. My other cat, Anu, is a large tabby. She’s the one with the massive undercoat. When I brush her it looks as if we have enough fur to make a baby raccoon. My kitties would love to be hair ball-less and I would love to walk out of the house not covered in fur. Honestly, I have sticky rollers in every closet, in every bathroom, and in all the cars. We truly need a FURminator

  28. Jeanne Berry says:

    Five cats. Count ’em. One is extra-wide with medium-long hair and I mean EXTRA wide. He’s like a linebacker or sumo wrestler. Another is extra long but skinny, with short hair. He used to be meatier. I think he traded with the wide one. The other three are good-sized cats, as in, normal to me, short-haired. But everyone who sees my cats says, “My GOD! How did you grow such large cats?!?” Colors: one orange tiger, one sleek black, one Russian Blue, one blue and white tuxedo cat (wide) and one red and white tuxedo (skinny).

    And you should see the pile of fur I’ve collected from brushing. I could make two full-grown calico cats just from this week’s bundle. I’d post a picture, but that would be weird. Shades of Hannibal Lechter: “It puts the Furminator on the body…”

  29. Linda says:

    I have the exact Furminator shown in the picture. It does a really good job on my boy, Ginger. He has long fur which can turn into fur balls before my eyes if I don’t stay on top of his grooming. As far as I am concerned, it was well worth the $54 I spent on it at PetSmart up in British Columbia Canada.

  30. I love your ideas for the use of cat hair! I never thought of leaving it for birds. There is no shortage of cat hair in my NYC apartment from my three cats who are also muses for my artwork.
    Deborah Julian

  31. Lori Jensen says:

    We loved participating in National Hairball Awareness Day and creating our fur creatures!

    We don’t know what we’d do without our Furminator. We love it so much.

  32. Anonymous says:

    My four cats (plus the stray I’m considering taking in) are all short hair and come in various sizes. They shed like crazy and I seriously need a better brush. One of them has been having hairball problems lately. I’ve been meaning to get a FURminator for some time now, and it would be incredibly awesome to win one.

    • Kerry Labay says:

      I just wanted to send love & a big heartfelt THANK YOU for taking in strays! It speaks to your kind heart! Big hugs to you and the furry kitties in your life! 🙂

  33. your mice are so cute!! Cody is small in stature but has a fat belly lol. He is short haired. If your cats eat Science Diet (and even if they don’t, you could always donate it should you win)….stop by my blog and enter the give-away that I have going.

  34. I have already started saving excess fur that I have collected from just petting them. I have 6 cats plus take care of 6 more neighborhood strays. Some shed more that others. I have anything from a small 6 lb short hair to a large 16 lb short haired, both of which are lean and fit. The others are long haired, short haired, skinny to fat. Every last one of them spoiled rotten.

  35. Spiceycatchick says:

    What an awesome product! As the mom to a fur herd of 9, I can use any help I can get when it comes to fur management. The bulk of my herd is on the large side and vary in fur length from short to long. We have it all!

  36. Gris Oscuro says:

    Hi! First of all, i totally love the mice you did with thir fur! they are lovely! (and somehow creepy at the same time..which makes me love them ven more)..
    And secondly! you’ve made my day! Long story short: I take care of my cat because my boyfriend is not an animals person, so all the expenses are on me..however! yesterday he was reading your blog with me (new reader for you!) and he decided to buy a Furminator!! you’ve just made me the happiest person on earth! i’ve wanted one since you first wrote about it but i couldn’t afford it! you are the best!THANK YOU!!!!

    • I HAVE CAT says:

      So exciting!!!!! Yay boyfriend! LOL! Let us know how you like it! Don’t press too hard and start with short grooming sessions so they don’t get annoyed 🙂
      Agree re: the mice – they are cute and creepy at the same time!

  37. Gris says:

    hi, it’s me again..i’m trying to figure out your new blog and how to sign in with the id i used in the old i have cat blog…let’s see if it works this time

  38. Margaretmsan says:

    Oh yes, we would like to win a furminator. We are a group of 17 cats that live here and some are small, some have long hair, some are large, so in general, we really need this tool. Thanks for having this drawing.

  39. We would love to win a Furminator too. I’ve heard of it but haven’t gotten around to getting one yet. We have 2 medium sized kitties, Gidget is around 9 pounds and Lola weighs in around 13. They both enjoy a good combing to keep their hair under control. I just love what you did with the leftover hair too – so cute!

  40. Kristen says:

    I would love to win a Furminator. I have 4 short hairs and 1 long hair. I vacuum once a day and always must empty after use. There is hair everywhere!!
    BTW, I’m cracking up over the mice. That is classic!! LOL

  41. Pam says:

    Short hair but they still plug up the vacuum cleaner

  42. Stephanie says:

    Sign me up to win a Furminator! I have two medium sized cats and we really need this!

  43. Dawn G. says:

    I’d love a Furminator, especially with a new cat. Jenny’s medium-sized and Henry’s large. Thank you!

  44. I have three:
    ‘Mantha – medium-sized, shorthaired.
    Bico – Somewhat small-framed, but getting a bit heavy – longhaired (and mats almost as soon as I get her de-matted – could really benefit from a Furminator)
    Barney – medium but kind of skinny, longhaired. Does the bulk of grooming for himself as well as Bico. Doesn’t mat, but he’s produced some righteous furballs,

  45. Lisa123075 says:

    I would love to try it with my girls!!! I have two medium cats, Piper and Layla.
    As for the recycle thing here is an odd use that I did. I was covering a scrapbook with fabric and wanted it to be soft. I decided it would be neat to be able to say that it was cushioned by kitty so I brushed and used the hair to pad under the fabric! Turned out cute!

  46. Ruth-collins says:

    love the little cat hair mice.. <3<3

  47. I have three:
    – ‘Mantha – medium-sized, shorthaired
    – Bico – small frame, but kind of heavy as of late. Longhaired, and mats almost instantly after I’ve cleared out her mats.
    – Barney medium frame, but somewhat skinny. Always has been. Longhaired. Does most of the grooming for himself and Bico. Doesn’t mat, but produces some righteous hairballs.

  48. Hkcripe says:

    My cat is large and short-haired. She sheds so much I could probably make a body double of her with all the hair I’d comb off with a Furminator. 🙂

  49. Cjscatlove1 says:

    I have Mostly long haired kitties. 🙂

  50. Kk_jordan says:

    i have probably 1/2 doz brushes, combs and even a glove to help keep all 6 of my babies groomed. I even have a spray Detangler. My two oldest: Pasha and Nadia (17 and 16) are long hairs and due to their age their skin is very dry so there has to be a lot of brushing to help them out. The next two are short haired litter mates: Badger and Wavy Gravy. Being guys they dont get into the grroming so much. One is lazy and lets me do it…the other runs away. And they are really bad with pedicures. The next two, also litter mates: Pet and Cha Cha San V2…they are 3 years old but think they are 6 months old. Pet adores being brushed, combed, petted..pedicures and having her picture taken..she also likes to play in my jewlery box. Cha Cha still thinks he weighs 1 lb (he is 10 lbs) and takes EVERY opportunity to snuggle. So if that means a quick comb through he will tolerate it. Pasha and Nadia are my struggle. For the past couple of years have had to take them to groomer once a year just to get the knots out…although we TRY…and i dont like putting them to sleep but i also know they dont like being ungroomed. I would love to try this FURMINATOR out.

  51. My Cali is a short-hair, but you’d never know it by all the fur left on the furniture!!! My husband brushes her every night, but, still…………I really need a Furminator!!!!!

    • I HAVE CAT says:

      CONGRATS! YOU ARE THE WINNER OF A BRAND NEW FURMINATOR! Just email your mailing address to me at ihavecat (at) gmail (dot) com. And let us know how large Cali is!

  52. Dj24productions says:

    I have a medium hair cat….Nala

  53. thalia says:

    I have a larger(little fat) cat log hair

  54. i have 5 indoor-only spoiled rotten cats. 4 of them are long-haired and my orange guy has short hair. 2 are 11 years old, 2 are 12, and 1 is approximately 6. 3 of them are a tad on the tubby side-the other 2 are normal weight. but they all shed like crazy. we’d LOVE to win a furminator!

  55. Kerry Labay says:

    Oh my goodness I can’t stop giggling at the hairball mice! I adore your creativity Tamar (& already told of how much I love your design sense)!!! No…not sucking up to win the FURminator (promise)!

    My poor blind kitty (medium size short-hair) has had to go through such painful torture at the vet over 8 times this past year because of awful pooping issues where they’ve had to “roto-rooter” him out each time before finally diagnosing him properly. He just doesn’t digest properly & probably has mega-colon but I can’t afford the tests to confirm the diagnosis. He licks & cleans himself incessantly because he LOVES to keep his white coat in perfect condition – but knowing that habit only compounds his problem I try to comb him a lot, but only with a regular comb.

    So besides having no eyes, heart murmur, no “teef” left and unable to take a proper poop…he’s one of the most loving kitties who runs around this house like a HORSE chasing his brother! Occasionally hitting the wall or fridge with a “thump”…he simply shakes his head and keeps on a runnin’!!! LOL!

    Sorry, I tend to ramble when chattin’ about my boys! 🙂 As always, thanks for the great posts, Tamar! <3

    • Kerry Labay says:

      Here’s my boys! Gabe’s the blind one and Rusty is his protector…they’re ALWAYS cuddling somewhere together! 🙂

      • I HAVE CAT says:

        They are so beautiful! Bless you for taking in Gabe! Was he blind when you got him?? I love the cuddling photo! So jealous my cats do NOT cuddle! IT’s pretty amazing that 2 boys are cuddly – – are they related?

  56. ShelleyB says:

    A furminator would be well used here. I have 6 cats of my own and foster for a rescue group. Most of mine are short to medium hair but I have seen what can be combed out of a thick short hair coat. Thank you for the opportunity to enter this contest

  57. Anonymous says:

    We are 2 kitties, Abby Normal and Stygia. Size? Stygia seems large but she weighs 11 pounds. Abby somehow seems smaller but she also weighs 11 pounds. Styg has short hair, Abby has a great variety of lengths, but she is also a short hair. Somehow it doesn’t look short anymore when she puffs up in alarm!

    ulp…ulp…ulp….ulp…… HAAACK

  58. I miss my Furminator! I let my mom keep mine when I moved out, we’ve been dealing with cheap brushes and they just don’t do the job. My boys that shed the most are large shorthairs. I’d also take it with me when I volunteer at my local shelter.

  59. Very cool! I see we both created mice. Peoplepets misquoted me as as saying I’m afraid of mice. I like mice. Glad to read your blog!

  60. Jody Vernay says:

    oh my!! I have wished for a Furminator for a long time! Santa has not responded yet!! I have 3 furbabies, all considered short haired, but one boy, Hobo, has extremely thick hair, seems like two different types of hair, a fine under coat and a stiffer, thicker over coat??? He leaves his wonderful fur/hair all around my home. I brush and brush, and he just grows more!! (shocking, I know…lol) Well, my other 2 furbabies are girls, and I mustn’t end without mentioning them!! Marmalade and Lucy. They have brought so much joy into my life…..winning a furminator would be icing on the cake!! Thank you for the opportunity!!

  61. Tranquillo21 says:

    I believe my cat is “medium” (9.5 lbs) and is short haired. I’ve been so curious about the furminator and trust your opinion on such things! This is very exciting! Stella LOVED to be brushed…in fact when I say “brush brush” she comes running! (Actually, I wrote “brunch brunch” but that’s ME that comes running! LOL)

  62. Cathy says:

    I have 17 kitties here, too, and one of them is the Joey, a big, beautiful black cat that has the expression of a panther. Joey not only sheds, but you should see what comes out. He’s a DHS but has an incredible undercoat, it seems, and the more I brush the more I get. It is really amazing — and he also loves being brushed. In fact, the kitties with the short hair seem to shed much more than my long-haired beauties, of which there are four. And even with constant brushing my poor Joey seems to have more hairballs than anyone else.

  63. Dionis says:

    I have one largish (Chaos – 12.5 pounds) short hair and his fur is all stripy so it shows up on everything. And one extra – large (Harmony – 15 pounds, but shorter than Chaos) who is white and grey and a fur producing machine!!!

  64. Kip Harris says:

    Even with only two short-hair boys, I think there is enough “cat covering” to knit several sweaters (if, of course, I knew how to knit). PJ is right about 17 lbs., and Smudge comes in around half that, at about 7-8 pounds. Needless to say, they shed – at all times of the year!

  65. Sheryl says:

    One big cat, one little cat. Both have short hair but an awfull lof of it!! I once put out used cat hair for the birds to use for their nests, but no one wanted it!

  66. Catsparella says:

    Your “furry” mice are a riot!! I love Harriet’s button nose, and those eyelashes! 🙂 My kitties LOVE their furminator. Priscilla comes running when I take it out, and flops over on her side to be brushed, which is extremely out of character for her.

    p.s. Thank you for stopping by to wish Charlie a happy birthday on Friday 🙂

  67. Pavlovscat says:

    Our three cats could really use a furminator! One has long hair and loves to be brushed. Another, a short hair, has lots of problems with hairballs. The third has asthma, possibly from hair ingestion. They really need something like this! Thanks for offering it!

  68. Marlene Hudgens says:

    > ENTRY TO WIN FURminator!>>
    Marlene Hudgens

    True entrants names are:

    1) Twitch- a small, black, male furball that thinks I’m his mom! And of course I claim his as such!!
    2) Rambo- a black and white, male tuxxy that believes he is the King of the Hill! (RAMBO is short for ‘rambunctuous’!!!!)
    3) Tiger Lily – a female long-haired, tabby Maine coon that loves everyone and gets chased by all!
    4) Peggy- Tiger Lily’s mom. She can be very cantankerous! She is named Peggy because she has a back foot missing!
    5) Simon- a male siamese with a head as big as a salad plate! He is ‘THE INTIMIDATOR’!!!!

    All of these ADOPTEES are precious to me and I take care of them like they are FAMILY, primarily because they ARE!!! Being adoptees, I really don’t know anyone’s age for sure,but all are adults and have been neutered.
    Twitch loves being combed and will expose all angles to make if easy! All of them would love a turn with the FURminator, including the ‘Intimidator’.
    Thank you for this opportunity from all of us!

  69. The Island Cats says:

    Heehee…we would love to play with those mousies!! We get furminated too! So we won’t enter your contest.

  70. Sablekraken2 says:

    I’ve been wanting to try that furminator. I have three cats all with different coats. They are all indoors except for two being leash trained for strolls around the yard. I have a classic American Tabby named Dragon with a normal but thick coat, I have a very dense short coated young lady named Nina Aquelina Marie. Her coat is so dense you can’t get your fingers down to her skin. My male Maine Coon is fluffy. Just like in that kids movie… Please please let it be me. My clothing and furniture will be so grateful !!

  71. Nora says:

    My cat family and I desperately need a Furminator! 🙂 I love my babies, but hair is everywhere!

    Gracey (Boog) – the oldest – short haired, brown striped “barn cat,” as mom says. She’s the biggest at about 8 lbs.
    Ginger (Gigi) – the so-ugly-she’s-cute kitty. I had decided Grace needed a partner in crime. Short haired calico and about 7 lbs.
    Ella (Smelly Ellie, for lack of a better nickname) – The sweetest and softest, but the most skittish. She’s a lighter brown stripe with white chest and belly, about 7 lbs. A rescue from the field behind my house when she was an itty bitty kitty – Ginger and her are best buds.

  72. Paula Kaye says:

    How do I enter!? My two kitties LOVE MY HAIRBRUSH! (I caught him laying on it!! Help?)

  73. Brian says:

    I would love to get a FURminator, Leo loves to get brushed, but the brush I got barely removes any fur – hair…whatever. Their indoor cats, so yeah, they do shed all the time, and as stated before, I am now allergic to cat hair.

    Both my kitties are small, Chloe is a bit smaller, the runt of the litter. Leo is a long hair, Chloe is a medium hair

  74. Oconnor Gina says:

    As of right now, I have 3 cats. Two are short haired, one is medium haired. This afternoon I am going to pick up a kitten that needs us but I have no idea what kind of hair she has……LOL

  75. amanda wheeler says:

    We would LOVE a Furminator! We have two black kitties, both on the larger side, who shed quite a bit! We get what we call “fur bunnies” that dance across our wood floors.

  76. Even if I don’ts win da ferminator for my Amandy…long hair Calico…I know it is a fabulous invention and will be buying her one…if I don’t win!!!! Love da fury anipals you haz made wif da hairballs!!! <3

  77. Lisa Brewer says:

    Would love to try this. I have 8 cats, but my biggest problem is a 16 pound long furred Maine Coone Mix named Teddy Bear. He needs brushing at least twice a week and he has so much fur it takes forever.

  78. Andrea Lauer says:

    Andrea Lauer

    Ted is large and long haired
    Bonez is medium sized and short haired
    Goose is small and short haired

  79. This is sooo cool! Eeps! XD

    My name is Amanda Sklarz, my email address is

    My baby’s name is Anubis and he is a large, short-haired kitteh! <3

  80. Wytwich says:

    i have 8 furbabies, and keeping up on the fur is a chore. 7 are short hair, 1 is long hair

  81. cstironkat says:

    Yoshi is a long haired cat who need a furminator. Thank you for the chance.

  82. Sami Slater says:

    Your cat hair “nyc mice” are way too cute to be on the loose on the subway :o)
    Sonia my little girl has short hair, she is a medium sized cat.

  83. Anonymous says:

    I have 2 cats that are shedding up a storm right now. I’ve always wanted to keep their fur, spin it, and then make scarves out of it so I can snuggle with my kitties wherever I go. I thought this was just a crazy cat lady’s dream, but with the FURminator it may become a reality! I’ll post pics if that ever really does become a reality ,o)

  84. Catcrazy11 says:

    I would love to have another furmenator.. I love the grooming devise! I have the one that is basically for a dog! So I can use that one for the dog and the new one for the cats!! The cats that I want to win this for is Boo Boo and Precious.. I would try to use it on all my cats But I really don’t think you would want to name all of them. After the 2 I just named is 10 more…

  85. I currently have four kitties, and they all shed like mad!! They are indoor-only kitties, so as you can imagine, it’s a chore to keep up with it all. The tumbleweeds! LOL Anyhow, yes, I’d loooove small furminator – I love my dog sized one! All four of my kitties are shorthair – one black, one grey/white tuxedo, one tabby and one tortie!

  86. says:

    That is so funny! Mouses made from cat fur!