An Ordinary Day

It was late August in the summer of 2001.  Unemployed at the time, I was paying a visit to the unemployment office in the financial district (no phoning it in or going online like today). Coming up out of the subway I found myself flanked by the Twin Towers and stopped dead in my tracks at their base and looked up.

Looking up might not seem like a big deal but New Yorkers walk looking straight on or slightly down so as to avoid direct eye contact. There are lots of  obstacles to maneuver around as we rush from point A to point B. Only tourists stand on the sidewalks, maps in hand, looking up and appreciating the stunning architecture.  What was it that day that made me look up?

Two black monoliths rose up into the clear blue sky completely filling my field of vision. It was an awesome sight. Wishing I had a camera I briefly considered buying a disposable one but distinctly recall telling myself I’d come back another time because “it’s not like they’re going anywhere.”

Sunset over New Jersey taken from a friend’s apartment in the financial district

Now, thanks to my blackberry I find myself capturing photos of everyday going-ons for no particular reason. Not having posted lately I thought you might enjoy them. A glimpse into my New York City existence.

Snow sculptures Madison Square Park

Two snow people chilling out in Madison Square Park (2009)

Foster kitty napping (either Ralphie or Randy, can’t tell)

Manolo Blahnik Mary Jane’s in the trash (no, I didn’t check the size)

Trying to lure customers for lasek with promise of free coffee. Interesting marketing strategy.

Kip tells Haddie a secret

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  • love it.. specially the Kippy pic
    My folks had their beginnings of their adult life in NYC and my dad painted Tower 1 as he had takin a photo of it.. It hangs in my den.

    • I HAVE CAT

      Wow that’s so amazing. Painted it like on the outside? Is your dad still with us?

  • kittehslavehooman

    kip telling haddie…..”you know you’re adopted…….”

    • I HAVE CAT

      🙂 good one!

  • very, very cool photos….I had chills when you mentioned that you said “it isn’t like they are gonna go anywhere”….

    NY is beyond cool! Such a vibrant and exciting city. My parents were both from Brooklyn and I was born in Long Island (nope, not the Long Island part that has money lol)….

    You live in the beyond cool part of NY! Thanks for giving us a “NY minute” 🙂

    • I HAVE CAT

      Glad you enjoyed the photos Caren. It’s not like me to do this kind of post so I wanted to see if it interested anyone.

      It’s so vivid in my memory that thought passing through my head….I mean it was beyond imaginable right?!

      Do you ever come back to NY?

      • I think you were fabulous at “that kind of post”…it is nice to see ALL sides of you! 🙂
        Yes it WAS beyond imaginable….can’t imagine how all of you in New York felt…
        I haven’t been back to NY in eons but it comes up frequently when my sisters-in-law and my husband and theirs are thinking of someplace we all want to go….
        I also still have cousins there. Great, Great, GREAT city! xoxo

        • I HAVE CAT

          Thanks for the encouragement Caren! 🙂

  • And you didn’t check the size because? LOL Hope all is well with you.

    • I HAVE CAT

      Who knows who wore them before! Eww!

  • Susan

    Great photos-the shoes remind me of Dorothy’s “Ruby Slippers”:). I visited NYC as a pre-teen and barely remember it-I hope to get back sometime-it looks so exciting, in a totally different way than SoCal.

    • I HAVE CAT

      Yes SO different than SoCal! Each nice in different ways! So funny you said that about Ruby Slippers. I was going to say something about “modern day ruby red slippers” in the photo!

  • Laura

    Kip and Haddie….awwww! Don’t you just hate it when they talk about us behind our backs? 🙂

    • I HAVE CAT

      Funny picture right? tehe!

  • Oooh, I need those ruby slippers! Really poignant memory about the towers too; I never saw the NY skyline with them. Those random photos are worth more than we know.

    • I HAVE CAT

      Thanks Bernadette. Even now when I fly into NYC it saddens me to see they are not there…the first time I drove back into the city and saw the skyline it was just heart breaking…..

  • Ryan Chin

    Technology has given us the ability to share and document like never before. However, many people over do it, failing to be poignant in what they share. I’ve enjoyed your blog for almost a year now. Love the snow people! You should have sculpted a cat rubbing their shins….

    • I HAVE CAT

      That would have been so cute right? I was like how original – only in NY! Thanks for your note Ryan 🙂

  • I love the picture of Kip and Haddie the best! The live Lasik/coffee picture is crazy … kind of reminds me of a place in Midtown that has walk-in botox/no appointment necessary! :-O

    • I HAVE CAT

      Where is that Botox place?! LOL! 🙂

  • What is lasik?
    As always, interesting post, thank you

    • I HAVE CAT

      It’s laser eye surgery! They should AT LEAST offer Starbucks!

  • Those are awesome photos. That is scary thinking the towers would be there forever. You just never know what will happen in the next few minutes. Glad you didn’t take the shoes. Like the kitty pictures especially telling secrets. Bet they were talking about you. Too cute. Hope you have a great day.

    • I HAVE CAT

      I hope they were saying something nice and not talking behind my back! Thanks Marg!

  • Love these! All those “things that make you go hmmm” moments of the day. And seriously “Live Lasek”?!? If I’m having my eyeballs peeled open I do NOT want a crowd there sipping on free coffee and chatting.

    And also, I love Haddie’s face. Pensive!

    • I HAVE CAT

      so true about the lasek! the area where they do it is right overlooking the sidewalk near a big window so people from the street can stand there and watch! totally suspect if you ask me! that’s a great way to describe Haddie’s face. Pensive. That’s her look!

  • jmuhj

    Gorgeous photos of your cats! And yes, it’s great that digital cameras and other tech have made it so easy to photojournalize. 😉

    • I HAVE CAT

      Thanks Jmuhj! I don’t usually share my random photos but figured it could be fun!

  • Great pics! The sunset shot is gorgeous, and I love the one of the little foster kitty napping. I want to tickle his chin! I live in New Jersey, and definitely don’t get out to the city as much as I would like. ;(

    • I HAVE CAT

      How far from the city do you live? Next time we do an I HAVE CAT get together you will have to come! Maybe we should do something for the holidays!

      • About an hour away on the train, not too bad! Saw your message on FB, I’m definitely down!

  • MyKinKStar

    Made me cry, then made me laugh. All in a good way. Good job, truly.

    • I HAVE CAT

      Awwww thanks 🙂 Appreciate your stopping by!

  • Well, you’ve just vividly reminded me why I miss living close to NY. Seattle, as fine as it is, is simply not that quirky (any more).

  • Wonderful pics — it’s the everyday things that are the most interesting to me. I still love those shoes…

    • I HAVE CAT

      Glad you liked them Angie! 🙂

  • I love the snow people hanging out in the park. Priceless

    • I HAVE CAT

      Thanks Vinny from Brooklyn! Happy holidays!

  • Dionis

    Great pics! Thanks so much for sharing! You gave me chills talking about the Towers. I used to live in Newark, and I’d take little day trips into NYC for a treat. I miss it.

    I think Kip and Haddie were probably plotting against Petie and didn’t want to get caught at it!

    • I HAVE CAT

      Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to comment. You have to come back and visit the city. I love it here but imagine if I ever left it would be hard to come back (and get used to the ridiculous cost of living!).

      I think you could be right about the Kip and Haddie plotting! LOL!

  • Karen M Lisa

    That looks like my scooter napping in that picture. (formerly Ralph/Randy foster.

    • Tamar

      of course YOU can tell which one it is! only a mother can! what a doll baby he was!

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