Follow Your Gut (3 of 3)

If you remember dear (and very patient) readers, we last saw my date M__ laptop in hand, tasked with finding a place for dinner while I left to finish the laundry.

Taking a deep breath I reentered my apartment. Stepping into the living room I saw a grey and white blur leave M__’s side and shoot up the stairs. Were my eyes playing tricks on me or was that actually….Petie? “Yeh,” said M__“He just came right up to me. Cute cat.”

Close up of Grey Tuxedo Cat with very pink nose and green eyes

Does Petie know something I don’t?

What did this mean? Petie is by no means a social cat, especially when it comes to men. In fact several of my friends, never having seen him, questioned his existence.  Maybe M___ was some sort of cat whisperer. Perhaps there was more to him than I’d had the chance to see.

“I found two Italian places close to you,” said M__ smiling broadly. “And they both have whole wheat pasta (apparently a deal breaker for him). You pick which one we go to.”

  • OPTION #1: A pizza-by-the-slice joint that just happened to sell pasta, the kind they scoop out of industrial size pans.
  • OPTION #2: A place near my work where I sometimes grab a salad at lunchtime. In fairness it has a deceptively fancy Italian-sounding name, I explained to M that it was more of a fancy deli serving mediocre food that could barely be categorized as Italian.  He was undeterred.

My patience was waning and I was sure my stomach was starting to feed on itself. I enquired if he’d considered the East Village (a 10 minute walk) where tasty, inexpensive Italian restaurants abound.

M__: “That’s too far to walk”

Me: “We could take a cab?”

M__: “It doesn’t make sense to take a cab when I have a car.”

Me: “We could take your car.”

M__: “I don’t want to have to find parking again.”

It took every fiber of my being to resist telling him I’d forgotten it was my night in with cats and they were looking forward to being brushed.  But I looked at Petie and couldn’t bring myself to do it.  Plus I was ready to eat a shoe.

It was 6pm when we arrived at Option #2.  We were the only customers and were seated immediately, then presented with laminated menus complete with fingerprints and food bits. M__ was ecstatic.

M__: “Look they have Chinese and Mexican food too!”

Me: “Yeh, that’s the problem.”

M__: “Wow, you can get a salad with your choice of 7 items in it for $8.99.”

Me: silence

Was it possible I equated a man who fed me well with one who’d best take care of me in other aspects of life?  It ‘s not that much of a stretch really. Men used to hunt and bring kill to feed their family. It was a matter of life or death.

I couldn’t help but wonder how M__ would have fared in those days. “M__the other husbands bring back antelope. What will we feed the children this winter? Field mice?”

Field mice. Cute, but not dinner. (Photo from

While men don’t literally hunt their food these days (at least not the ones I know) they can “hunt” for a good restaurant and put some effort into the ”kill.” Not just pick a place based on proximity or availability of wheat pasta and brown rice.

As we wound-up our dinner and M__ instructed our server to combine the tuna salad “appetizer” and marinara pasta in one box (“It gets mixed together in your stomach anyway right?”), he casually mentioned that he had a busy week ahead of him. “Oh?” I asked.

“Yeah, meeting new clients tomorrow morning, then picking friends up at Newark airport, then Tuesday I need to file a petition with family court to see my son – my Ex won’t let me visit – Wednesday I’m having construction done on….”

Son? Family Court? Now don’t get me wrong. At my age I know most of the men I’ll date will already have kids. And heck, I like kids and want them myself. But to break the news as part of a run-on sentence? I heard what he said but decided against reacting. Instead. I nodded my head and smiled politely, feigned engagement as he went detailing the remainder of his week.

Friends, it’s best I stop here.  But trust me when I tell you the evening ended early and abruptly with me practically running home sans M__. I don’t think I’d ever been happier to see my cats. I never heard from M__again.  This was clearly for the best.

While a man who appreciates good food and feeds me well is important to me, so is a man who is self-aware and doesn’t play games.  M__ had failed on all counts. Next time I’ll go with my gut. On all counts.


PS – I later learned that M____’s son was all of eight weeks old at the time of our “date.” And for those readers convinced he had a wife? Close but no cigar. He has a roommate all right. Not a wife, but his mother.

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  • Maree

    oh my lord!! I’ll take the cats any day!! Who needs this dating milarky

    • I HAVE CAT

      Baha! Milarky it is for sure Maree! I cannot disagree! Thanks for reading I HAVE CAT and taking the time to comment!

  • oh my, not a keeper that one………..

    • I HAVE CAT

      to say the least! 🙂

  • Lisa

    OHHHH MYYYYY GODDDD!!!!!! I’m sitting here reading this and am now choking on my potato chip!!! Sweet lord what rock did you find this guy under? I will give you some advice some friends gave me. FIND A BETTER CLASS OF ROCKS TO LOOK UNDER!! He has an 8 week old son who’s mother refuses to allow him to see. Lives with his mother and is a cheap bastard!! Now we know why he would suddenly SHOW UP early or late. He either had to ask his MOMMY if he could go out that night or had to give her a foot bath prior to your date. I swear we should be allowed to have prepared questionaires that we give out to potential dates.

    Question 1: Do you live with your mother?
    Question 2: Are you a cheap son of a bitch?
    Question 3: Any hidden children, wives, boyfriends or blow up dolls I need to know about?

    I am going to give you a great big HUG when i see you next!!!

    • I HAVE CAT

      LOL! I like it – a new class of rocks to look under!

    • I HAVE CAT

      And thanks for the hug today! 🙂

  • Lisa

    oh one more thing. Petie probably came out to see who the SCHMUCK was in his domain. Maybe Petie was going to BITE him before you came in lol.

    • I HAVE CAT

      bahahaha I think you could be right! LOL!

  • IHC I’m late getting here because i had a crisis on a personal level. I have to say…..this third installment was SO worth the wait. If it was anyone else, i would swear this story was pure fiction — except you honestly could not have made that story up. I have to wonder so many things about that guy. I am actually amazed that he has a child — wonder if they have considered DNA testing. and the mother of that baby doesn’t ‘want that baby of hers becoming like that father, if indeed he is the father. Holy cow……consider yourself hugged — after all of that, you know you just entertained the masses with that story — indeed, you are The Best 🙂 and some guy is going to be honored to have you when he does finally come into your life 🙂

    • I HAVE CAT

      Hope everything is okay Bonnie. I’m glad I didn’t disappoint – you seriously cannot make this stuff up! Thanks for the long distance hug – glad SOMETHING good (and fun) came out of it! 🙂

  • I know exactly how you felt when you got home to the cats! What a relief!!!!

    • I HAVE CAT

      SERIOUSLY! They are a tough match those cats! They keep the standards high! =^^=

  • Karen

    Oh girl… Dating is hell sometimes, but you get good stories out of it that you can laugh at! You’re so gorgeous and awesome, the right guy for you is just around the corner. I was so completely ready to give up and swear off dating… and then a couple weeks later I met my handsome husband 🙂

    • I HAVE CAT

      Awwww Thanks Karen. At least lots of people are getting some laughs out of it – including me! Lovely to hear from you as always – – still waiting for your guest post my dear (don’t think I forgot!).

  • Oh, gosh. I didn’t know it COULD get any worse after parts 1 & 2. I’m really curious about something, but rather scared of hearing the answer — did he at least pay for your dinner?

    • I HAVE CAT

      Jemma yes he did….all $30 or something like that – we didn’t even drink!

  • Alexandra

    Oh dear, that is just all wrong. On the bright side, at least he didn’t have you pay for your portion of the tuna salad marinara mix…OR DID HE?

    • I HAVE CAT

      Oh yes, that he did……he got off easy. I didn’t even have wine! It was so gross I had to eat when i got home!

  • Good Lord! You are well quit of that one. Maybe Petie was just watching him do make sure he didn’t do anything really weird in your apartment.

    • I HAVE CAT

      Karen Jo, I think you are TOTALLY RIGHT! Good boy!

  • as Lisa above said “OHHHHHH MYYYYY GOD!!”

    I have to agree as well that this jerk made for some SUPERB reading material (particularly this most recent post)

    consider yourself hugely blessed!!!!

    Just think of all the new knowledge/insight you have!

    The right one will be there for you when you least expect it, you are too talented and beautiful for it to be otherwise!

    • I HAVE CAT

      Caren, I told Lisa she had been quoted and she was pretty stoked! LOL!
      Glad you enjoyed the posts! Better to have tried too many times than to have regrets though right?
      Thanks for the kind words (and compliment!).

  • Maria G

    And this kinda bullcrap is EXACTLY why I don’t date at all. An evening spent with Angelus, Wilfy and Dru is more exciting to me… and more loving, if you would.

    I feel for the poor kid his trifling, cheap ass dirtbag brought into the world. What a scrub!

    • I HAVE CAT

      well, with my cats the more loving is debatable! Figures I get stand-offish cats! LOL!
      thanks as always for reading and posting! 🙂

  • GlamKitty

    Some thoughts…
    When “tuna salad” and “appetizer” appear in such close proximity (like, thisclose to each other)–RUN!!!. (Srsly. I mean, I love tuna, and enjoy tuna salad at lunch… on a couple slices of bread or in a pita or wrap. But as an “appetizer”? Or as any part of a “date”? Um… NO.)

    Petie just needed to get up-close-&-personal in order to figure out what on Ra’s green earth you possibly saw in “M__” (because he was unable to believe your apparent lack of discernment, and wanted to be sure he wasn’t missing some incredibly-good smell). (Huh. Maybe he detected a faint odor of tuna appetizer from one of “M__’s” previous dates. ;D)

    On the plus side, “M__” actually did you a favor. He never pulled that too-good-to-be-true act, hiding the “real him” or anything (well… aside from the infant child he wasn’t allowed to see… and Mommy Dearest, back in his apartment). Instead, he was a cheap, insensitive, rude SOB–albeit in a yummy-looking package–from the get-go.

    Petie and I just hope this experience hasn’t soured you forever on tuna… 😉

    • I HAVE CAT

      Bahahha! Thanks for making me laugh with your witty comment! Oh no, I love tuna. But like you do—in a sandwich for lunch. NOT on a date — unless maybe it’s tuna tartar!

      I think it’s true Petie must have been doing some reconnaissance!

    • I HAVE CAT

      Bahahha! Thanks for making me laugh with your witty comment! Oh no, I love tuna. But like you do—in a sandwich for lunch. NOT on a date — unless maybe it’s tuna tartar!

      I think it’s true Petie must have been doing some reconnaissance! Bahahha! Thanks for making me laugh with your witty comment! Oh no, I love tuna. But like you do—in a sandwich for lunch. NOT on a date — unless maybe it’s tuna tartar!

      I think it’s true Petie must have been doing some reconnaissance!

  • I know some guys who will eat cooked macaroni with ketchup and call it homemade spaghetti, and others who will drive 50 miles for a good sandwich at a bar but many fewer women who would do the same–kind of the primitive equivalent of dragging home road kill, which I’m sure happened but it didn’t make the historic records, Also, guys hunted together as a group, apparently because they were miserable hunters on their own. I think Petie was keeping an eye on this guy while you were out. And I guess there was at least one woman who fell for the book cover before carefully checking the contents!

    • I HAVE CAT

      M___ falls under the ketchup = spaghetti sauce category Bernadette! And I think Petie was being brave for me to keep on eye on him I agree! 🙂

  • Wish I could say that was unusual, but as I recall from my dating days, it is not. (And my cat actually had better judgement of my dates’ charaters than I did. I should have listened to her.)

    • I HAVE CAT

      The cats know – if only they would tell us!

  • Bea

    Oh he’d be gone much sooner… “Too far to walk, don’t want to move my car, don’t want to spend money blah blah blah” – FFS, would you like some cheese with all that whine? 😀 I’m SO glad you’re not that desperate to oversee all the bad points and carry on dating him, despite Petie making an appearance – as some said before I’m sure he was just keeping an eye on M___!
    You will find your perfect man, don’t worry!

    • I HAVE CAT

      Even i have limits! I really hope someone shares this post with him….maybe just maybe it will open his eyes. Though probably not. He would probably just chalk me up as being disgruntled or something!

      So true “Cheese with all that WHINE!” LOL!
      Thanks BEA!

  • Ana

    sheesh! since when is 10 minutes too far to walk for dinner? That’s nothing! Sorry for all this, hope you find someone worthy of both you AND the cats 🙂

    • I HAVE CAT

      Thanks Ana! We have faith! 🙂
      Thanks for supporting IHC by reading and posting!

  • ohhh myyy!!! and i thought i had bad luck when it came to men! LOL blew me away that he’s in great shape but didn’t want to walk 10 minutes to a good restaurant!! course he could have been living with his mom to take care of her; maybe she’s gravely ill?, but the whole child thing…ohhh myyy!! haven’t had that one! had one that wanted MEE to buy HIMM dinner after making a roadtrip to see him :NOPE! and another that broke up with me on my birthday: good riddance! But then all the guys at work got down on a one knee and sung me happy birthday in front of everyone so that really cheered me up! lol

    • I HAVE CAT

      Lu Anne, I love that they guys from work did that! So sweet! No I don’t think M’s Mom is ill…think he doesn’t want to or cannot pay rent perhaps? in and of itself forgive able but not in combination with everything else!

  • O-M-G!

    • I HAVE CAT

      I’d say that sums it up perfectly. Seriously, it’s true when they say truth is stranger than fiction!

  • starbucksgirl

    Oh My Gosh!
    This was so worth the wait.
    But first, my beloved father LOVED tuna and tomato sauce but I digress. Dad also LOVED my cats even though they were destructive when visiting his place.

    There are better guys out there.
    M was just a furball that needed to be vomited out.

    Keep your eyes open for that “Real Prince”. He does exist.

    • I HAVE CAT

      Love it! A furball! tehe! Thanks Starbucksgirl! I have faith! Thanks for your readership of IHC and for taking the time to post! Despite your dad’s food preferences, he sounds like an amazing man – aren’t ALL cat-loving guys?

  • Robin

    Do you think he whined and dined the mother of the 8-week old at gourmet delis duriing their courtship?

    I cant believe you agreed to go to Option #2 to begin with! How flourescent were the lights – maybe they helped to see the laminated menu? And you couldn’t even drink?!

    This guy is such a loser and I am glad that you left him in the dust as you ran back to your male companions who at least prefer higher grade tuna!

    I’m still getting over the 2 hour early arrival time.
    That was worth the wait but OMG!!!!xo

    • I HAVE CAT

      Lol! Glad you enjoyed it Robin! Love hearing from you on the blog! I figured you’d appreciate this last and final installment! Happy to hear it didn’t under-deliver! 😉

  • Eli

    OMG you were sooo clever to run!!!!!!! By the way, I love the way you write, i found it very funny and kind of felt like watching “sex and the city” 🙂

    • I HAVE CAT

      Thanks Eli! As one friend said, it’s “Sex and the Kitty”!

  • Ack, what a disaster of a man. With all the genuine problems in his life (baby custody battle, living with his mom) you’d think he wouldn’t have the energy left to be that annoying. And damn, I’m so sorry there was no wine, nobody deserved a glass more!

    • I HAVE CAT

      Or the energy to “date”! Thanks for staying tuned-in to the three part series! My first try at a serial!

  • My bet is he met the mother of his child in a food court and impregnated her in the backseat of his car. Which, of course, he hadn’t moved in weeks for fear of losing his parking spot…

    • I HAVE CAT

      Ms Mauro,
      I believe you hit that proverbial nail on the head.

  • LOL, we could see it coming… and knew it wasn’t going to get better (or even bearable)… jerks like this make a woman want to swear off dating! Unbelievable! BTW, we knew you’d make the right decision!

    • I HAVE CAT

      Thanks for having faith in me and for reading all three installments! 🙂

  • jmuhj

    He would have been a one-date prospect for me, and shortened at that. Good riddance, idiot boy! Maria G. said it best. 😉

    And there’s really no reason to date when you already have a dreamboat guy right there in your life. >^^<

    • I HAVE CAT

      Awwwwww two of them – Petie and Kippie! 🙂

  • I wish I could say I’m surprised. NOT!

    I’m going to guess that you met this pathetic mama’s boy (clearly not a man) when you looked into a dumpster to investigate a noise, and found him inside having lunch.

    I’m also going to guess there will never be anything even close to this sniveling loser in your life again.

    Petie was probably just checking out the strange smells…

    Seems unlikely the baby is his…

    • I HAVE CAT

      You are too much Kent! LOL thanks for reading and commenting as always 🙂

  • Well all I can say is good riddance to that one. Glad you had the cats to go back to. What a jerk he was. But good of you to try anyway. Loved reading this saga.
    Petie we will never know what got into you.
    Take care and have a great week.

    • I HAVE CAT

      Petie pants is quite the mystery – I like some of the theories others have proposed 🙂
      Glad you enjoyed the saga!
      Thanks Marg as always for your support and feedback!

  • This is better than TV! I have to say that I am pleased that you are no longer seeing this strange fellow. Insane! You can’t make this stuff up. Now, you are free to attract a man who loves cats, food, and honesty! And you will.

    • I HAVE CAT

      hear hear! but glad you enjoyed it Angie – thanks for reading and posting as always!

  • laurence

    where did you find this idiot ? it’s not worth it to write about him …..
    son, family court…. RUN, RUN, RUN and fast….

    • I HAVE CAT

      Although he DOES make for an entertaining story no? 🙂

  • I do love soap operas, but I’m glad this one’s over. The guy sounds like a real loser, not because he lives with his mother, but because a 10 minute walk was too far and that he kept picking crappy places to eat and was weird about everything. There’s more fish in the sea.

    • I HAVE CAT

      AGREE! Thanks for sticking with me!

  • Lena

    What is so sad is that us single women of that age have learned to be open-minded and give the benefit of the doubt to the guy, even though our gut-feeling is that the guy is lame. But, we do this mainly because there aren’t enough good available guys left out there to date, so we like to think that maybe he is just acting strangely because he is having a bad day, and is i normally not this weird and lame…It is always nice to come home to a cute cat that purrs and licks us regardless of a good or bad date. Just this weekend at a cousin’s engagement party, a couple said they met ‘late in life’. I asked them to clarify what they meant by ‘late in life’. They said in their late 30’s! What the…@*#*$%(@( That is NOT late in life, come on, now….Armenians…..

    • I HAVE CAT

      Hi Lena – thanks for commenting! I’m lucky my parents are very traditional and don’t pressure me – – they know I want to find the right person. It just hasn’t happened! You’re right thought, we give guys so many chances (i like Kat’s analogy below about poop and ponies – take a read).
      Thanks for your readership and support!

  • NEXT!!!!

    • I HAVE CAT


  • Hazel’s Meowmy (Kim)

    Hi ~
    While I am very sorry he was such a gigantic doofus-of-a-disappointment, I am happy that you don’t have to deal with him anymore!! GOOD FOR YOU!! Your guts are always correct. (The times I didn’t listen to my own guts usually ended quite poorly.)
    Thank you for a wonderful blog!
    May your Prince Charming find you when the time is right.
    🙂 I know he’s out there!

    • I HAVE CAT

      Awww Thanks Kim for the kind words! Yes it’s true about your gut – sometimes the message gets mucked up along the way from there to the brain i think! LOL!

  • Sharon

    Great post! He sounds like such a jerk! But, these things happen. We try our best to follow our gut, but it’s not always easy.

    • I HAVE CAT

      Seriously – society gets into our heads and we begin second guessing etc. Well I guess at the end of the day I’d rather have given extra chances than having wondered if I didn’t give him enough chances!

  • Laura

    I love a happy ending! You were so right to trust your instincts and get away from that clueless loser! I’m sure Petie is relieved too! You deserve and will find someone way better. Thanks for sharing your story with us!

    • I HAVE CAT

      Thank YOU Laura for reading I HAVE CAT and taking the time to comment. Thanks for the support all around 🙂

  • Wow, what a weirdo – not because of the food choice, but having a kid and breaking the news as part of a small talk??? Your better off with Petie!!


    • I HAVE CAT

      I agree on both counts! thanks for commenting Daniela – been meaning to tell you that THE DAILY TAIL is looking awesome! Love the “makeover” and all those advertisers! You go girl!

  • the more men i’ve dated, the more i have realized that i’m better sticking with my dogs and kitters, tamar! LOL

    • I HAVE CAT

      They are hard to beat for sure!

  • He sounds really creepy and I feel sorry for the poor child he’s fathered, what a lucky escape:)

    • I HAVE CAT

      Better luck next time I hope right?! Thanks for reading and commenting!

  • That is one pretty cat. 😮

  • Again, the eternal optimist (show me a pile of horse poop, and I will grab the nearest shovel, cuz there’s GOT to be a pony underneath there SOMEWHERE!!!) I think Petie, being a naturally superior and evolved being, was forgiving M’s his trespasses. Petie was seeing the good in M. The good which is obviously hiding beneath all that horse poop. And really, maybe there IS a pony underneath there somewhere.. Just a really really SMALL pony, and not worth the shoveling necessary to clean M up for public perusal and private ponderances.

    Someday, your Prince will come. We just to have to make sure our hearts and our arms are open wide enough to see him when he does show up. :~)

    Say Goodnight, M!


    • I HAVE CAT

      Hysterical Kat! I think I’m the one looking for that pony under all the poop! Love the analogy! perfect! Thanks for the readership and support! Yes GOOD NIGHT M!

  • Wow … that sounds like a nightmarish evening. No doubt Petie was just trying to figure out how this weirdo managed to get into the apartment!

    • I HAVE CAT

      bahahahaah i think you must be right about Petie! 🙂

  • sasha becker

    tamar, i take my comments in the previous post about him being ‘funny and considerate’ back. really enjoyed the story!

    • I HAVE CAT

      You are forgiven 🙂

  • Kira

    I almost fell off of my chair when I read to the field mouse photo!!!! Hysterical! As Kanye West says ” Let’s have a toast to the d-bags, a**holes, and jerkoffs and RUNAWAY!” Which is what you did, thank goodness, you are too good for this waste of chromosomes!!

  • Donna

    Hi! I’m from New York City! Don’t live there now, and I miss it very much. I have two furbabies — Marbles and Momma Cat. They keep me company in the hellhole in which I’m stuck!

    Oh my goodness. I’m sorry things didn’t work out with M. I know this story all too well. I was going through a similar experience just before this. My Marbles hid from the guy. That should have told me right then and there.

    I’ve decided evenings with the cats are what I want right now too. As what’s written on one of my refrigerator magnets — “The more I know about men, the more I love my cat (s.)”

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  • Marc

    Always have extra batteries in the refridgerator!! LMFAO!

  • marie

    Stumbled upon this because I have a cat, and became enthralled with the drama…would love to be meet this hot bodied “m___”that you speak of. Let me know if you toss him to the curb. Meow!

    • I HAVE CAT

      Hi Marie! YES I kicked him to the curb. TRUST ME You do NOT want him! Thanks so much for taking the time to post a comment. So happy you found us! Please be sure to visit us on facebook too. You can post a photo of your kitty there! Hope you also check out some of my older posts and sign up for email updates of the RSS feed!
      Thanks again!

  • That made me laugh! I am soooo pleased all that dating stuff is way behind me…now I can settle in with my lovely hubby and our cattery of ragdolls:)

    • I HAVE CAT

      Sallie i am jealous! I feel like Charlotte on Sex and The City “I’ve been dating since I was 16. I’m tired. Where is he?”. BE sure to read the first 2 installments if you haven’t already and thanks for reading and commenting!

  • oh.

    • I HAVE CAT


    • I HAVE CAT

      AttieCattie – make sure you read part 1 and 2 as well!

  • CK

    Hi Tamar! I discovered your website tonight and absolutely LOVE it! Just read through all 3 parts of this post. So happy to hear that I am not the only one who has these crazy dating experiences. As a matter of fact .. I had a date last night and wasn’t fed more than drinks when it was supposed to be a dinner too! I am a single 30 something catlady with 3 furry friends, living in NY. Was supposed to foster them and then just kept them all three. Anyways .. nice to meet you and I will come back to read more 🙂

    • HI CK! I am so so sorry that I didn’t see your post until today! I hope you get this and that you forgive me! Where in NY do you live?! Seriously, something is very wrong with the men in this city…either that or we are all doing something very wrong!

  • NR

    oh my goodness. just found this and cannot stop laughing. you’re hilarious, strong and inspirational. don’t sell yourself short. petie wasn’t afraid of this guy, because he wasn’t a real man. 😉

    • HI! I’m so glad you enjoyed the post – thanks so very much for the compliments 🙂
      I think you are right about Petie  🙂

  • I just found your blog in a link from Henri the Existential Cat’s facebook page and I can’t stop reading! As a woman who loves food and felines, this guy was a total dud. Appreciation of food and enjoyment of eating are crucial characteristics! (I once got into a fight with a guy who said all pizza was the same, including Papa John’s and the like! I mean come on!) No surprise, I’m still single lol! But at least I have my Franny and Zooey to keep me company until someone comes along. I love your message and humor. Kudos!

  • Verdew818

    I enjoyed your story.  You’ve got 2 cats, I’ve got more.  I won’t specify how many so as not to shock you!  Well, anyway I’ll just say it’s over 20!  My own relationship problem was the exact opposite of yours!  I had 2 relationships with guys who were great cooks and prepared many really delicious vegetarian meals for me, but ultimately those relationships just didn’t work out.  In fact the last one I even had to get a restraining order against!  That was last year.  I also lived (platonically) for many years with a man who loved cats.  He fed and cared for our many cats devotedly but was not affectionate to me purrsonally nor vice versa.  He moved and took 18 of our cats with him to his new home that he shares (platonically) with another man.  Now it’s me who cooks for me and for my furry lovers, and I am very happy!  

  • WOW! Haha “…I’ll go with my gut”. And that’s the moral of the story for me at least. Good 3 part post.

  • Thank you so very much for reading and taking the time to post! Hope to see you back here again soon! BE sure to check out our FB page too!