Review: FURminator Face-Off

My FURminator-love is no secret, so when asked to review the new FURminator Deluxe* I couldn’t wait to get my paws hands on it. The FURminator Deluxe has already received a tremendous amount of blogger attention – including a guest review on this blog – so I knew I needed a compelling angle.

Finally I had it! A good old-fashioned side-by-side comparison. A FURminator show-down.

Haddie inspects integrity of Original Furminator (left) and Deluxe Furminator (right)

Was the Deluxe truly an improvement from the original or was this a case of marketing at it’s best (style over substance)? I was committed to getting to the bottom of all the hullabaloo.

I asked the FURminator folks to send both Original and Deluxe FURminators of the same size. They obliged.

Original versus Deluxe. I would evaluate them on the following  metric:
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Design
  • Handling (easy of use)
  • Efficacy (how well it removes hair)
  • Cost

Eco-Friendly: Original FURminator barely wins on this one, but it’s really just the best of the worst. Packaging for both models has too much unnecessary plastic. Yes, the new packaging looks sleek and futuristic, but we will respect you more if you think about using less packaging (if Fresh Direct figured it out, you can too).  Get with it FURminator!

Original Furminator (left) and Deluxe (right)

Design: FURminator Deluxe wins this round (unless you prefer the retro-look). Gone is the primary-color rectangular plastic atop a rubber handle sporting a “rugged” tire-tread design.

The new model is rounder, shinier, compact and generally more aesthetically pleasing. The handle has been redesigned for better grip and is reminiscent of OXO GOOD GRIP cooking utensils. They’ve also added a release button (cleverly branded the “FURejector”) that I’ll expand upon in the upcoming “Handling” portion of the review.

The creepy yet telegraphic visuals from the original FURrminator packaging are thing of the past (dont fret, they can still be found at


Handling: FURminator Deluxe is the clear winner.  It’s ergonomic design allows for easier maneuvering in and around tight spots (think cat necks).  The “FURejector” allows for one-handed cat brushing, freeing-up the other hand for cat-clutching.

Efficacy: FURminator Deluxe and the Original FURminator tie on what is arguably the most important metric of success for a de-shedding tool, the ability to remove copious amounts of fur.

Haddie was my first unwilling volunteer.

  • I “split” her in half brushing her left side with one Furminator and her right side with another, spending the same amount of time on each side.

Petie was up next.

  • This time I limited myself to 7 strokes per product/per side of Petie.
how much cat fur does the Furminator remove?

7 Strokes with Original Furminator (top) and Deluxe (bottom)

Ultimately there were too may uncontrollable variables: distribution of fur on cat, length, speed and pressure of stroke. I call it a draw.

Cost: At $12, you can get almost three Original FURminators for the price of one FURminator Deluxe.


  • Eco-Friendly – Original FURminator
  • Design – FURminator Deluxe
  • Handling (easy of use)- FURminator Deluxe
  • Efficacy (how well it removes hair) – TIE
  • Cost – Original FURminator
At the end of the day, any FURminator is better than no FURminator. If you have the extra bucks go for it and get the new model, if not, the old one won’t do you wrong. But do me one big favor. If you plan on purchasing either, use these links so Tiny Timmy** can get a few cents via Amazon’s affiliate program: Original FURminator ($12) and FURminator Deluxe ($35).

Do you love the FURminator as much as I do? Tell us about it. Coming soon, a FURMinator giveaway! Stay tuned!

* I am not a receiving reimbursement of any kind from FURminator other than having received their product for review. I HAVE CAT is not under any obligation to them.

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  • Wow, very informatve review. And we will try to use Tiny Timmy’s link for other amazon purchases if it will help him out.

    • I HAVE CAT

      Thank you thank you Simba – both for the positive reaction to the review and also for using TT”s links! Spread them to everyone you know!

  • I love my furminator and so does my long-hair maine coon, Remy. My furminator doesn’t look like either of the two in this comparison article but works like a charm. Remy is about half the size he was and is not vomiting hair balls anymore! I purchased one for a friend for her himalayan who will not need to get his lion cut once a year anymore now that he has a furminator. Thanks for bringing attention to a tool that will reduce hair ball issues for our beautiful long hairs!

    • I HAVE CAT

      Thanks for sharing your FURminator love with us! They have a range of sizes so it’s very likely yours is just a different model or size! That’s great about the Himalayan who doesn’t need a lion cut anymore (though i’m sure she misses that sight – so cute!).

      Thanks so much for your readership Judy and for taking the time to comment!

  • Gotta say, the FURjector is the Best. Thing. Evah.

    You nailed it by saying it leaves you an arm free for “cat-clutching”

    But you’re right. ANY FURminator is a good FURminator.

    • I HAVE CAT

      Hi Caroline! Re: The FURjector – I know! It was a total suprirse to me. I really didn’t expect to love it. My only problem now (as you can see from the video) is prevent my other cats from trying to EAT the fur i de-shed – defeats the purpose! LOL

  • this year i have fallen in love with my furelmatior i just purr and purr and purrrrr I used to hate it but now i love it I have an older modle in purrple and it was about 30 a few years ago It save LL From the grommer


    • I HAVE CAT

      Maxie thanks for the first-hand kitty testimonial! I wish my cats would turn around like you did. I think I’m far too “enthusiastic” with it!

  • We love our furminator, or at least some of us do. Some of us just don’t like to be touched by anything. Even the dogs like it. It really does help with the shedding and are terrific tools. Thanks for the great review of both.
    Have a great day.

  • Monica Swift

    I have had my furminator for at least 7 years, it still works great. I paid $35.00 for it 7 yrs ago from QVC when they first came out, and its still worth it. I don’t think I will be rushing out to buy the newest one anytime soon.

    • I HAVE CAT

      Wow! 7 years – that’s amazing. They are making their products TOO well! LOL no one wil lever need a second one!

  • I love the furminator but I have always wished that it was easier to remove the fur one handed (I had a technique I came up with but it only worked on our crapy old couch – because the new ones are too smooth) but if the price is that different, I think for now we will stick with the old school one.

    • I HAVE CAT

      So of COURSE I am super interested in hearing about your solution (even tho you could only do it with the crappy old couch!)

  • I just wanna says dat we had nevers used a FURminator yets, but since dis review, wes bes keeping our eyes opens!!! We dun has a big shedding issue, but it always feel goodly to gets combed!

    Fiona, da goggie needs dis tho. She a Shiba Inu and dey has a hooge thick undercoat.

    Thanks yous as wells for using mai Amazon linkages!!! It helps!

    • I HAVE CAT

      You are a VERY special kitty if you never needed FURminator! But i guess we already knew that! xxoxoxo Hope you get some sales from the linkies! If even small!

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  • Hi, T (or I Have Cat, whichever you prefer). To answer your question, Wintergreen was a little kitten the beans from Cats With Your Coffee found. More infor here and the next couple posts. One of those sad, hopeful, rollercoaster rides you sometimes get with small kittens.

    • I HAVE CAT

      oh, is it a sad story? I am afraid to look! maw!

      • Kinda sad, yeah. But definitely hopeful too. A kittie who was destined to meet her beans, even if they were a little late to the meeting.

        • I HAVE CAT

          Heartbreaking but so happy Wintergreen passed with a name and after having know love. Thanks so much for what you do. T

      • We really didn’t do anything but encourage Chrystal and the rest of the people at Cats With Your Coffee.

        (these comments don’t seem setup for long discussions; hope this comes out where we want it to)

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  • Beverly

    One FURminator on the way! Right now it’s $16.50 for the deluxe! Maybe now I can stop finding cat hairs everywhere and just find them ALMOST everywhere….lol

    • Beverly, what do you think of your FURMINATOR!?

  • Kira

    howdy!! this spring has left us covered in fur, so i finally decided it’s time for the furminator! thanks so much for your review, i just purchased the deluxe through the tiny timmy amazon website! milo and maggie will be so happy to shed their fur coats more gracefully and not look like crazed hot kitty messes! 😉 

    • Did you get it yet??!! can’t wait to hear what you (honestly) think! 

  • Deluxe version is on sale at Amazon for around $16. Just got one, as I’ve been lusting after them for a while, but I was too cheap to pay full price.

  • I have a Ragamuffin that has an amazing disposition. He has taken to the Furminator like a duck to water. And what a difference it has made in my housekeeping role. I would recommend it to anyone with a long haired pet.

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