Irish Eyes Are Smiling

WARNING: This post is not about cats and has no greater meaning. But, there are gratuitous hot guy pictures. You have been warned. Proceed with caution.

I’ve never been a boy-crazy kind of girl. Not unless you count my mild obsessions with John Taylor and Jon Bon Jovi back in the 80s (I was convinced I’d be plucked out of the crowd and pulled up on-stage a la Courtney Cox “Dancing in the Dark”).



That’s why it’s so unusual that the last few weeks have found me preoccupied by a certain Irishman (my Mom should be thrilled she is getting pictures of a human dude versus a cat right?). It’s not the first time an Irish gentleman has caught my fancy. One of the first guys I ever dated in NYC was Irish (green-eyed, brown hair and ginger in his beard!). But not a from Ireland Irishman. Not like Timothy…

Let me back up a bit. A few weeks ago I was in LA shooting a TV commercial. I wasn’t literally shooting it and I’m not a creative (don’t come up with the ad idea), but I’m an account person so I’m on-set to make sure the clients are cool and to deal with any issues that might come down (yes, all the fun stuff!). 

I wonder how he feels about cats...

Our main actor, playing the role of a Russian Oligarch, was Timothy Murphy (I’ll post the spot once it airs – it’s awesome!).  Let’s just say he fit my bill (if I were to have a bill). Tall, rugged, piercing blue eyes, an insane smile and…an accent (the guys on-set were not happy – good-looking AND an accent. Not fair they protested). He looks like a cross between Viggo Mortensen and Ed Harris so and actually acted with them both in “Appaloosa.” Christina Aguilera found him hot enough to cast him as her dad in her video “Hurt.”

Ed Harris and Viggo Mortensen


I first saw hottie (aka Tim) at wardrobe fitting the day before the shoot. We’d spent most of the day watching tall, thin Russian models traipse in and out in skimpy outfits assessing how we thought they would look in-scene etc. Finally hottie came out in a smooth looking suit.  Someone without missing a beat said – with an authoritative voice and straight face – “Turn around  and show me your ass.”

Um. So, that person it seems was…me.

My future baby-daddy

It felt like an out-of-body experience. It wasn’t me talking, it was like watching a movie.  The room went dead quiet (director and senior creative included). Tim started turning around and then caught my eye and eventually realized I was joking (meanwhile one of my creatives was turning around ready to show me his ass thinking I’d been talking to him!). I made the mistake of telling this anecdote to my most senior client whom, upon seeing Tim for the first time, yelled at him saying “Turn around show me your ass.”

Anyone who knows me can attest that I am rarely if ever speechless.  Trying to speak to Tim was a challenge.  I lost all ability to say anything halfway intelligent  in his presence. I was useless against his powers (those piercing eyes and that smile). I was like a schoolgirl. So in case anyone doubted it, I have proven that it is possible to be boy-crazy in your late 30s.

Tim (left) with Val Kilmer in the upcoming movie "MacGruber" (click imagine to go to trailer)

I’m guessing Tim is in his 50s but I’m not for sure since his birth date is not available as far as I can see. But hey, as long as he isn’t old enough to be my father. It’s cool with me. Of course I would DIE if he ever found this post but I had to blog about it. Since I have been obsessed preoccupied with it lately. I mean..I owe it to my fans right? LOL!

And since we are speaking of hot Irish men, what about that Noel Fitzpatrick, the uber vet who gave Oliver his bionic paws?! Well, it turns out he went to vet school at University College Dublin and some of my readers are pretty sure that accent sounds Irish and not British.

Oliver the bionic kitty

Well, I lobbed an email into his people to see if he would be willing to do an interview with I HAVE CAT. Perhaps I’ll get to the bottom of if this hot-shot vet is single (if he is, it won’t be long after this Wednesday when the BBC airs “Bionic Vet”).

Stay tuned…

***UPDATE ***

This is the commercial we were shooting.


And this is me with my crush at the MTV VMA’s on Sept 12th, 2010!  I never thought I’d see him again, but they needed someone to help him and the two models from the spot down the red carpet (it was really a white carpet). Of COURSE he remembered my comment at the shoot. Maybe that’s where his hand is where it is. LOL!

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  • Love love love the disclaimer. Love the pics of your hottie too. Looking forward to the follow up.

    • Ihavecat

      Thanks Kimberly! I’ll let you know what happens – with the vet and the hottie! LOL!

  • Nancy

    Don’t feel too bad…I was never boy crazy either but I am proof you can still be “preoccupied” into your 40’s. I’ve got it bad for a certain former hockey player who recently became the general manager of the Tampa Bay Lightning. 😉

    John Taylor, eh? I was a Simon LeBon girl. LOL

    • Ihavecat

      I have to say, I think I picked best don’t you? Considering how the years have treated them that is!

      Thanks for the support Nancy! 🙂
      The Irish guy I dated that I reference in the post was..of course…a hockey player 🙂

  • Chris

    It was Joe Elliot for me (Def Leppard). I hope you get the interview with Dr. Fitzpatrick as I’m sure you’ll find out so many interesting things about him (as well his current dating status!). 🙂
    Until then…sweet dreams with Timmy boy!

    • Ihavecat

      oh yeh…I saw them perform live with TESLA opening! LOL!

  • mar

    Oh, but John Taylor was so pretty…sigh. Tamar, this dude is smokin’ hot.

    • Ihavecat

      tehe! xoxoxox

  • Tamara

    “My future baby daddy” LOVE IT!!!

    • Ihavecat

      The power of positive thinking..right?!

  • Stella Cadente

    Noel Fitzpatrick is definitely my flavor.

    • Ihavecat

      I can’t imagine that he isn’t EVERYONE’S flavor! LOL

  • Susan Bell

    Oh how I loved Joe Elliott. Still love Def Leppard of course, but back then…..Joe….*sigh*

    Here I am 40 now, and I am boy crazy over Hugh Jackman. Super hottie with an accent as well. So, you’re not alone.

    Although, I did look up your guy and found this commercial: I see the attraction. 🙂

    • Ihavecat

      For some reason Hugh doesn’t do it for me…he seems a bit…effeminate? But hey, more power to you (less competition for Timothy! LOL).

      Tim is also in a Nikon spot with Ashton Kutcher!

    • Ihavecat

      Oh, and i LOVE that you refer to him as “my” guy! tehe !

  • Misaa

    I’m sending this to Mr. Murphy! Now, I just have to figure out how….

    • Ihavecat

      I hope it doesn’t result in a restraining order if you do! That can’t be a good way to get “in” with a guy! LOL~

  • jmuhj

    Well, personally, my favorite face is the one in stripy fur in the last pic. And yes, I’ve been known to be boy-crazy — even dated an Irish lad and a few Irish-americans in my time — so I can definitely identify. 😉

    • Ihavecat

      I love it Jmuhj! Yes, he is a super cute one too (the ginger one that is!). Those Irish lads!

  • Cute cats, cute boys, whatever – cute is cute! And while I agree with the John Taylor thing, I never really got into JBJ.

    I have always liked a Scottish accent myself – we had a super cute Scottish guy at one of my last companies (we had an Irish guy to but he wasn’t as cute – maybe that is why I like the Scottish) but honestly any accent will do in a pinch.

    And you should enjoy the cute guys you get to see at work – where I work it is well, blech, yuck, pass, go away. And that is the good ones!

    Now if he is cute and likes cats……

    • Ihavecat

      omg “blech, yuck pass, go away” sounds pretty horrid! where do you work?! at my job there are cute ones but they are mostly gay, too young (20s) or married. Or 60+!

  • Sara

    you deffinatly have a “type” 🙂

    • Ihavecat

      Hunky weathered older guy? LOL!

  • You are so funny. I love it. Good luck with your obsession, um, errrr, I mean, uh, preoccupation. 😉

    • Ihavecat


  • And big thank you for stopping by and reading Little Meow’s plea for a forever home. I hope this adorably sweet princess can find a home soon. And I really appreciate everyone’s help. Together we can do AMAZING things! 🙂

    • Ihavecat

      She is so lucky to have you in her life Dorian! Between all of us we can do it!

  • Courtney Cox/Bruce Springsteen was a total setup, you incurable romantic (and don’t you dare lose that quality! It’s okay not to be boy crazy, but lovestruck? That’s a virtue!)

    She wasn’t “picked” so much as hired. She may even have had an agent at that point, I”m not sure.

    But I am sure her “spontaneous elevation” was as fake as professional wrestling and/or Glen Beck’s emotions.

    Not only that, but Courtney has made a ton of cash since. You think she could afford a hamburger once a year, or a faux tofu version if she’s a veggie. That gal is a skeleton!

    • Ihavecat

      Hi Allan – thanks for posting a comment 🙂 And for the perspective of course! Been slack on the thoughtful “deep” posts so hoping my readers won’t mind some of the “day in the life” sort of stuff. Your posting a comment to this post meant a lot in that regard! Have a wonderful holiday weekend. THIS WEEK we will speak. we will make it happen! T

  • Dee

    I found this blog through a google alert for Viggo and was struck speechless by the Timothy Murphy pics you posted! Yes, you *did* prompt me into some intense web searching and memory jogging (“yeah, I do remember him in Appaloosa and National Treasure and…”).

    I agree 200% about the similarities with Ed & Viggo. Almost eerie and has me wishing for that threesome on the big screen together.

    Thanks for the good laugh at your asking him to turn around and show his ass. Glad I’m not the only one who has those out of body “who said that” moments. LOL

    Thanks for sharing your experience. I’m glad I stumbled on your blog!

    • Ihavecat

      Welcome Dee! So happy you found us and made you smile 🙂
      I write mostly about my life in NYC as a singleton who happens to love cats. Hope you visit again!

  • Irish Eyes

    As long as they are doable! Who cares their age or accent? Irish guys are very doable as I’ve done quite a few of them…especially when I travelled to Ireland. They are quite willing to sit back and enjoy a draining, and I am most happy to oblige!

    You never have to ask them twice: just be upfront and they will drop them faster than I can drop to my knees!

  • Liz

    I must be stayin at home with the cat too much coz i’m living in Ireland and the guys i know dont look that great!!!!!

    • Ihavecat

      get out there woman! unless all the hot ones moved to the states?! {)

  • Lisa

    Well Tamar we seem to have the same taste in Men. I crushed on John Taylor (still do) and Jon Bon Jovi. I am jealous you got to hang out with Tim. Although I did get to touch the suit he wore in the Commercial shoot. lol

    • I HAVE CAT

      Hi Lisa! Glad you checked out the blog! If you haven’t read it yet, I think you enjoy the post titled “Cat Man Do (not)” and you most def should read the one Patrick wrote (They Walk Among Us)!
      Hope you are enjoying the weather!

  • Dee

    Nice update! Yes, the hand placement made me laugh when I enlarged the pic. LOL Very nice “keeper” pic.

    Thanks for sharing and please continue to do so!

    • I HAVE CAT

      It was certainly a fun night! Glad you got a kick out of the picture and thanks as always for being an IHC reader!

  • Callie S

    Just out of curiosity, did you ever get that interview with the ‘Bionic Vet’? 😉

    • ihavecatnyc

      no, they never returned my emails 🙁