What Would Doo Doo Do (WWDDD)?

Allan Goldstein's memoir of a catAs much as I love cats, I’m not naturally drawn to cat-themed things be they mugs, t-shirts or even books. I did my best to avoid purchasing a copy of “Dewey The Library Cat” – which I ultimately read and enjoyed.

So while I was honored when Allan Goldstein, a proper writer with a weekly op-ed column and three books to his name, offered to send me a copy of his novel “The Confessions of a Catnip Junkie” * for review I was dubious. A 400-page story about a cat named Doo Doo on a 6,000-mile odyssey across America? Written from the cat’s perspective no less.

While I knew I loved Allan’s writing (see “In Defense of Cats“), weeks went by and the novel sat on my coffee table untouched. Finally, out of guilt more than anything else, I brought it with me on my recent trip to Spain. The verdict? Let’s just say that book traveled the south of Spain with me. I couldn’t put it down. I had to find out if Doo Doo would make it home!

Allan’s writing is magical. He has a wonderful sense of humor and an eye for detail. His writing is transportive (I’m convinced that’s word even though spell check begs to differ) in a Harry Potter sort of way. whether daydreaming wistfully about the mommy who left him at a young age, or explaining what a car ride feels like to a cat, I smelled, felt and saw the through Doo Doo’s eyes.

Confessions of a catnip Junkie by Allan Goldstein

The real-life Doo Doo

My cat-sitter J_____ put it best when she emailed me, having started the book at my place while I was out-of-town, “I have myself thinking I am better understanding the thoughts of a cat. I keep forgetting its written by a human… I’m up to chapter 11 and I gotta find out what’s next for Doo Doo.“ Gradually, her emails to me became less about the delightful antics of my cats and more about Doo Doo’s latest escapade.

She ordered a copy of the book online – knowing better than to take my copy – but hasn’t received it yet. “I attack my doormen every afternoon asking if I got a package yet,” she wrote today, “This afternoon, he said ‘no’ then picked up a small box and said, ‘Wait, here it is….Just kidding!’ I called him a creep and then growled at him when I saw him next. Darn – I should have paid for the expedited shipping! I’m having Doo Doo withdrawal!”

I wanted to quote a few excerpts from the book but found myself re-typing complete paragraphs and couldn’t choose just one or two sentences.

Needless to say, I give this book 16 Paws up (that’s the current number of paws in my apartment)  + my own hands and feet.

paw rating system

16 cat paws courtesy of Petie (without his authorization).

Don’t miss out for another moment. Order a few copies online today – they make great gifts! Personally, I can’t wait for the movie!

Allan Goldstein lives in San Francisco with his wife, and a minimum of two cats. Doo Doo was his cat.

*Full disclosure: I receive a copy of the novel for myself to review, and one to give-away in a contest which has already been executed. I am not receiving any remuneration of any kind in exchange for writing this review.

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  • Will have to look that one up, for sure! Thanks for the great review! (I loved “Dewey…” even though I cried most of the way through the book)

    • Ihavecat

      Thanks Lizzy, I really loved it! Hope you get a few! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment!

  • thank you for this wonderful review….I will look for that book, hopefully soon! My send my husband “the book junkie” to get it for me.

    Also…I have had the “Dewey” book sitting untouched for A YEAR!

    • Ihavecat

      Hi Caren! Glad you enjoyed it. Amazingly, I think the book is self-published so you can only get it online or at select stores in San Fran (at least for the time being). While I enjoyed Dewey, this is a totally different kind of book. Much more immersive and magical since it’s from the cat’s perspective!

  • I’ve read Dewey, and loved it…I’ll have to check this book out as well. Thanks for the info on it.

    have you read, “Homer’s Odyssey? It’s about a Blind cat, and is moving.

    • Ihavecat

      I have not yet “Homer’s Odyssey” but I have been meaning to get it. That’s Ingrid’s book right? If you liked Dewey you will ADORE this book! Thanks for stopping by and for commenting!

    • Ihavecat

      Just realized I was getting that book confused with “Buckley’s Story” I will have to read both!

  • thanks! Tell them they need to make the book available nationwide!! 🙂

  • Thanks for the review! I first found out about this through LinkedIn before the book was actually available but lost track of Allan after that. I’m so glad to find him again! I end up reading most cat stories because I either get them as gifts or my local librarian orders them–she’s a cat person too (and someday we may have our own library cat). I can’t wait to read this.

    • Ihavecat

      I think Allan’s wife is active on some of the Linked In cat groups and has done some publicity for the book. Maybe that’s how you learned about it? It’s such a great book – can’t wait to hear what you think of it! I couldn’t put it down!

  • Great review and I love all the paws up. Will have check up on that book because of your review.

    • Ihavecat

      So great! It’s independently published so you can really only get it online unless you live in the San Fran area! I highly recommend it (obviously). Let us know once you’ve read it – would love to hear your thoughts! Thanks for reading I HAVE CAT and for taking the time to comment!

  • Tamar, how fun! Sounds like how I felt about “Marley & Me”, when I travelled to Boulder, Colorado. I spent many hours in the hotel room laughing and sobbing instead of hiking with my husband.


    Nothing like a great book. Now I’m reading the non-pet related “The Time Traveller’s Wife” and having a great time. But my towering pile of books is so big it’s becoming dangerous to walk around it. If I touch it and it collapses, someone can get killed underneath. I have to come back to reviewing books.


    • Ihavecat

      I think you will LOVE “Confessions” (my new shortened name for the novel!). I didn’t read Marley & Me….I feel like it might be sad?

      Have heard lots of great things about “The Time Traveller’s Wife” but for some reason it never appealed to me…you will have to let me know what you think! And order “Confessions” asap! You won’t be able to put it down!

  • Adding this one to my TBR list right now – it sounds wonderful! Thanks for the review.

    • Ihavecat

      Awww great ingrid! let me know what you think! I believe you will be addicted too!

  • I love the sound of this and am going to look it up on line.. Thanks for the review.. GJ x

    • Ihavecat

      oh please do! I wouldn’t rave about it if I didn’t believe in it! such a talented writer. it most certainly become a movie!

  • jmuhj

    I know — I’ve read excerpts from this book and want to get it very much! Thanks for the recommendation!

    • Ihavecat

      Ohhh! Yay! I do hope you get it! Let me know what you think when you read it. I predict you will not be able to put it down. It’s an insightful book. Not sad, I promise!

  • I am not a big reader of things where animals are the main character (though I did get Housecat Confidential, but we know Fin so it is different), mainly because any sad parts make me cry, and II don’t like sad books (or movies or tv shows, etc), so I avoid them – the closest I get to animals in books is when I am reading physics books and they talk about Schrodinger and his cat experiment, and even thinking about the cat in that makes me sad). But the obsessiveness you and your sitter had over this is very interesting to me – I may need to break my “no animals” rule to check it out!

    • Ihavecat

      I totally understand what you mean, but this is NOT a sad story. I think you will LOVE it! Please DO break your rule and let me know what you think please Amy!

  • Yay! I love me a good cat book. Love the paws up rating! Cute approved. 🙂

    Have you read Homer’s Odyssey? If not… go look it up! Homer the blind wondercat. I loved it. Better than Dewey even.


    • Ihavecat

      Oh, can’t wait for you to check it out! Glad the review is “Cute” approved! Hope you are doing OK after losing Daddy 🙁

      I have not checked out Homer’s Odyssey but a few people have mentioned it. Is it sad?

      I liked “Confessions” better than “Dewey” too and hope they make a movie asap!

  • Maybe mom needs to buy that book to read when she is stuck at home in two weeks after her shoulder surgery. There won’t be too much typing.

    • Ihavecat

      Oh no! I am sorry your mommy has to have surgery but I do think this book would be PERFECT for her while she is recovering! It’s a happy, engaging story!

  • Hi, fellow cat crazed!

    While I am thrilled to be in the company of so many cat people who are interested in my book, it would be unseemly of me to hype it here myself. I’ll let the wonderful “Ihavecat” do that job; I couldn’t do it half so well anyway.

    Instead I want to say a few words about men and cats and love.

    Supposedly, men who are into cats are secure in their sexuality and in touch with their feminine side. Maybe. I’ve always felt secure in my sexuality–it seems well attached and nothing’s fallen off yet–and if I have a feminine side she’s welcome to come along for the ride.

    But to me, a cat is neither masculine nor feminine, a cat is Alien. Loving a cat is giving a piece of your soul to a being from another universe, something truly “other.”

    That’s the magic of cat-human love and that’s the magic of man-woman love as well. I’ve always thought men make a mistake when they use a checklist for a potential love interest, when they have “types.”

    Sure, we all have our physical attractions, but take it one step past that, what do you see? Another soul, another universe, a spontaneous mystery that beckons, “come, share my world.” What you don’t see, if you have any emotional courage, is a pre-digested compatibility profile from match.com.

    Not all men know this, not all women, either. But if the dude can love a cat, if he’s open to that experience, and the hell with society’s gender stereotypes, he might just be man enough to love you as you.

    And if you think that makes him a sissy, come here and say that to my face. Or my cat’s face, same difference.

    Thank you, now please buy my book. I know, I said I wouldn’t do that, but the poor dears are hungry!

    • Ihavecat

      Allan, thank you so much for taking the time to post to I HAVE CAT. You already know I’m a fan. I love the way to talk about a man’s love for the feline. Can’t wait for the movie of “Confessions” to come out! 🙂

  • Chris

    I loved Dewey and Homer so I have no doubt this one will be any different. Looking forward to it already!!!

    • Ihavecat

      This will be BETTER! I promise! Can’t wait for you to get it and let us know what you think! Okay, if HOMER is NOT sad, then i WILL get it! Thanks!

  • Chris

    p.s. Homer is NOT sad! Go get it…get it today!!!!

  • Tamar! you’ve convinced me. Now if only we can find a way to get these books into hands of non-cat owners and convert them! Or enlighten them!