Crazy Cool (Cat) Lady

10am today found me – large black coffee in hand – reviewing creative that would be presented to the client later in the day.  To my displeasure one of the scripts (written by a single woman who owns a cat mind you) referenced an “ugly fat cat” staring at someone through a window. I took offense and crossed out “cat” replacing it with “dog” on the script.”

Note: This is an inaccurate reproduction of the script in question


To my chagrin – but not surprise – the script was presented in its original form.  My boss tried to mollify me by telling me that if said “cat” had to be modified it meant the MAJORITY of cats were neither ugly and nor fat. I wasn’t buying. My clients, knowing my love of cats all turned to look at me when the script was presented.

In speaking to colleagues post-presentation, it became clear that cats would never take the place of dogs – or babies – when it came to advertising. Too polarizing. As much as some people love cats, others hate them. It’s socially acceptable to hate cats. Not so with dogs. They’re the safe way to go.

That being said, I’ve become particularly attuned to successful, sexy, hip women who are proud to claim cats as their own. And in the last few months I’m happy to say I’ve come across two such woman I feel deserve a little shout-out for publicly aligning themselves with cats and defining a NEW breed of “Cat Lady”!


  • Laetita Crahay: Accessories Designer for Chanel
  • Cat: Electra
  • Featured: Marie Claire, March 2010
cats are cool and cool, sexy hip woman own them

“My Cat Electra thinks she’s human. She does exactly the same things and eats the same food as me.”


  • Jennifer Lawrence: Actress
  • Cat: Gracie
  • Featured: InStyle Magazine, July 2010

Article didn’t go into Jennifer’s relationship with Gracie but at least the cat was listed in the credits.


So I HAVE CAT readers, I ask you to keep your eyes peeled for other strong-willed hip woman who aren’t keeping their love of cats in the closet. Feel free to email sightings or clippings to me at

PS – Thanks Mom and Dad Santa for the awesome Canon printer/scanner!

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17 Responses to Crazy Cool (Cat) Lady

  1. Janiss says:

    When someone hates cats, I take it as a personal affront since I am so passionate about them. And then I shrug it off because obviously, there is something wrong with someone who hates cats. Cats embody such cool traits – independence, the understanding that wise love is NOT wholly unconditional, grace and the ability to land on all fours after taking a fall. To hate cats is to reject all that. Not my cuppa tea.

    • Ihavecat says:

      I agree with you Janiss! Goooo cats! Thanks as always for being such a good I HAVE CAT fan!

  2. Shade says:

    Great post! The PM does remember reading some articles about some famous women who love their cats, it was in some magazine. She’ll look into it. She says it makes her like those woman even better!!

    We just ordered a Canon printer/scanner. Hope it is a good one like yours.

    • Ihavecat says:

      Oh yes! Please tell your PM (What does that stand for?? Sorry I don’t know!) to let me know if he/she finds those articles for sure!

      I loved the pictures of you and your siblings playing on the uncovered chairs! I SHOULD Cover my furniture! I guess I just don’t learn!

      WHere do you live where you guys have so many wonderful (okay rats maybe aren’t WONDERFUL) animals in your backyard?!

      Thanks for visiting and posting! 🙂

  3. Chris says:

    People who say they hate cats are just very insecure with themselves…plain & simple. I believe if you have the potential to “hate” any animal you are missing a very important gene in your DNA not to mention a big piece of your heart.

    • Ihavecat says:

      I do think “hate” is strong but cats seem to invoke that in some people. I think it must be based in fear. Some people are terrified of cats…i think they don’t want to understand their fear so they just say they “hate” them…….

  4. jmuhj says:

    In the days when hip was hip and cool was cool, cats were, well, the cat’s meow. The cat’s pajamas. If you were really cool, you were a cool cat. If you were the stylingest, you were “the sharpest cat on the cut”.

    About this society, I can’t comment, because this is a NICE site. But suffice to say, I’m female, love cats, and no one’s ever had a problem with that. Anyone I’ve dated who expressed a dislike of cats was immediately “history”. All my family, male and female, have always loved cats. ‘Nuff said.

    Dogs? LOATHE them. They make great fertilizer IMO.

    • Ihavecat says:

      Good point Jmuhj! I have been meaning to write some sort of post about cat sayings… mention some really good ones I hadn’t thought of!

  5. Misaa says:

    Great post. Love the nod in the end 🙂

    • Ihavecat says:

      thanks for your ongoing support and encouragement! Means a lot both as a friend and as someone in the industry! Expert opinion!

  6. Hope Rumpca says:

    Your post “whet my whiskers” and after a bit of research I came up with a couple of websites offering not only fabulous women but fabulous men as well – all extremely proud of their kitties. Here are a couple:

    So while not all are “hip, stylish, strong women” it was interesting to read about their love for cats!


    • Ihavecat says:

      Hi Hope! Thanks so much for taking the time to post to I HAVE CAT! I cannot wait to check out the links you sent me more in-depth! Looks cool! Thanks again!

  7. We just don’t get how humans can not love us!!!!!

  8. stephanie says:

    I will TOTALLY be on the look out for cool cat women! love your blog! Do you read the Desire to Inspire Pet’s on Furniture? Lots of cool cat lovers over there.

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