The Very Bad in Vege Burgers

After having been pleasantly surprised at various vege burgers I had in the last few months (the one I had at Blog Paws included), I was looking forward to taking out my George Foreman grill and making myself a proper “home made” dinner (well more home made than ordering in or going out to eat).

I invited mys sis (also a vege) over and ran out to my local grocery store (D’Agostino) to get everything I needed. Now my sister lives in the East Village and though she purchases her vege burgers at her local bodega (deli), it turns out she has a much wider variety than I do at my proper grocery store. I guess they really know their audience downtown! I thought at least they would have Boca Burgers or Garden Burgers but nope. Only one brand in the refrigerated section (up with the produce randomly).

So I purchased the Franklin VeggiBurgers along with a ripe avocado, some yummy fresh buns etc and went home to fire up the “grill.”  Perhaps it was because it was Gluten Free? But while the end result looked nice, it tasted…I’m not gonna lie…like cardboard with condiments.

Do NOT waste your money, or your calories on this brand!  Let’s just say that thankfully (once again) wine saved the day. Or night as it were!

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