Sharon’s Brussel Sprout Recipe

When I make brussel sprouts I usually chop ’em up, coat them in olive oil, and either soy sauce or balsamic vinegar, salt and cook on a cookie sheet until crispy.

Sharon, an I HAVE CAT reader who was never a big brussel fan shares another easy and interesting way to cook these veges.  Give it a try – you too might become a convert too!

what real brussel sprouts look like

What real brussel sprouts look like

  • Saute chopped red onions in a pan over a medium flame (with olive oil- or organic/vegan alternative)
  • When onion is transparent, add chopped brussel sprouts (cut in halves or however you like)
  • Add cinnamon over veggies and cook until veggies are cooked to your satisfaction
  • Toss with cran raisins and nuts (pinoli nuts or almonds work well)
  • Option: Add chopped apples as well
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  • This sounds interesting. I love just cooking them until tender, halving them and soaking them in an interesting vinaigrette (fave:balsamic mixed with basil pesto mustard from Stonewall Kitchen). They’re great on salads and just all by themselves. A tasty but under-appreciated veg!