Cute Boys With Cats

I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to discover Cute Boys With Cats. As I’ve state quite publicly, I think the cat-loving man is more confident in himself and his sexuality (see Wanted: A Man Who Loves Pussyย (cats)).

Sadly, most of boys are just that. Boys. While I’m happy they’re wearing their love of cats as a badge of honor, I’m hoping for a “Cute Men with Cats” spin-off soon. Preferably with ages (the guys not the cats) relationship status and city of residence.

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  • Barbara

    Cool site. I sent them a picture of my grown son with one of his cats.

    • Ihavecat

      Cool! I’m considering sending in pics of my ex! He’d never find out..right?! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I am 44 yers old, live in Bristol ,England, am an IT specialist and adore my two Maine coon cats and have been a cat lover since 6 years of age and am single so you can add me to your list.
    I like the finer things in life, drive a nice 911 and am pretty well a shoe in for your appraisal of us guys with Cat.

    Hope life is treating you well, as the guy narrating the film th big Lebowski would say, take her easy !!

  • Nice, very nice indeed!

    • Ihavecat

      they are so cute right? sadly i feel that i could be some of their mom’s – I’m def old enough to be their mom biologically!

  • Jeremy

    I’d be into your “Cute Men with Cats” idea.

    I would put pictures of me and my kitty Joseph up in order to meet the right woman; one who appreciates a man who loves his kitty.

    • Ihavecat

      Perhaps I should seriously consider it! I think it would be better than that site they have now…Purrsonals….

  • That’s awesome! I’m a man, and my love for cats actually led to my wife and I re-connecting (we used to work together long time ago, but had lost touch), and eventually marrying. We met up again when she began volunteering at the same animal shelter where I’ve been volunteering (yes, with the cats!) for about 13 years. The table cards at our wedding featured pictures of cats at the shelter. We have three cats (aka “furry children”) of our own, and still volunteer at the shelter every weekend. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Ihavecat

      I love this! Thanks so much for sharing! Love the table cards!

  • jmuhj

    I don’t care about the age. As long as he’s a cat lover and preferably handsome, multicultural and gainfully employed, HE’S GOOD WITH ME.

    • Ihavecat

      wahhhooo i love your priorities!

  • Mom saw dat sight…most of dem are younger den her son-in-laws! How about “older men with cats”?

    • Ihavecat

      Good idea!

  • There are a lot of marine soldiers that love cats :). Sailors and cats have shared a special bond for thousands of years.

  • Fin

    Why has no one thought of this before!!

    • Ihavecat

      Right?!? Love it!

  • Nancy

    I’m a little late to the table on this topic, but I love the idea! We cat ladies would love to find a man who appreciates felines as much as we do! I know I’d be totally on board with that. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Ihavecat

      it’s NEVER too late! thanks nancy!

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