Life-Changing Pet Portraits

Today I share with you a few tenants try to abide when it comes to drawing the line between me and my love of felines:

  • Not displaying cats photos  in my home – to be fair I don’t have framed pictures of humans either so I’m equal opportunity
  • Not talking to my cats in a baby voice in front of other people – though I actually told a date recently that he was being such a “good boy”  (oops!)
  • Not wearing of cat-themed clothing/accessories – just not my thing
  • Not sacrificing my design aesthetic for my cats – I’d like to think I can have the best of both worlds

Well thanks to Cindy Jerrell’s Etsy store Hot Dog Digital, I’ve rescinded my moratorium on pet photography. Remember those old-timey sepia photographs you have taken at places like Disneyland where you get dressed up as a saloon girl or cowboy? Well Cindy does the same for your pet (s).

Cindy has created custom portraits of all sorts of animals from the expected (dogs and cats) to the unusual (goats and gerbils!).  Each custom portrait takes anywhere from 2-5 hours of work for completion.

 The descriptions of pet personalities parents give her often inform her pieces. “One of my very favorites [description]” recounts Cindy is  ‘my cat is trying to kill me so she can have my husband to herself’ ”  Wonder if  kitty was holding a cleaver in her picture!  It turns out that little gerbil above (Herman) is an “award-winning” gerbil (can’t you just envision that competition!).

A self-professed animal lover Cindy resides with sixteen goldfish, nine cats, three dogs, three duck, one craw-dad and one (clearly tolerant) husband. She’s been “a photographer/graphic designer for 20 years, and Photoshop user oh, er – I mean costume maker, for about 14 years.” I knew I had to get my boys “done.”

Not only is Cindy an amazing artist (check out her personal website) but she and her husband go to the animal shelters once a week to take photos of adoptable animals for the newspaper. Sometimes, after they’ve been adopted she uses their photos in her work.

Don’t you think Kip looks a little like Jude Law? Petie makes a great fat-cat banker. I plan on having them framed and added to my work-in-progress “vegan” trophy wall.

I  guess there’s always a way to incorporate your pets into your home no matter what your style. And never say never! Do you have framed photos of your cats in your home? If so where do you keep them. If not, how come?



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  • I love the Petie and Kip portraits! Excellent job.

    • Ihavecat

      They are a riot aren’t they?! Thanks for visiting and taking the time to post a comment!

  • wow That’s fascinating. Petie and Kip look so scholarly!

    • Ihavecat

      Thanks! Pretty funny eh? It’s so fun to see what she’ll come back with! Totally exciting! To qualify for the giveaway check out the Etsy site and come back and let us know which print you’d want to win if you were picked!

  • It’s nice of you to do so many giveaways, wowee! Just popped by to say there’s another Culinary Thursday with Attie up on my bloggie today, since you seemed to get such a kick out of the last one. This time I has real foods though, so maybe you will not find it as funneh – we made chicken curry!

    • Ihavecat

      OHhh I can’t wait to check it out Attie! Do you want a chance to win a ready made print? If so, make sure to go to Cindy’s Etsy store and come back here to let us know which you’d like to wine!

  • Melinda Rogers

    I absolutly love the Dolly Kitten picture! It’s so cute!

    Peace, Love, Paws!

    • Ihavecat

      Melinda – good pic! I got that one myself too!

  • The portraits remind me of Beatrix Potter’s illustrations and also of the wind in the Willows pics. Very cool indeed

    • Ihavecat

      ohhhh really good call Julian! If you would like the chance to win a print be sure to visit Cindy’s Etsy store and let us know your fav!

  • Patty

    I love the Dolly Kitten one! it looks like Little Kitty on the Prairie! 🙂

    • Ihavecat

      I love that one and purchased it for myself!

  • My favorite is Snow. She looks adorable in her dress! Dolly Kitten is a very close second, though, as was the teeny li’l mouse. Hilarious!

    • Ihavecat

      They are all totally cute and hysterical aren’t they? Thanks for entering and goo dluck!

  • Cool cat pictures…I like the old fashion look to it. Jeff –

    • Ihavecat

      Thanks for visiting I HAVE CAT Jeff! Check out the website and pick the 5×7 print you like best so you can qualify for the giveaway!

  • jmuhj

    Well, I’m not in any popularity contest, so I’ll be honest: I think it’s very sad that you wouldn’t display photos of your beloved cats unless they are altered in what I find a very offensive and ugly way. But that’s just me — I love cat-themed clothes, have cat-themed stuff all over the house, and consider my beloved cats family members, so take their wishes and needs into consideration as much as my own.

    • Ihavecat

      Thanks as always for your honesty Jmuhj! In all honesty, the reason for not like cat stuff is less out of fear of a guy not liking me but more that it’s just not my personal style if that makes sense. I don’t have a single picture of my family or friends up in my living room (just a small one of my and my sis and my parents in my bed room).

      But it’s true that I don’t flaunt cat ownership around NEW single guys I meet because I’d like someone to get to know me in person before they make a judgement/assumption. And as much as we shouldn’t do that, we ALL do it to some degree or another (we might not realize we do).

      Thanks for continuing to leave your honest thoughts – much appreciated!

      PS _ now go tell us which 5×7 print you like so you can be entered to win one!

  • Those are fantastic! Love the portraits … who knew Petie and Kip were such men of distinction? 😉

    • Ihavecat

      I know right?! I love how she envisions them as a character of some sort! I think she really nailed them and I didnt’ eve say much about them at all!

  • Beverly Boher

    Those pictures are so cool! My favorite 5 x 7 is a tie between Snow and Laughing Kitty. I also adore the mouse. It is hard to choose just one! 🙂

    thanks for sharing this website and your hot dog digital pictures of Petie and Kip.


    • Ihavecat

      Aren’t they fuN! good luck and thanks for entering to win!

  • Thats simply hilarious!

    • Ihavecat

      reminds me of one of the points Cindy makes on her Etsy store:
      “Artist not responsible for recipients laughing their ***** off.”

  • I want the 5×7 inch Hot Digital Dog Snow!!

    • Ihavecat

      wise choice 🙂

  • That gal is great at doing those pictures. That are so much fun. Sure beats trying to dress up the kids. Well done. We really like the two you got done also. Hope you have a super week end.

    • Ihavecat

      Thanks Marg! Same to you – pick out a 5×7 picture from her Etsy site so you can qualify for the giveaway!

  • Those are pawsome!

    • Ihavecat

      Pretty neat eh? Make sure to visit her Etsy site and come back and let me know which print you’d like to win if you are selected!

  • Wow I came over from blogosphere news to say hello. You have a great site. What a fabulous givaway. I think I just found the perfect present for a friend. I love the Oscar winner and that is the one I would love to win. I will be back to se more.. Hugs GJ xx

    • Ihavecat

      thanks so much for visiting! glad you might be getting one for a friend – i think they are pretty fab! good luck in the giveaway and i do hope you come check out more posts! be sure to sign up for email update! Thanks!

  • Laughing kitty – definately!

    • Ihavecat

      they are so cute right?! good luck! spread the word! we haven’t gotten many entries this time..wonder why? guess toys are more popular?!

  • Those two sure look dapper in their portraits. 🙂

    • Ihavecat

      awww thanks! they look cute/funny! LOL please be sure to let us know which 5×7 print you’d like to win if you want to be entered in the GIVEAWAY!

  • These are so cute! We love the Dolly Kitten, Oscar Kitty and Laughing Kitty…so hard to pick just one!

    • Ihavecat

      thanks for entering! good luck! they are quite fun!

  • Kerry Labay

    OMG the Dolly Kitten photo just melted my heart! And the duck one cracked me up!!! Even if I win or don’t win the giveaway I’m going to have to get some photos made of my kitties.

    Having a photo of my blind boy together with his “seeing eye” brother together would be simply amazing to have!

    BTW, your vegan “deer trophy” is so unique!!! I saw it as a small photo and thought to myself “what’s up with her?!?!” LOL! Then seeing the large version showed an amazing art piece. Very unique. 🙂


    • Ihavecat

      Thanks all around Kerry! I think you should get one done of your two boys! How sweet! awwww – maybe she could put blind man glasses on him and then the seeing brother could be like his seeing eye cat?! i bet she would get a kick out of that – if you do it please share it with us!!!!!

      i got the deer from a place called Cardboard Safari – they also have rhinos and moose (mooses? LOL!).

      Good luck and thanks for entering!: )

  • Tiny Timmy

    Dolly Kitten! Dolly Kitten! Dolly Kitten!!! These are wonderfuls Miss Tamar! I loves your furpeople portraits. Very stylish!!! Did I mentions Dolly Kitten Dolly Kitten Dolly Kitten???!!!

    • Ihavecat

      Wait which one did you want again? the DOGGIE??? tehe! I keeeed! Glad you like the portraits of Petie and Kippie, i think it’s funny she made Petie a FAT CAT banker! LOL

      GOOD LUCK!

  • Andrea S.

    I would love the 5×7 inch Hot Digital Dog Snow! <3

    (I tried to make the cardboard trophy last year. It looked more like a cow than a deer when I was done! Lol! Good luck! ^_^)

    • Ihavecat

      oh my Andrea, you made me LOL for real! a COW?! LOL did you get it from Cardboard Safari? Did Bucky lose his antlers? 🙂

      Thanks for entering! Good luck to you!

      • Andrea S.

        Heehee, no. I tried to make one from scratch out of junk cardboard. It didn’t look ANYTHING like a deer. We ended up putting a bell on it’s neck and my son named it ‘Bessy’. LOL

  • Joy Rayle

    Awesome work, well done. I’d be proud to display any of your work in my home! I Love Kip as Jude Law, he is so like my Claudie!!!! Handsome dudes, aren’t they? Thanks for the opportunity to win one of your masterpieces. God Bless. JDR

    • Ihavecat

      awwwww! thanks! be sure to check out the Etsy website and come back and let us know WHICH 5×7 you want to win in order to qualify for the giveaway!

  • Ha ha! Very cute indeed!!!!Your boys look mighy handsome all done up!!!!!

    We checked out the Etsy shop and they are all so cute, but Miss Dewdrop Mouse is a teeny sweatheart!

    Purrs from the Sumac Felines

    • Ihavecat

      Aw, thanks for the compliment! Good luck in the giveaway! Thanks for playing! 🙂

  • We likes the 5×7 inch Hot Digital Dog Vintage Joon, she looks so elegant.

    • Ihavecat

      Thanks so much for visiting and for entering in the giveaway! I just checked out YOUR bloggie too! good luck! Hope you come back and visit I HAVE CAT again – and be sure to sign up for the email alerts!

  • i have two cocker spaniels ,a siamese cat and two amazon parotts i call that a full house

    • Ihavecat

      Love it! Do you have a blog too?! Thanks for commenting but make sure to check out Cindy’s Etsy site and come back here to let us know which 5×7 you’d like to win! Hurry – you have until 5pm tonight!

  • Lisa M. Hughes

    ~ All of these portraits are cute as can be but my absolute favorite would have to be the Doll Kitten! I just love it … of course I love kitties & I have always collected dolls so this would would be perfect for me. I have 2 little girl tabbies named Sweetie & Alissa … I would love to see their cute kitty faces in this portrait! What an original idea … xOx

    • Ihavecat

      Thanks for entering! GOOD LUCK!

  • Jana Gilfillan

    Every single one of those pictures is absolutely adorable! What a hard decision! But…I think I’d choose Joon, I have an old picture of my Grandmother and her dress is almost identical to Joon’s! 🙂
    Snow is cute too! I’ve had 2 whilte kitties 1 male and 1 female…but their eyes were blue and gold. A black kitty would be gorgeous too…I’ve had several of those as they are just about my favorite…although I’ve never met a cat I didn’t love! My little girl I have with me now is a SnowShoe, and she would be beautiful in one of these!
    Thank you for sharing these pictures. What a neat gift idea…am thinking of getting my Mom’s Corgi done!

  • dolly kitten is my choice

  • Angela

    I love Dolly Kitten, too! 🙂

  • Laurie White

    I absolutely LOVE your “vegan trophy wall”!

    • Me too! really original!
      I want to have a custom painting made of my boys in some months from now. And as soon as I get a picture that is good enough, it will be framed. 😉

    • thank you!

  • Love your blog!!!! 🙂