Review: Furminator Goes Deluxe

Today’s product review is brought to you by guest blogger and Chicago resident Elena Papastefan.  Elena lives with two dogs, Cookie and Gigi and one fabulous long haired Calico cat named Kat. Check out her blog “Too Kool Doggies” and check her out on Twitter.


Recently, I received a Furminator Deluxe deshedding tool from the company. They were generous enough to accommodate my review request. Cookie and Gigi are the types of dogs that don’t shed, and they are taken to the groomers regularly. So who was let behind? That’s right, Kat!

At First Glance
Looking at the Furminator Deluxe, I could see that it was made to be sturdy.

There was no sign of flimsiness at all. It had a firm hand and the blade area had metal teeth that were held securely in place. The handle is contoured so it will stay securely in your hand with little rubber dots strategically placed that reinforces the grip. One of the nicest features on this tool, is that you can remove the hair without having to touch the blade. What happens is that you push the black lever and it will push the hair off the bottom. The blade becomes totally hair-free.

Furminator vs. My Pin Brush
Both worked on Kat, however the amount of hair removed by the Furminator was about five times as much. One thing the package states is to be gentle with the product. It is also not to be used to remove mats from your cat’s fur. The cat should have clean and mat-free fur.   Kat is pretty touchy when I groom her usually. She has so much hair that I’m lucky if she’ll sit still five minutes without scratching me or running off. She likes it but she’s the type that can only take so much. Nevertheless, it didn’t pull on the hair yet removed it effortlessly. With static being in the air, the hair looked like a little pompom in the comb. Cleaning the hair out of the tool was a breeze.

Well, after brushing Kat last night I noticed that when I pet her, I don’t have little hairs accumulating on my hands. Also, she’s not leaving behind clumps of fur.

This is a great tool for removing excess hair from your cat’s coat, without harming the skin. It’s important to have a gentle hand. Although the price is a little steep the quality of the workmanship is worth the investment. If you would like to learn more about this product, please visit the Furminator website. If you have a cat and would like to read more about them, check out the I Have Cat blog.

Acknowledgements A special thanks to Beth Hoops from Furminator for helping to make this review possible.

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  • jmuhj

    We actually wonder when enough is enough with the FURminator, and prefer our slicker brushes. But the FURminator is a good alternative, and we enjoyed the article about fur combings being made into garments. Nothing “gross” about it! They’re very lovely.

    • Ihavecat

      Thanks as always for visiting and commenting! Can you imagine wearing a cat sweater and then going out to dinner or something with someone who is severely allergic? opps!

  • The Furminator works really well on dogs, too! As for making dog/cat hair sweaters? Gag.

    • Ihavecat

      LOL! Imagine sitting next to somone allergic to cats and you are wearing a cat sweater! At least you’d know it was clean right?! 🙂

  • ahhh the Furminator, good stuff!
    hey… great blog! love your header photo…
    we can compare whiskers.. yah babe!

    • Ihavecat

      Thanks for visiting!

      I can’t wait to check out your blog some more – looks like you hurting yourself though bashing into that glass door the way you do! Love the soybean video! tehe!

      Hope you poke around the old bloggie and look at some older posts. And don’t forget to sign up for I HAVE CAT email alerts!

      The kitty on my website is Petie (well his nose and whiskers at least!) you can learn more about him (and Kip) here:

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  • The Furminator is certianly a very good product, I used it on my black maincoon longhaired cat she hates being brushed but she doesn’t mind it to much with the Furminator, overall great product!

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  • I think it’s better to have for my cat too, they are hairy and i want them to make some different hairstyle also.