Review: World’s Best Cat Litter

UPDATE: Since this review was originally written, I HAVE CAT received a sample of the Multiple Cat Household World’s Best Litter to sample. It definitely makes a difference. We’ve upgraded our score to 3 paws (up from 2.5) out of a total of 4!

As a cat owner, finding a litter that works for both and the cats can be a challenge.  There are many factors to take into consideration:  Cost, smell (perfume-y or not), ability to control smell (perfume + urine or just straight up urine?), will your cats use it and if so will they cover their poo, is it too dusty, does it track, does it clump if you want it to clump, is it bad for your health, is it bad for your cat’s health, is it bad for the environment.

Check out their new sleek "urban" packaging!


I’ll confess. Until recently I never gave much thought to whether or not my cat’s litter was safe (for either of us or the environment). I use generic brand clay clumping litter from my local grocery and it performs well against most of the metric above. Little did I know that clay litter is not only bad for the environment, but can be bad for both you and your feline friend. It wasn’t until I was asked to review “The World’s Best Cat Litter” that I truly understood the importance of what kind of litter I used.

An Education (in litter):

With some online research I learned most cat litter on the market is either made from natural clay, or sodium bentonite. Clay is strip mined in a destructive process that “seems quite silly when you think about what happens to it once it hits the litter box: It is shat upon and then tossed in the landfill, where it will remain for a long, long time. In fact, over the average lifespan of a cat (15 years), you could be dumping almost 2,000 pounds of the stuff.” (

But what’s really scary? That when sodium bentonite is moved around (like when you dump it into the litter box, your cat digs in it or you poop-scoop) it releases silicon particles that are a known carcinogen. And imagine what it’s like for cats who use covered litter boxes (un, like me!). Ick!


Okay, so moving on to the actual review part of this post: The friendly folks at the“World’s Best Cat Litter” sent a bag of single-cat-home litter to have my cats test-drive. Given I have anywhere from two-three adult cats at one time the muti-cat may have been more appropriate, but I decided to see how it worked. World’s Best Cat Litter is made from whole-kernal corn – a point will not be lost on you the moment you open up the bag. It definitely smells like corn, but once you pour it into the litter box the smell quickly dissipates.

Check out this video where someone eats the litter (clean litter!) to demonstrate how safe it is for cats!

Overall “World’s Best” doesn’t disappoint:

  • Can’t complain about the ability of “World’s Best Litter” in terms of clumping since it did a good job in both the ModKat and LitterRobot
  • None of the cats had any issue using it they all jumped in and dug around as if nothing had changed
  • Liked that it wasn’t dusty (def less dusty than my clay litter)
  • I’m not too price sensitive since everything in NYC seems to costs an arm and a leg so I can’t speak to price point (I buy what I need and try not to look at the pricetag)
  • No tracking issues (no powder/dust residue on furniture etc)
  • Healthy for you and your cat

The big down side for me was that it didn’t do as good a job with eliminating odor –  wondering how much of that is a function of it being single-cat litter versus multi-cat I’m willing to work with it given all that I’m learning about the downsides of other types of cat litters. One website suggests mixing equal part “Nature’s Miracle” with “World’s Best Cat Litter” for optimal results –I will try this and report back.

Currently I HAVE CAT gives the “World’s Best Cat Litter” 2.5 out of 4 paws up. We will report back after trying the multi-cat formula* and trying the half and half mixture!

*Rating upgraded to 3 paws up!

NOTE: I am not, nor will I be receiving payment of any kind for this review (just the free litter, now long gone!).

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  • I love your reviews!

    I’ll have to take a peek at this on my next trip to Petsmart. I go through a ton of litter every week, with 2 huge litter boxes, so the price is key for me. Plus, my girls get freaked with any little change. I usually buy the 40 lb. Tidy Cat in the red bag, but once they were out so I had to get the blue bag. They could tell right away. They jumped in the litter box and then right back out. Thank goodness after a few minutes they used it, but they weren’t pleased. 🙂

    • Ihavecat

      You can try mixing it in to the litter they have and try a gradual change-over – – i also feel like cats are pretty adaptable creatures (see they got used ot the blue Tidy Cat pretty quickly!).

      Def try the multiple cat household World’s Best – the company is sending me some to try out so I’ll update everyone!

      Glad you enjoy the reviews! Don’t want to annoy people who just like to read the actual “posts”.


  • I don’t mean to appear too dissenting, but Natural Clay litter is taken out of the ground (where it has sat there perfectly naturally and happily for a VERY long time), coated in some extremely short-term organic compounds, and then put back in the ground, where it can stay for an equally long time.

    I don’t get the problem at all. The way you put it it just seems like nonsensical scaremongering… (in the nicest way) 🙂

    The only possible issue I can see is the strip mining, but that’s all….

    • Ihavecat

      Thanks for commenting Freya!

      It’s my understanding – and I’m no expert – that there is a difference between “natural” clay and what is used in litters which is more processed?

      But also I have read several times that “silica dust” (the dust from clay litter) is harmful to cats and humans. And i’ve heard several people say their cats had constant congestion until they switched to a more natural-based litter.

  • Hi,

    Clay litter is dangerous to all animals, including humans. Here’s an interesting post about it:

    Tamar, I would try the multicat formula. That’s what I use at home with 4 cats, and we have no smell issues. I clean up once a day.

    • Ihavecat

      Thanks for confirming Daniela, I would hate to think I was fear-mongering!

      I’m eager to try the multi-cat formula – def let people know about the link for the rebate! Can’t beat that!

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  • Ha! Ha! …love the photos of the kitty paws. I don’t have a cat, but something about this blog has me checking in from time to time. You have a great sense of whimsy, which must come from hanging around cats! 🙂

    • Ihavecat

      Thanks Poverty Dieter! I like being described as having “whimsy”! 🙂

      I hope you read Felines and Valentines – I think you would get a kick out of it!


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  • Interesting review. I just may try it out. Herman doesn’t seem to be too picky about what he poops in.

    • Ihavecat

      HI Karen! Be sure to respond to my email! Want to get Herman his syringe! 🙂 CONGRATS!

  • We just love this stuff!!!

    • Ihavecat

      Giving the multiple cat litter a try, hoping it helps with oder a bit better!

  • Great review! We loved World’s Best when we tried it too. Jan won’t let us use clumping litter for the reason you mentioned.

    But we’re still laughing about “shat upon.” That was a new word for us.

    • Ihavecat

      THanks for stopping by and for commenting! I’m giving the Multiple Cat litter a try now, and will update everyone on if the oder control improves!

  • Thanks for the rebate form! We’ve been using the $3 off coupons, but I like the rebate this time! Drew sent us a free bag of litter last year. We really like that it doesn’t have a lot of dust. Also, the other brands of scent cat litter was overwhelming to us… it was starting to feel like we were wearing cat scented litter perfume. But, WBCL doesn’t have that overwhelming scent, which is what we like. We’re a one cat household though.

    • Ihavecat

      welcome welcome! not sure how long they will keep it up, but let’s take advantage of it while we can – it’s not cheap!

      agree with you on the perfume smell – hate that! i do feel like WBCL is a little dusty though, but i guess if it’s not unhealthy for the cats…i like that it doesn’t track that much.

      wish it was a LITTLE better on the odor front…

  • ladydoc

    I’ve been using WBCL for quite a while now and love it, but I definitely have an issue with tracking. My cat LOVES to really dig & bury in her litter box, and she’s usually covered in fine corn dust up to her elbows (do cats even HAVE elbows?). The corn dust gets all over my carpets & furniture constantly. But I’d rather vacuum a couple extra times a week than go back to clay litter.

    Best part of WBCL is that it NEVER sticks to the box. When I dump it entirely, the litter box is always nice & clean 🙂

    As for odor, I sometimes notice that my basement (where the litter box is) smells like a barn or circus tent. But better that natural corn/hay smell than urine/poop!!

    • Ihavecat

      I hear you, would much rather have corn/hay smell than urine…..I have some tracking issues too, not major. But my biggest problem is the odor control. I have my litter box in the front room/entrance I don’t have a really sealed off area for it..

  • Sloa53

    try the crystal litter — it is the BEST — I have no $$ interest, just noticed our local shelter used it and in trying it —> great.  NO dust, absorbs and dries the urine, so only scooping out feces.  Took my cats awhile to get used to covering the feces, but they do fine now.  I don’t like the “micro-crystals” variety — tracks too much and may not be good for the cats that way. 

    • Sloa53

      AND the corn based ones attract roaches in FL — at least the ones that I tried…….and a Florida Roach is not to be messed with……they even intimidate the cats!  the dog has to “get” the roaches! 

  •  This is the only litter my cats accept, period. 

  • I recently just switched to World’s best cat litter and will not be going back to clay litter! Definitely the best, in my opinion! 

  • katmandolino

    I’ve never tried ‘World’s Best’ as I’ve never seen it for sale. I use ‘Pura’ which is a slightly scented clumping litter. I am always open to new suggestions, however, my cats are not.  I have tried paper pellet litter and wood pellet litter.  My cats are in total agreement over these……..they pee on the floor!!  I will let you know how they react to “World’s Best” when I find some.

  • I use the multi-cat version, and there is a big difference in odour, as compared to some wheat-based litters that I’ve used before (one cat has severe allergies, and the clay stuff makes it worse). I also like the fact that 1 bag of multi-cat lasts my 2 kitties for a month or so!

  • I love this litter,  we tried it once when it was on sale and believe me price point is a BIG issue for my husband, who is the official litter changer.  Since then we have never gone back to any other kind.  All our cats love it (and they are picky), and once my husband saw that we only had to purchase it about every 6 weeks, he realized that it actually costs less than his cheap clay litter.   The best part is that it is flushable so there is no odor, as soon as they poop, it gets flushed.  We even have the two pickiest fur kids sharing a litter pan and they don’t mind!  We lived in Central East Coast FL and now we’re in South MS and have NO problem with the nasty monster roaches, though other litters have caused issues before.  The Worlds Best Litter is really the worlds best.

  • Pantera

    The new advantaged pine litter is great …except for the amount of dust it has. My cat tracks dust all over. I have used the the original corn litter for years and decided to try this new product. Defnitely easier to clean her box, as was the corn.
    I have not been able to use your coupons that come to me over the internet because of the “Brick Browser”.

  • Imelda Swan

    I have two cats and have also been using Greatest cat litter, however my cats paws are full of dust after they use their boxes. I have a black desk top and they leave paw prints from the litter dust all over it. How is it that you are not having this issue.

  • Gio D

    I’ve been using World’s Best for about 4 months now and I guess it’s better than most. My hesitation on giving raving reviews is that it does leave quite a bit of dust behind (99% dust free is overstated). In addition to dust I find kernal pieces all over from what the cat tracks around. As far as odor control, I don’t think it’s much better than any other with odor control. Although I found that bamboo charcoal works incredibly well. All in all, WB is ok but not great.

    • Which litter has bamboo and charcoal? I’m intrigued!

      • Gio D

        None that I’m aware of, lol. I use a bag of bamboo charcoal as an odor control and it works exceptionally well (you can easily find it on Amazon). I find 300 grams in the bathroom (where I keep my litter box) works as if there’s no litter box. Lasts a year and all you have to do is hang it near the litter box. Good luck!

  • Kristina J

    This is the ONLY litter I use for my cat. I personally prefer the lavender scented multi-cat clumping, because it makes my apartment smell like fresh lavender (unless you knew, you would think it was some fancy candle burning). I put a soft litter mat in front of the box, and honestly it doesn’t track any further than that. Odor control is unbeatable. My roommate’s cat has clay litter in his box, but tends to prefer to use my cat’s box when he can get to it. It clumps better than anything else I’ve tried and I’ve not had a single issue with dust using the lavender (the unscented IS actually dustier than the scented), which is a big issue for me because of allergies.I tried switching to walnut shell litter once and my cat refused to use it (the texture was awful and, if it felt anything to her like it did when I stepped on the tracked litter, it was painful to walk on), plus it was super dusty, difficult to see the clumps and poop due to dark color of the litter, and the clumps were bulky and fell apart easily. The only problem I’ve had with World’s Best is that recently, the roaches have decided that it’s a delicacy when clumped with cat urine. We’ve had on/off bug problems for 3 years now, but only recently, since we’ve been able to mostly “starve” them, have they started eating the litter *GROSS*. If I’m home when kitty goes and catch it right away to scoop, it’s not an issue though, which is good. They don’t like it unused. I buy the 28 lb bag and have an extra large litter box and the 1 bag lasts me about 5 months at a time. That being considered, there is just no comparison in price between World’s Best and other litters. All of my friends that I’ve recommended it to are hooked, since the way it holds up makes the value un-match-able. My mom thought I was crazy spending more on litter until I gifted her a bag for the cat in her home, and now she understands completely. This litter truly lives up to its name.

  • Willene Wheeler

    I have just begun using this for my one adult cat. I did not purchase the clumping, which I should have done. The problem I have is the urine smell lasting for a long, long time. And she never covers the poop. She refuses to even attempt to cover the urine after one use. Other products, especially the clumping ones, she has covered easily and the odor would not get bad for at least 2 days. Then I could simply remove the clumps, add a little new litter, and be on our way. Thanks.