Not All Almond Milk Is Created Equal

At first blush almond milk screams “high calorie” but surprisingly that’s not the case and it’s a nice alternative for soy milk if you want to mix it up a bit. The vanilla flavor is great for making Chai but usually I get the unsweetened regular flavor for use in cereal.

But  be forewarned, not all Almond Milk is created equal as I found out the hard way!  I bought some at my local grocery store the other day and it could only be described as tasting like poison. I checked the ingredients and found they had put almond flavoring in it – ick! It tasted like chemicals!

I can personally vouch for ALMOND BREEZE, the same folks that bring you Blue Diamond Almonds. So pick up a box (some stores also have it in the refrigerated section with the regular milk) and let us know what you think!

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  • Aimee

    I had the same experience! One tasted like chemicals and the other was so thick it was almost like a yogurt smoothie. It was disgusting. I have drank nothing but Blue Diamond since I found it. I love it!

    • crazy right?! though someone told me I should drink organic almond milk – where to find that!