Cats, The Gateway Animal

Cats and Marijuana. If you think they have nothing in common, you’re dead wrong.

Cats.  Innocuous at first …ditto marijuana. Once you’re hooked, there’s no going back …ditto marijuana. Introduce you to a whole world you never realized existed (ditto).

Growing up I was never into cats – or marijuana.

My cats are the reason I love dogs

No animals were harmed in the taking of this picture. Katie says she never inhaled.

What I  craved from as far back as my teenage years, was a baby fix. The grocery store, the mall, doctor’s offices – I wasn’t picky.  Some unsuspecting mother would suddenly find me face-to-face with her precious little bundle, my hand clutching a chunky thigh or squeezing a chubby cheek (the face kind).  Friends warned they’d have to turn me in upon news of a baby-napping in the vicinity.

My friend H___ is the same way with dog.  She plays “name-the-breed” and has to have a conversation with every canine that crosses her path. Between the two of us it takes forever to walk a block.

Dogs were never on my radar. It’s not that I ignored them so much as they never registered, just as H___ might walk past the Gerber baby without a second glance. In retrospect perhaps it was because I grew up pet-less (see “The Cat-less Years”) and saw my grandmother accosting babies wherever she went (in Armenian, at that).

But then things changed. I got cat (s).

We all have the friend who prefers a hit over a glass of wine. But there are some who once they start smoking, want more. Pot turns to coke, coke to E…you get the picture.

Cats were to me, what a bong hit is for some.

Cats were my gateway animal

Both seem innocent first.

I discovered cats had little personalities with individual temperaments. Some are shy and others very social. There are curious cats (Kip) and scaredy cats (Petey).  Some cats are rather…well..loose, while others play hard-to-get.  Some like belly rubs and others would rather die than expose their belly!

Once I was tuned into the cat universe I couldn’t stop. I began noticing dogs and guessing their breed – hoping they were rescues – and caring about the way cows. pigs and even chickens are treated (if I couldn’t imagine skinning and eating one of my cats, how could I let myself have BBQ?).

It is only because of cats that I now notice every dog I pass on the street, and stoop to say hello at pup-eye-level.

Cats were my gateway to the animal kingdom.

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  • This is so cute, very good read!

    • Ihavecat

      Thanks for visiting Lisa! hope you read some of the other posts – thanks for the support!

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  • Fin

    Welcome to the jungle.

    • Ihavecat

      LOL! Seriously Fin! I didn’t realized what i was getting involved with! (PS – love GNR!)

  • Very clever T… love it! Cats as the gateway drug is perfect. Katie is very happy you got her good side and relieved you clarified her inhaling status.

    I’d like to clarify that I was never aware of her experimentation.


  • oldcatsrule

    Very entertaining! Time spent at I Have Cat will always make me smile.

    • Ihavecat

      Thanks OLDCATSRULE!

  • Fin

    Happiest of Holidays to you!!

    Fin & Meg

    • Ihavecat

      THANK YOU!!!!!!! I am without my babies today but someone is staying with them (and the fosters!).

  • Happy Holidays. And yes, just as one of my best friends acosts every baby everywhere we go, I stop and talk to the cat owners and the dog owners and pet and scritch as much as my friend coochi coos the babies.

    • Ihavecat

      Thanks for visiting Brandi! Happy Holidays to you and your fam too!

  • Mar

    Sooo true! Each kittie is different and have their own niche category, much to what stoners appreciate about weed (Northern Lights, Maui Wowee, etc).
    I’m glad my drug is furry has paws too!
    I think i’ll go back to bed and snuggle a bit with Toots.

  • Sharyn

    I’m with you. And I always need more and more cat to satisfy my needs!!!!!!!

    • Ihavecat

      i know! and now i am looking at pigs, puppies, rabbits! downward (or upward?) spiral! LOL

  • Cats are far more addictive than marijuana.

    Have you tried catnip? Now THAT is addictive.

    • Ihavecat

      I personally haven’t tried catnip. I can’t seem to get my i mean HANDS on the good stuff

  • Jamie

    I can soooo relate!! I have 10 cats and am so trying not to have 11! But if rescuing needs done, then…..

    • Ihavecat

      I know! how can you look at their little face and turn them away right? babies and animals are just so helpless and innocent….thanks for stopping by!

  • I’m afraid to say silly old three fang happens to like a hit now and again.I haven’t smoked it in many years but never objected to a friend lighting up in my place.Sir Twinky scared a couple people as he made a bee line to be sure to get hisself a hit or two…

  • jeritonti

    “Cats were my gateway to the animal kingdom.”

    i have it on good authority that WE are the animals, and Cats are the trainers…its more like a circus…they are secretly amused by our antics, as we go through the day trying to serve them and please them….”SEND IN THE CLOWNS….and THE NOMS…thats the real gateway they care about, we are cheap entertainment, with free food……

    • Ihavecat

      So true Jeri I guess cats were actually “my gateway into animal servitude” LOL ! My mom would def agree with that!

  • Bali Suut

    This is one relationship where you are on the losing end. But I can’t live without them!!!

    • Ihavecat

      Well, we are def their servants but they give to us in other ways right? 🙂

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  • naturegirly

    This is something I came to notice more so when I entered the electronic world of conversation. Chat, blog, email, forum and facebook all brought about the realization that cat people tend to love ALL animals more than dog people. Now I know that comment will bring about a multitude of emotional replies from many (usually dog people who disagree) but since I’ve been typing my opinion for more than 15 years I can handle it. Just try going into a chat room and saying I’m a cat person. Invariably 60 to 70 percent of the dog people will say “I hate cats.”. You almost never hear a cat person say they hate anything. (Occasionally they will mention a random insect) It’s just something I’ve noticed. Maybe it’s the marijuana in us, who knows, just making us more laid back and forgiving than the rest of the world. 😉