A Peek Inside North America’s 1st Cat Cafe – In Montreal!

North America's First Cat Cafe

I’m ecstatic to report that I HAVE CAT fan and Montreal resident Evelynne Weakley agreed to share her experience visiting “Le Café des Chats” (literally “the cafe of cats”!), North America’s very first cat cafe, on the day of its Grand Opening!  … Continue reading

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Manly (Giant) Men Meet (Tiny) Kittens – Video

Manly Men Meet Tiny Cute Kittens

HAPPY LABOR-FREE DAY! What better way then to spend day-off than watching cat videos? Yeh, I can’t think of one either. Oh wait, I thought of one. Watching video with KITTENS and HOT HUNKY GUYS. And oh look, I just HAPPEN to … Continue reading

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CATWALK JEWELRY (International Giveaway!)

Catwalk jewelry

  Jacqi Chew is a jewelry designer who works from her studio in Utrecht, The Netherlands (please do not ask me to point it out on a map!). While she is known for her feline themed jewelry sold around the … Continue reading

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Cats + Pizza = Japanese Pizza Hut Commercial  

Pizza Hut Commercial In Japan With Cats

Not too long ago, in a piece that ran on The Cat Channel, I expressed my surprise – and confusion- over the recent trend of pairing cats with pizza. The pizza cat so to speak (a few examples below). Am … Continue reading

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The Leo Cat: Dominant and Dramatic

Ely Valy's cat Mish Mish - talk about making a bold fashion statement!

I realize today is the last day of the astrological sign of Leo which runs from July 23 – August 22nd (or 23rd depending on who you ask). But this is certainly a case of better late than never as it … Continue reading

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Cat Woman Wednesday: Happy Feet

Laurie Ruettimann and her cat Emma

I had the pleasure of meeting Laurie Ruettimann at BlogPaws a few years ago. In addition to loving that fact she has four cats, she’s potentially one of the coolest HR people I know. Granted she’s a former HR person but … Continue reading

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SmartCat (Grass) Litter Giveaway For You & A Shelter

SmartCat All Natural Clumping Litter

It’s true. SmartCat All Natural Clumping Litter by Pioneer Pet – the folks who’ve been bringing you awesome pet fountains – is made from…grass! Well, grass seeds to be completely accurate. SmartCat first caught my attention at Global Pet Expo earlier this year. It was … Continue reading

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Cat Woman Wednesday: Diane Hoeptner, The Painter

Diane and Coco very small

Diane Hoeptner is a prolific artist. According to her bio, ” Saks Fifth Ave offered hand signed limited edition giclees of one of her water-lily paintings, and Modern Cat Magazine featured her cat paintings in the premier issue.” Born in Ohio, … Continue reading

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CAT MAN MONDAY: Pet Friendly Living

Josh Garay (sorry, sadly that's not his kitten - yet!)

If you live in New York City or another metropolitan area, you may well be familiar with the challenges of finding a pet-friendly building. Today’s Cat Man Monday, entrepreneur Josh Garay, combined his love of animals with his knowledge of … Continue reading

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Bistro Cat With Facial Recognition, A Flash in the Pan

Bistro Face Recognition Feeder

WARNING: This may be my most opinionated post yet. Be sure to leave a comment and let me know if I’m spot-on or being too harsh! The video for the Bistro feeder begins, “Have you ever worried about your cats when you … Continue reading

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