Happy Fathers Day! Or is it Fur-thers Day?!

Cat Dads

Happy Fathers Day to all the cat men out there! This year I wanted to give another shout-out to the “Cat Man Monday” features of past.  Ranging from a Cat Man in uniform, to a few famous cat men, the … Continue reading

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For Mew International Cat Toy Giveaway!

For Mew cat toy giveaway

It’s about time for a giveaway wouldn’t you say? Glad you agree! And it’s an INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY so all are encouraged to enter! I’m excited to introduce you to a new line of handmade cat toys I discovered on Etsy … Continue reading

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Cat Man Monday: Moshow The “Cat Rapper”


When I first saw a YouTube video of a rapper with three Sphynx cats, I wasn’t sure what to think. Particularly because the song was called “Blind Love.” Was it possible he was singing about the cats? Or was this … Continue reading

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Cat Woman Wednesday: Angela Lau Draws

Cat Women - not crazy cat ladies

If it hadn’t been for Patrick I doubt I’d have met today’s Cat Woman Wednesday despite her proximity to my home.  While looking for frames at an art supply store, I noticed some rather unusual artwork on the walls. A … Continue reading

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Help Shelter Cats Get Adopted By Sharing Your Stories! #MyRescueStory

Purina Cat Chow Building Better Lives

If you weren’t already aware, I’m excited to share with you that June is Adopt a Shelter Cat Month, which happens to coincide with the peak of what’s commonly referred to as “kitten season.” As part of its “Building Better … Continue reading

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Painting of ernest hemingway with cat

I first became aware of Sam Kalda when attending FIT’s class of 2014 Visual Thesis Exhibition. While I enjoyed many of the artists’ work, his was by far my favorite. I was immediately taken not only by his subject matter … Continue reading

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Cat Woman Wednesday: Photographer BriAnne Wills

Photgrapher BriAnne Wills with her cat Tucker

About six weeks ago, Brooklyn resident, photographer and Cat Woman BriAnne Wills uploaded an article to Bored Panda titled Girls And Their Cats: My Photos Of New York Women With Their Furry Companions.  It was BriAnne’s first photo series and … Continue reading

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(Catnip) Shrimp on the Barbie

Shrimp catnip toy from Cheshire & Wain

In the spirit of Memorial Day, Haddie and Kip are enjoying an extra special delight – shrimp! Well, it’s not REAL shrimp (shhhh don’t tell!). Since the catnip toy came from Cheshire & Wain in London, England I guess it’s technically a … Continue reading

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My Cats In Drag

make-up app used on pets

Okay, maybe not DRAG exactly but cats wearing makeup. I recently wrote a post for Cat Fancy online titled “Cat Blush: Cat Trend or Cat Terror” which garnered a lot of attention. In the post I muse that we have … Continue reading

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It’s Raining Cats! (Well, Cat Umbrellas)

Tamar Arslanian with Cat Umbrella

In Junior High my friends and I loved watching the classic movie musicals like “Singing In The Rain.”  Why yes, I was in the local community acting group – funny you should ask!  While I loved the movie, I could … Continue reading

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Life Lessons We Learn From Our Cats


Today’s guest post is written by Claudia Tietze. Claudia has graced the pages of this blog in the past writing about the wonders of owning a “specially-abled cat” (What is Less Adoptable Anyway?), which I urge you to read after … Continue reading

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Modern Cat Tote (As Seen in NY!)

cat bag with cat in new york city

Spotted on the R train, at a Starbucks – even attracting random shop cats! This contemporary cat tote is the “it” bag for all modern ladies in “the city.” Just wait ’til Taylor Swift gets her hands on this! Okay, … Continue reading

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(Post) Mother’s Day Post

Tamar Arslanian with Mom

To honor Mother’s Day’s in past year’s I’ve covered a lot of different territory* from:  5 (Cat) Mother Archetypes – which one are you? Writing about my Mom (complete with old school pics!) and how she always recounts my birth … Continue reading

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Book Buddies: Cats Helping Children Read

cats help children learn to read

About a year ago I wrote a piece for Cat Channel (Cat Fancy’s website), about an innovative program at Animal Rescue League of Berks County in Mohnton, PA called “Book Buddies” where children read to shelter cats.   Besides the obvious benefit to … Continue reading

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Decorating With Cats: Shag Baby Shag

shag rugs are great for homes with cats

When it comes to decorating – with cats, I believe “shag” is misunderstood and therefore  underrated and underutilized. No, sorry, not “shag” in the British sense of the word, but happily not in the 70s bad hairstyle way either. But … Continue reading

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Is Your Cat in a Rut? #WaysToWow

Fancy Feast Chicken Broths WOW YOUR CAT

Do you ever get the not-so-subtle feeling your resident feline – or three –  is stuck in a rut? Or perhaps even bored? The signs can be subtle, but not always (refer to image below). Bored of what is the … Continue reading

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Crazy Cat Lady Concoctions

I adored the two balms - lavender and chamomile that I tried. YUMMY!

Crazy Cat Lady Concoctions is a line of natural skin products by a self-proclaimed Crazy Cat Lady with a line of all natural beauty products. They make great Mother’s Day gifts if you still haven’t gotten one (order by Tuesday, … Continue reading

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“Of Turks and Armenians” (Not About Cats)

(source: www.agos.com.tr) I think he has a feline look about him don't you? Our last name is "Son of the Lion" after all...

No, this is not the normal fare of this blog. Let me explain. The article below was written by my father, Doctor Artin Arslanian (The PhD kind – he never uses the title for fear he’ll be called upon to … Continue reading

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Littervention Winner: Before & After (Plus Tips for All!)


After posting the Tidy Cats® s Littervention contest, many of you expressed interest in finding out who ultimately won, why, and seeing before and after photos. Your wish is my command! I literally pulled “head litter box decorator” Jenni Pulos … Continue reading

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“Text From Mittens” Author Interview & Giveaway!

Text With Mittens by Angie Bailey

“Texts From Mittens: A Cat Who Has an Unlimited Data Plan…and Isn’t Afraid to Use It,” by author and humorist Angie Bailey comes on the heels of her first cat  book (and now calendar), “whiskerslist: the kitty classifieds.” Thanks to … Continue reading

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