Four Cat Books That Give Back To Cats (great gifts!)

4 books that give back to cats

We’re fortunate to live in a time with a plethora of fabulous cat books to peruse and purchase for ourselves or to gift to our cat-loving friends. A wealth of riches! If it seems a tad overwhelming and you need a way to … Continue reading

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Move Over Catnip #felinesilvervine Has Come To Town

silvervine, cat toy, silver vine

The first I heard of silvervine (Actinidia polygamas) sometimes spelled as two word (silver vine), was at Global Pet Expo in Orlando earlier this year where pet company Vitakraft launched a silvervine-based line of cat toys called “Purrk! Playfuls” (read on to learn how you … Continue reading

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We’ve Got ‘em! Pictures Inside NYC’s Meow Parlour!

Meow Parlour opens in NYC

I was SO excited to open my email and see I’d received photos of Meow Parlour, New York City’s first cat cafe, in advance of their opening this Monday December 15th! I couldn’t wait to share them with you! Nothing like a West … Continue reading

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Inside Cat Town Cat Cafe on Opening Day!

First US CAT CAFE on opening day

Before Meow Parlour cat café opens in New York City next week (can’t wait!), I figured it was about time (more than about time!) you experienced opening day at Cat Town Café, the first cat café in the US! According … Continue reading

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Thursday Cat Man Heart Throb: Rob Gronkowski

Rob Gronkowski with kitten

I was working on a different post for today but clearly this had to take precedence. I think you’ll see why soon. I’ll admit, the title isn’t as pithy as I’d have liked it to be. I could find a … Continue reading

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Tailio: Cat health technology that will save lives

Tailio wireless healthcare technology for cats

With three cats I often feel like a harried single Mother often struggling to keep them out of trouble, fed and clothed….er, well you know what I mean. I’ve even started taking a head count before leaving the apartment for any … Continue reading

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Cat Woman Wednesday: Tina Modugno, Oreo Cat’s Mom


Today’s Cat Woman Wednesday (CWW) is brought to you by Tina Modugno, who is proud to call herself Mom to “The Oreo Cat” (along with three other fur babies!). She’s has an amazingly creative and giving soul. Her post not only describes … Continue reading

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#WorstChristmasEver @LifeTimeTV Media Placement #Fail

Grumpy Cat Movie, "Worst Christmas Ever"

I’m supposed to be working on something else at the moment, but feel compelled to write about the Grumpy Cat movie “Worst Christmas Ever,” that aired on Lifetime TV last night. Honestly, I hadn’t planned on watching it, but being … Continue reading

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Small Business Saturday: Brooklyn Made

Small Business Saturday Made in Brooklyn

While I don’t reside in Brooklyn and would like to think it the bane of my existence having stolen the good restaurants, my close friends and even my sister away from me (and Manhattan!)!  But, they do have some adorable shops and … Continue reading

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Holiday Guide, Deals & Giveaway Too!!!


Don’t wait until Cyber Monday to get your feline holiday shopping in!  Check out the unique, modern cat products – some classics and some new – we’ve pulled together for you! Check out the great deals AND our FIRST EVER GREAT IHC HOLIDAY GIVEAWAY to … Continue reading

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